Monday, August 20, 2007

In response to Shemittah-Sale Proponents Remain Silent No More

In response to the Arutz7 article regarding Shemittah, here are my comments.
There is a simple straightforward way to do Shemittah.  It does not require selling the land or a separation from the Land  with a plastic or buying from non Jews or from Arabs as the Chareidim prefer.  It simply can be done by letting the field go fallow, and having lots of tiyulim and partying.  For this people would be required to take off from work and pool their resources.  It means an entire year where the whole country turns into one big kibbutz.  We loan each other what we might need to compensate for lack of income and nobody starves because the fields are open for the picking.  I do not understand why Sefichin, produce that grew on its own is forbidden by the Rabbanim.  It's source is from lack of trust of our fellow Jew that they will plant and call it Sefichim.  Those farmers will be exposed because when someone will ask them for a loan knowing that it does not need to be repaid, these farmers will still have the Kochi VeOtsem Yadi mentality and will refuse.
The success of Shemittah Karkaot will only happen with a willingness to do Shemittas Kesafim w/o the Pruzbul. 
The Torah is absolutely beautiful and Lo Bashamayim Hi.  It is within our capability to do it!

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