Monday, August 20, 2007

Fwd: The psychic of betrayal--toward our brother Jonathan Pollard...

And if Israel would have had intelligence of an impending attack on the World Trade Center and chose not to share the information wouldn't they have been held accountable for the tragedy of 911. Why are we being apologists for Jonathan Pollard emphasizing his guilt or error in judgement and his subsequent expression of remorse asking for mercy, rather than focusing on the true guilty party, the United States of America. for not sharing such crucial intelligence vital for the Security of their ally, the State of Israel thereby placing Jonathan Pollard in a moral dilemma. Now is the time to approach President Bush, and asking him to grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard on moral grounds (along with an apology and a recommendation of re compensation for Jonathan Pollard's pain and suffering and an unjustified incarceration). Shame also on the leaders of the State of Israel for their betrayal!
Thank you Israel Kaplan for forwarding and translating this important Post of Tsafrir Ronen. If you are wondering how this relates to Shemittah, I will tell suggest some connections. Shemittah is a year of freedom. A Sabbatical year of freedom from the drudgery of being a slave to one's job and from responsibilities of paying for food on the table. After all, theoretically, one can get it for free from the neighbors' farms. It is a year similar to Shabbat, and where one is actually free from the performance of Mitzvoth such as Maaser (tithe to Levi), Teruma(gift to Priest), Leqet (not gathering in the gleanings, Shikcha(not going back for the forgotten sheaves and Peah(leaving the corners of the field for the poor) and repaying debts (Shemitas Kesafim). It will hopefully, B'ezrat Hashem, be the beginning of physical freedom for Jonathan Pollard.
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