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A Primer on Amalek and Hakeem Jeffries


אל המקום אשר...

Since remembering the Holocaust is something close to our hearts, many might be interested in these emails and posts by Rabbi Chananya Weissman.

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These are found on Rabbi Weissman's website

I am putting this out there because Hakeem Jeffries was recently voted as House Minority leader.

During the Iran Deal pro and con advocacy 2015 he took a lead role. He was brilliant and charming and I too was deceived. But after his first class act I realized it was all a big deceptive show and now reading how Amalek operates he seems to fit the Amalek profile to the T. He managed to charm the Brighton Beach Community who are Russian Jews and are not that naive... that he really cared about the Iranian threat. He literally knew more than anyone one else, regarding options and he fooled the community that he was sincerely interested in what their concerns were and how we can address them. Even I was impressed. But soon thereafter it became apparent that it was all deception. His mind was made up from the getgo regarding the Iran deal. He is no friend to Israel nor The Jewish People.

Fyi links to my then upbeat, gushy, enthusiastic, positive, hopeful blog posts about Hakeem Jeffries:
Re: Iran Deal. 2nd Town Meeting with Hakeem Jeffries and Listening Session in Brighton Beach

No surprise we were duped. Listen to his pro Israel speech in 2014!

Israel Rally 7-24-2014 Jeffries

His advocacy for Planned Parenthood is quite telling though I would not be surprised if the following video will be erased from YouTube searches since he comes across self righteous and overly aggressive in his defense for Planned Parenthood.

Rep Jeffries exposes Planned Parenthood haters

Democrat Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries Elected House Minority Leader


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From Rabbi Chananya Weissman:

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Here is a fantastic speech by Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith, who understood what was going on with the covid shenanigans way before almost everyone else, myself included.

Trenton, September 24, 2020
Transcript of Rabbi Smith's speech in Trenton, New Jersey - the words of clarity and direction, more urgent now than ever

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Talking points to Rabbonim - Addressing Chilul Hashem in Todays World


אל המקום אשר...

When there is a Chillul Hashem by definition there is a void, from the word Chalal, an empty space where Hashem's presence is not found. That void is often filled with a presence that is not G-dly. When we do not address the Chillul Hashem then we allow the unholy occupier of that space to occupy the space and stay there.

Am Yisroel has a G-dly mission to be a ממלכת כהנים וגוי קדוש.

We are to be the Light unto the Nations to bring Malchut Shamayim down into this world so that the world is infused with Hashem's presence.

This happens when the אומות העולם, the inhabitants of the world keep the Noahide laws and Am Yisroel is engaged in practicing the 613 Mitzvoth of the Torah.

Isn't it on our watch when G-d's Laws for humanity are being trampled upon, and defiantly replaced with values that can not coexist with G-d's Torah for humanity? Isn't it on our shoulders and then are we held accountable as G-d's Chosen people?

A Kohen Gadol physically wears precious shoulder gems and a breastplate with precious gems with the names of the Tribes of Israel inscribed. He is held accountable for their collective sins. Isn't it for this reason that someone who kills by accident is told to escape to an Arei Miklat, a city of refuge, and is released only when the Kohen Gadol passes away?

When indivuduals of Am Yisroel sin even accidentally, it is on the watch of the Kohen Gadol and when they escape to the city of refuge for their own safety, the mother of the Cohen Gadol distributes goodies so that those in the city of refuge don't pray for her son's premature death.

Doesn't this concept of being held accountable for those on our watch apply to the Nation of Israel for when the Nations of the World sin?! When the World is decadent and corrupt and replaces G-dly lifestyles with foreign G-d's and foreign values, how can that coexist in a G-dly universe?

Isn't such uncorrected evil then is the root cause of anti-Semitism which literally translates, against G-d's name? Anti Shem!

Here are some overt examples of today's society defying the 7 Noahide laws.

How can we be passive, silent and complicit without fearing that one day we will be the ones held accountable for the sins of the world for not trying our hardest to rectify the situation with education, prayer and deed.

I hear the modus operandi for our people to lay low, be submissive and under the radar. For thousands of years Jews have kept Judaism alive by insulating themselves and keeping themselves separate and Holy. This has sustained us in Galus. That is the argument not to get involved in correcting the behavior of the Goyim.

Tikkun Olam is the battle cry of the secular Jew. Let's be a Light unto the Nations. However, the price was often too steep. Our interaction with society caused assimilation and we lost our Holy identity in the process.

Now in Messianic Times isn't the time ripe to actualize our raison detres, our purpose on this planet, by reconciling being a Kingdom of Priests, a Light unto the Nations, yet maintaining a separate Holy standard only meant for the Chosen people?

The Kohanim and Leviyim have a distinct elevated standard of Holiness that is not meant for the entire Nation of Israel. But there is no jealousy nor hate against them. Quite the opposite. They are given presents and held in the highest esteem and appreciation for their lofty status as teachers and role models.

So too isn't the ideal relationship between the Nation of Israel and nonJews be as between a Kohen and an Israelite? When we the Nation of Israel succeed to care and educate and set the example for a higher moral G-dly standard, and conduct, shouldnt anti Semitism dissipate only to be replaced with great admiration and respect for the Jewish people?

As spiritual leaders and communal leaders of the Jewish people, please lead our nation to be leaders and shepherds of the world. Let us, the Nation of Israel, be the guiding light and teach G-d's Laws of right and wrong and lead this world with G-d's Own Attributes of Righteousness and Justice, Truth, Kindness and Compassion.

May Anti Semitism dissipate and in its place may the world be filled with Knowledge of Hashem and Awe of the Creator of the universe and His Laws. Peace and Prosperity will Reign and G-d will be recognized as the Fair, Benevolent and Righteous King of humanity.

How can we be complicit with an overt war against G-d's Master Plan? Rather, can we be proactive and attempt to bring G-dliness to replace the imposters of unG-dliness?

Examples of the Chillul Hashem infiltrating our society:

- Drag Queen Story hour in public libraries for kids 3-5
- Legalization of late term abortions,
- legalization of same sex marriage,
- Encouraging gay pride,
- Legislating bail reform law that allows violent criminals back on the streets,
- Legalization of same sex couple adopting children which is an opening for pedophelia,
- Firing employees for refusing to get vaccinated thereby stealing their Parnossa, source of livelihood,
- Trying via an Executive order to put through a regulation to quarantine anyone with no due process (kidnapping)

and the list goes on of being complicit and silent when the 7 Noahide Laws are blatantly trampled on.

Wasn't there some justification for Shimon and Levy killing Anshei Shchem simply for not being outspoken and complicit when the rape of Dina happened?

Let it be on record that we as a people did raise awareness and did educate society in which we live, with the spirit of G-dliness and did not remain silent when depravity and decadence and criminality was codified into law within our society in which we dwelled and was part of.


7 Noahide laws and Concrete Examples of an Evil Agenda to Replace G-d's Laws with G-dless Alternatives.

Posted on today's date on with Title same as Subject of this email

Friday, November 04, 2022

7 Noahide laws and Concrete Examples of an Evil Agenda to Replace G-d's Laws with G-dless Alternatives.

אל המקום אשר....

The Democrat Party, the governing party of the USA is the first example brought down but it is just one example of a much greater global evil.

The US Democratic Party is not a legitimate political party as its platform and Agenda items brazenly and openly rejects the 7 Noahide Laws. America was founded, as stipulated in the Declaration of Independence, as "One Nation Under G-d".

The Republican Party and other organizations, media, Jewish and non Jewish, Orthodox or non Orthodox, political and non political, be it a food coop or a chesed organization have been infiltrated as well, to actively or passively, overtly or subtly encourage the violation and or irrelevance of one or more of the 7 Noahide Laws.

Often it is very subtle and trusted individuals and organizations or media have been used and bribed and brainwashed and if that doesn't work, threatened to comply, in order to remain silent when the powers who are behind the scenes have an anti G-d agenda.

Concrete current events examples to undermine the 7 Noahide Laws:

Not to worship idols: They worship a subjective definition of values rather than objective moral values passed down for thousands of generations aka the 7 Noahide Laws).

Not to curse G-d: They want to remove G-d from the narrative and punish those who choose G-d over their self defined self righteous morality and definition of what is right or wrong. They are pushing an anti G-d curriculum in public schools and are serious about pushing it into Yeshiva education to replace traditional Torah education. Their curriculum is "The enlightenment" of our times.

To Establish Courts of Justice of Truth and Righteousness: They have established kangaroo courts like the Democrat House Judiciary which is corrupt and votes on party line rather than on evidence or facts.  Courts in Blue States have legislated bail reform laws that are reminiscent of Sodom and Gomorrah. Laws are legislated to release violent criminals into the streets again and again even when police are doing their jobs and catching criminals in action. Even the Supreme Court of America and State Supreme courts seem compromised. How come election fraud and voter integrity, the cornerstone of democracy has never been investigated? The voters believe that their vote has or can be stolen and the courts refuse to address it. The American people deserve better 

Murder: Legalizing late term abortions. Pushing CDC recommendations for vaccines on babies, little children and grownups. This is the case in spite of enough evidence and peer reviewed studies that show the death rate has increased since the roll out of vaccines and the birth rate has significantly declined. More people are harmed or dying from vaccines than protected. There is suppression of life saving treatments and suppression and decertification of legitimate doctors and delegitimization of independent, unbiased peer review studies who raise awareness as per the dangers of the Covid shot. They are accused and prosecuted and punished for disinformation from biased and compromised social media platforms . There is a real undeniable conflict of interest and collaboration between the FDA and CDC who are supposedly the government "regulatory agencies" and big Pharma..

Immorality. Pushing LGBTQ Pride and promoting gender fluidity as opposed to the Biblical Given that G-d created human beings as male and female. In California children can have surgery to change their gender and be sterilized without parental consent. Legalizing same sex marriage and legalizing adoption of same sex marriage partners happened under Republican complicit support. This is a gateway for Pedophelia.

Stealing. Taking from those who have and giving it to have nots, looking the other way with no consequences as Black Lives Matters protests and the progressive left vandalize and loot. It is even legal now in certain States to shoplift up to a certain amount. Using legislation to make stealing legal. Destroying small businesses because of Covid regulations and firing employees who refused to comply to the Covid mandates is taking away their means of a livelihood. This is the worst kind of stealing. In Not for Profit PSFC Park Slope Food Coop, non vaccinated are not permitted to work thus depriving them of affordable food. In NY State Governor Hochul attempted to push regulations to place anyone into quarantine camps or isolation based on the determination of the "Dept of Health" and deny individuals due process and basic civil rights. This is akin to kidnapping as is the practice in tyrannical societies throughout the world.

Tearing a Limb from an animal  (dismemberment abortion).  The vaccine itself is from aborted fetal tissue and it has been revealed it was taken while the fetus was still alive. This horrific information however was purposefully suppressed. Planned Parenthood is involved with the profitable business of selling body parts which includes organs from live fetuses. Planned Parenthood was brilliantly defended by Hakeem Jeffries a popular Democrat politician Congressman in committee hearings of the Congress.

The Depopulation agenda of evil global forces is in direct contradiction of the Torah Commandment to the world to be fruitful and multiply to spread G-dliness into this world.


In G-d’s Army There’s Only Truth is one of the few newsletters reporting the truth on Covid-19, the vaccines, and the associated global madness with an eye to what G-d wants from us. Brucha Weisberger

Visit and enroll at who has a class on the 7 Noahide Laws based on a book written by Rabbi Yonaton Shteif z"l in 1933 call Mitzvos Hashem.

Serious issue - Yeshiva Education Lawsuit

Fw: Torture Has No Place in Israel, or Anywhere re: Amiram ben Uliel by Chananya Weissman

On Nov 3, 2022, 5:52 AM, Chananya Weissman <> wrote:
I was a guest once again on the Glazov Gang and spoke about torture, specifically the horrifying case of Amiram Ben Uliel.  This is an issue that the stooges in our government ignored during the election theatre, which tells you all you need to know.  If there is going to be real justice and real change, the catalyst needs to be us.

The video is available Please watch and share.  You can also read more about the case and

There needs to be an international outcry and extreme pressure to free Amiram Ben Uliel, end torture, and punish everyone involved with this sadism.  If Amiram Ben Uliel were tortured and imprisoned like this by any other country, the Jews would rally to have him freed.  The sham of a Jewish state shouldn't get a free pass. Pm

Shame on everyone who obsesses over the latest round of government musical chairs, who deludes himself that the latest configuration of Erev Rav will bring us to the promised land any more than the previous configurations did, while the state routinely tortures and even murders dissenters with the blessing of the Sodomite courts. 

Seriously, if we spend more time talking about Ben Gvir than Ben Uliel, what good are we?

If we lived in a better world, 100,000 people would march into the prison, politely ask the guards to step aside, and take him home themselves. 

Hundreds of thousands of people drop everything to attend funerals of prominent rabbis.  Why can we organize for the sake of the dead, but not for the sake of the living?  I'm all in favor of showing honor for the Torah and sanctifying Hashem's name, but whether 5000 or 500,000 people show up for a funeral, it doesn't change anything; the rabbi will still be dead.

If the Jewish people mobilized to save Amiram and end these atrocities, it would be more meaningful than attending a thousand funerals.  It would be something for us to really be proud of, and maybe even get Moshiach's attention. Oh

After all, those who strive to redeem others deserve to be redeemed as well.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Re: Serious issue - Yeshiva Education Lawsuit


אל המקום אשר...


Dear Mr. Schick, amvsh

Thank you for a comprehensive defense of Jewish Education showing that the Yeshivas are in compliance with New York State laws and these regulations aren't.

I am sure there is great value to such arguments.

Let me suggest that we need to fight apples with apples.

The enemy has an agenda and it's not reading, writing and arithmetic.

They want to push G-dless values via a secular State curriculum into G-d fearing institutions.

Before even defending our education as being compatible and complying with State regulations we need to have a discussion on the purpose of education in general.

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America stipulated that the United States of America is One Nation under G-d.

This is inscribed in our Declaration of Independence.

G-d Fearing citizens want their childrens education first and foremost to serve G-d and obey G-d's Laws. All education, must be a means towards that end and if not, can not be even considered to be incorporated into an Orthodox Jewish Education curriculum. 

An evaluation of competency of a required skill set of a particular language be it English or any other language or Mathematics or any subject matter should not be a criteria for evaluating nor defining  "good education". 

These skills, albeit useful, can be taught later in life when needed and if one is equipped with the right tools to master learning, this can be learned, self taught and supplemented  at a later date. 

However teaching right from wrong at an early age is imperative to form an upright citizen. 

Defining what is right and what is wrong is not relative based on ones's subjective opinion.

Defining right from wrong for humanity, has been defined and passed down since the beginnings of time. 

These are the Basic Laws of Universal Morality that were given to Adam and  passed down to Noah with the 7th Law added which is that it is forbidden  to eat the limb from a live animal. They were then transmitted to Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) at Sinai for all of humanity.

These Laws are known as the 7 Noahide Laws.

If secular education has a hidden agenda to incorporate subtle brainwashing  to nullify and violate any one of these Noahide Laws,  a G-d fearing Education is forbidden to incorporate such an insidious curriculum into its education. It is entrapment and treacherous and no pressure or threats will succeed to convince G-d fearing citizens into compliance.

There is sufficient reason to believe that there is a hidden agenda behind the assault on traditional Orthodox Jewish schools that has nothing to do with basic competency of  Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. 

Rather it is an assault on G-d and His Laws, to remove G-dliness from our children's education.

In past history, this assault was called the Enlightenment and  in the Communist Countries this assault as well attempted and often succeeded to remove G-d from Education. 

In the times of the Greeks it was called Hellenization. It attempts to replace worshipping a One Almighty G-d with idol worship.

So before defending our Yeshiva Education curriculum compliance let us first stipulate that if the State recommended curriculum incorporates G-dless sets of values, it is inferior to our curriculum and rather than our schools be forced to change our superior model of education, let the public schools incorporate into their curriculum G-dly values and be taught the 7 Noahide Laws, G-d's Laws that have existed since the beginning of time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Watch "I’m leaving the Democratic Party" on YouTube


Dear Democrats in Name Only.

Now is the time to make the move!

If the funding for our social programs stops if and when we leave the Democratic Party, we know it was really blood money and Treif and not about health, security and prosperity for our people. It was for precisely the exact opposite we were thrown a few bones.

The Shemittah year teaches us that we rely on G-d alone for our sustenance. The farmer will not starve. The opposite! He will be Blessed.

G-d is All Powerful! He can and will Provide for us of we only Trust in Him alone.

Lets cut our losses and leave Mitzraim before its a point of no return.

Time to choose between Life and Death.

It is each man on his/her own.
ובחרת בחיים!


Shemittah Rediscovered Blog links for "Leave Democrat Party"

Has being dependent on the Democrat Party blinded our vision? Follow the money trail.

235 Moles and Mosrim in Brooklyn – Part 8
Chananya Weissman
October 7, 2022

Amiram ben Uliel's wife in an exclusive interview for Arutz Sheva. "Their goal was to find a settler to blame for the arson at Duma.” 


אל המקום אשר...
Original article in Hebrew of exclusive interview with Orian ben Uliel the wife of Amiram ben Uliel.
רעייתו של עמירם בן אוליאל בראיון בלעדי: "האינטרס שלהם היה למצוא מתנחל שעשה את זה"

Translation: this translation of the Hebrew Arutz7 article is complete. For some reason the translation for this article that appeared in Arutz 7, (see link at the end of this translation), changed the translation of the headline and truncated paragraphs related to the court's disregard of any evidence in favor of her husband. It truncated parts of the article that put the court system and the political leadership in Israel in a negative light. Orian said the courts weren't initially interested in taking her testimony which gave Amiram an Alibi. They were not interested in any testimony that backed up her alibi.  They ignored Arab eye witnesses and testimony  from the scene of the crime that told a completely story. The initial political narrative that the public were told was that Settler Jews were responsible.  Her belief is that the goal of the torture, interrogation and conviction was simply to find a Settler to blame for the arson.  

Amiram ben Uliel's wife in an exclusive interview for Arutz Sheva. "Their goal was to find a settler to blame for the arson at Duma." 

Amiram ben Uliel was convicted of arson in the Arab village of Duma in 2015. In this exclusive interview, his wife Orian describes the court system's disregard of any evidence in favor of her husband. She shares the moment when Amiram described how he broke down during interrogation under torture, and promises to be strong for their seven-year-old daughter, who is growing up without a father.

Orian Ben Uliel comes to the interview we arranged at the Honenu offices in Jerusalem dressed as a devout ultra-Orthodox woman, wrapped in a modest black shawl. Her eyes are brimming with tears. I ponder that apart from modesty, maybe the shawl also gives her a sense of security against the external reality and mental anguish she constantly experiences. 

During the interview that unfolds the unimaginable story that has become her life, I bravely ask: "Have you ever thought of giving up Amiram? To divorce and move on with your life?"

"To abandon him?" She is taken aback by the question. "I am not leaving my husband. We are together in fire and water."

Does he ever raise this possibility?

"Absolutely not. We are together."

Seven Years Without Hugging His Daughter 

Amiram ben Uliel was convicted of setting fire to a house in the Arab village of Duma, and murdering a father, mother and baby - Saad, Riham and Ali Dawabshe. Their four-year-old son, Ahmed, was seriously injured. Ben Uliel was sentenced to three life sentences. About a month ago, his appeal to the Israel Supreme Court was rejected and the sentence upheld. 

Ben Uliel has been incarcerated under the harshest conditions of imprisonment in Israel. He is in solitary confinement. He is never allowed to socialize, and is even alone when exercising briefly in the yard. Despite being a mitzvah observant, he is not allowed to pray in the minyan, not even on Yom Kippur. Amiram is not allowed any furloughs and is not entitled to phone calls. He was recently permitted to study one hour a week with another prisoner.

Orian is allowed to visit Amiram once in a fortnight for 45 minutes and speak to him through a partition. His little daughter, Malchut Hadassah, who was less than a year old when her father was arrested, is now a second grader. Only recently, due to media pressure, was she allowed to cross the partition and sit close to her father. The Shabak, the Prison Authorities, finally admitted after six years that it was a mistake not to allow Amiram to hug his daughter. "She finally has a father: he can hug and kiss her, play with her. They play catch together in the two meters they have there," says Orian sadly. 

Ben Uliel is not entitled to any conjugal visits with his wife. During the Corona epidemic, his family did not see him for months. "At the beginning of the epidemic, he was allowed to call and talk to us on the phone, but at some point, the Shabas stopped the phone calls. My daughter would wake up in the middle of the night and scream, 'Abba! What happened to Abba? ' I recorded her crying so they would understand how much she was suffering, but it didn't interest them. Even Yigal Amir has better conditions than Amiram. He is allowed conjugal visits, to socialize, to have phone privileges, open visits, and is no longer in isolation."

"The Arab security prisoners receive the best conditions in the Israeli prisons, while Amiram, whose confession would have been categorically thrown out in any other country, is deprived of every basic civil right. The indictment was so filled with contradictions that it should have been disqualified beyond any reasonable doubt. 

Amiram is denied any basic civil rights. The judicial trial held in the District Court dragged on for years. He waited in jail to hear his fate, and it just didn't interest them.

The judge's daughter gave birth – and the hearing was postponed for a month. The prosecutor had a personal matter – and the hearings were postponed for another month. For them, Amiram was not a human being."

Amiram heard that his appeal to the Supreme Court was rejected from another prisoner.   No one bothered to inform him of the verdict. Nor did they allow his family members to call him and inform him. "We asked for a phone call so that they we could inform him, and to this day, they have not confirmed their verdict"

How Did Amiram React to the Supreme Court's Rejection of his Appeal?

"Despite his deep disappointment, Amiram did not allow himself to be destroyed. He told me: 'I told you that these judges are totally untrustworthy. God will get me out. Don't pin your hopes on them, don't believe in them.' He then strengthened me with stories of righteous people. 

Amiram is held in sub-human conditions, but he clings to the Torah and his faith. Without these, he would have gone mad long ago. He just sits all day and studies Torah." 

Amiram went through a period of intense anxiety attacks and post-traumatic stress followed the severe torture that the Shabak inflicted on him. His family members asked that he be allowed to speak with a psychologist but the request was denied. 

During the holidays, Amiram will not be entitled to holiday meals. He blows the shofar alone in his cell. He is allowed to have only two shirts and pants. During the holidays he is not permitted fresh clothing even though he does not do laundry. 

What About Knesset Members and Members of the Public? Is There Anyone Helping Amiram With His Struggle? 

"There were some Knesset members who tried to talk to the Shin Bet, but in general, people are silent. No one dares to say anything against the Shin Bet. I don't understand how Arab security prisoners with Jewish blood on their hands roam freely in the wing, have telephones, hold prayers together, and are allowed to have sheikhs visit them. They don't mess with the Arabs."

The Ben Uliel family does not intend to give up the struggle for justice. They are now planning to submit a request for an extended appeal hearing at the Supreme Court.

"Sometimes She Cries: Where is Abba?"

How Do You Deal With Your Hardships?


"I try to strengthen my faith. We don't understand Heaven's calculations. I believe that Hashem will turn everything around for the good. I go through very difficult periods. Sometimes I am filled with courage and faith, while at other times, I feel completely broken." 

Sometimes she suffers from depression and anxiety attacks: "Before Amiram was arrested, I was an emotionally stable person. I never suffered from anxiety.  When I had my first panic attack, I was terribly frightened. I didn't understand what was happening to me. I was sure I was going to die. My body started shaking. I went through periods of depression and hopelessness. I had difficulty functioning. A psychologist from the Merchav clinic helped me, and thank God, I now feel much better.  

I try very hard to strengthen myself for my daughter's sake. She doesn't understand why she can't grow up with her father. She doesn't have brothers and sisters. She doesn't understand why she is different from everyone else. Sometimes she suddenly starts to cry: 'Where is Abba? I want Abba to be home!'  And I have no way to answer her. I tell her about Yosef HaTzadik, who spent 12 years in prison, and about Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin, the Chabad prisoner who was released from the American prison, and she asks to hear the stories over and over again."

During the holidays, Orian and Malchut stay with family and friends. "I've already gotten used to being alone with Malchut, but it's important to me that we are not alone for the holidays." 

"It's important for me to be positive, and not to allow my daughter to see me during times of crisis. Every time I talk about courts or lawyers, she gets stressed. I had to tell her that the appeal was rejected when she saw me sobbing on the morning we received the news. Despite everything, she is a heroic child, and despite her suffering, she is a happy child." Malchut Hadassah studies at the Breslav Beit Ya'akov. "She gets a lot of support at school," says Orian. "When the principal heard our story, she was very shocked and is trying to help as much as possible."

Orian, who currently lives in Jerusalem, has a supportive group of friends and family. She is constantly busy with Amiram's case, meeting people of influence and consulting with professionals. "I try to avoid thinking about the future, and I believe that everything will turn out for the good. When I start thinking about what will happen to Malchut, I fall apart. I strengthen myself to believe that everything is for the best and that God will help, and then I manage to function better."

What About Amiram's Parents? 

"Amiram's parents are broken people. They had a very hard time accepting the Supreme Court's rejection of the appeal. His parents are quiet, introverted people who choose not to go to the media. That is their choice. I am in favor of them appealing to the media, because it is easiest for the state when the family sits quietly and lets injustices happen in the dark."

The Headstart Project was launched to finance the legal expenses, and received an enthusiastic response. "We raised 1,400,000 shekels - far beyond our expectations. It really warmed the heart," she says. Orian is overwhelmed by the sympathy and support of the people of Israel: "People constantly ask how they can help. They send gifts to Malchut for the holidays and communities send me packages. Their love and support give me strength. The people of Israel hold us together. Many people finish the recitation of  seven books of Psalms for Amiram every day. It goes straight to the heart. It is a gift."

The Courts Ignored All Evidence Of Amiram's Innocence

Ben Uliel's conviction was based on his confession during weeks of relentless torture by the Shin Bet. The Supreme Court judges ruled that the confession obtained immediately after the torture was inadmissible, but the confession given about 36 hours later, while  Ben Uliel was still under arrest and in the presence of his torturers, was admissible. 

"The judges simply validated the Shin Bet to extract confessions under torture," says Orian. "He was so terrified of further torture, that of course he told them everything they wanted to hear, both in the interrogation rooms and when they took him to Duma to reconstruct the arson. How could the judges believe that after less than two days, when he was still in the hands of his torturers, he would give a truthful confession?" 

Orian and Amiram ben Uliel met as two young hilltop youth and got married when Amiram was 19 and Orian was twenty. Their daughter was born a year later. At first they lived in the Ge'ulat Tzion outpost, but after the army destroyed their house several times, they had no money left to rebuild it, and they moved to makeshift living quarters inside a truck in the Adei Ad outpost. 

"On the night of the arson, we went to bed late, at around one a.m," recalls Orian. "We usually slept very lightly because we lived at the edge of the outpost and were afraid of Arab attacks. In addition, Malchut Hadassah was only six months old, and I got up to nurse her several times during the night. My husband was next to me each of these times. At 4 a.m, I got up to drive friends to a nearby water spring, and left the baby with Amiram."

The indictment filed against Ben Uliel raises a myriad of questions and doubts, as does the crime scene reconstruction he was forced to enact under close Shabak monitoring. 

According to Orian, "The indictment claims that Amiram left the house at 11:00 p.m. They ignored my testimony that we were together all night. In addition, the door of our truck was very noisy. There was no way he could leave without waking me and the baby."  

In the crime scene reconstruction, Amiram described a journey in which he walked alone for over an hour to the village of Duma, managed to locate two houses that he identified as inhabited, found windows in them and threw Molotov cocktails inside, sprayed two different graffiti inscriptions on the wall, and returned home on foot without anyone noticing him. 

This "confession" was clearly made under extreme duress since there was no evidence that supported it. 

No forensic evidence was found for this trip. The bag that the indictment claims he had with him, containing the Molotov cocktails, lighter and matches, gloves and spray for spraying the addresses.  - was never found. Amiram claimed that he burned the case. In the film of the reconstruction, a large team of police arrived to search for the remains of the burned bag and evidence that something had indeed burned in the area, but they found nothing. The graffiti messages supposedly spray-painted by Ben Uliel according to the indictment was deciphered by a graphologist on behalf of the defense. She determined that there were two different sets of handwriting, neither of which were Amiram handwriting.  The two shoe prints found at the scene were also not Amiram's. 

Why Didn't They Give Credit to Your Testimony? 

"Before Amiram confessed to the murder, he was detained for 17 days, without the right to see a lawyer or talk to family members. At first we didn't even know why he was arrested. 

Itamar Ben G'vir, our lawyer at the time, told the Shin Bet, 'If Amiram is arrested on suspicion of arson in Duma - Orian wants to testify. She was with him the entire time.' But they wouldn't let me testify until they got the confession out of him through torture. They also told us that Amiram was not under investigation, meaning that he was not being tortured. Apparently, after they were unable to achieve the results they wanted, they decided to torture him. Only after they told us they were submitting a statement did Ben G'vir ask how they could file an indictment without obtaining my testimony. And so, to quickly fulfill the legal requirements, they collected my testimony. Two hours later, they had already filed a plaintiff's statement. They did not call any of the eyewitnesses to testify - the friends who saw me without my daughter. Nothing interested them. They claimed that he had already confessed and this contradicted any other findings."

Amiram Ben Uliel spent two nights of torture in the Shin Bet basements, two nights that came after many days of long interrogations, sleep deprivation, and disconnection from all contact with the outside world.

How Did the Shabak Torture Amiram?

"They tied him to a chair with his hands and feet tied together under the chair, and his head almost touching the floor. They beat him, spat on him, kicked him and screamed: 'You will talk!' That was the main torture which lasted for about six hours straight each time. They also stretched his arms back and positioned him in a way that made him repeatedly fall on his back. He knew he was in their hands and had no one to help. He told me he had no choice but to confess: 'I just wanted them to let me go,' he said. His lawyer, Ben Gvir, was only allowed to see him after he was questioned and confessed. He testified that Amiram told him in that meeting: 'It is better to die than to live.' He was completely broken, in body and soul."

Was Amiram In Any Way Involved in Violence Against Arabs? 

"Absolutely not. During evacuations, I was much more of an activist than he was. When we were told to leave the house, he would always obey the instructions and leave, and I would stay and not leave." The indictment claims that a document called "Kingdom of Evil," which posits that the level of violence against Palestinians needs to be raised, is proof of the existence of a Jewish terrorist infrastructure. Consequently, finding a "settler" guilty of a crime against Arabs will vindicate their belief in a Jewish terrorist group. In truth, no evidence was ever found of the existence of such an organized  infrastructure, nor was any connection ever made between Amiram Ben Uliel and that document. The Shin Bet justified their torture based on that document. .

The Interrogators Brought Amiram to Reconstruct the Scene of the Crime 

Orian believes that the State of Israel had an interest in accusing someone from the settlement movement of the murder of Arabs for political reasons. They wanted to show that settlers committed the arson, even though there are no facts linking them to this crime, so that they could create a fictitious entity called "Jewish terrorists." 

"There were incidents of arson in Duma before and after that night which were never investigated and are strongly believed to be part on an ongoing clan war within the village.  On the second anniversary of the murder of Riam Dawabshe, a relative of hers was murdered. There is a violent, ongoing family conflict in Duma that the authorities ignore and do not investigate."

Why Do You Think That the State Has an Interest in Accusing Jews of Murder?

"Before the investigation of the murder, Boogi Ya'alon, then Israel's Defense Minister, went to the media and declared, 'We know who did it, they are Jews.' Netanyahu gave a speech at the UN and said, 'We know who did it, and we will give him three life sentences.' After such statements, they could not get out of this case without convicting a settler – any settler. After all, if politicians go to the media and make statements - the whole system is obliged to justify their statements.

"They accused my husband of the arson and ignored my testimony, my friends' testimony, and facts such as additional arsons in Duma and the testimonies of eyewitnesses who told a completely different story. They blamed Amiram for the arson because their interest was to find a Jew, any settler, and find him guilty, and my husband was the victim they found."

Which Eyewitnesses Told a Completely Different Story?

"Mohamed, the four-year-old boy who survived the fire, said that he saw the arsonists enter the house after the arson and pull his parents out. There were other eyewitnesses who testified that they saw the arsonists leaning over the parents, and eyewitnesses who chased the arsonists and saw them fleeing to the car at the scene. 

Muhammad's grandparents said at first that it didn't make sense that Amiram was the one who set the fire. After a while, they turned around and claimed that they were convinced that it was him. Every finding that testified in Amiram's favor was ignored. 

In the reconstruction of the scene of the crime, the investigators went ahead of him and instructed him where to go, what to say, and how to repeat everything they had forced him to confess during the interrogation. The camera focused on him so that the audience they wouldn't see the investigator walking in front of him and guiding him. He also made several mistakes and they corrected him. It's shocking how they swept the lies and injustices under the rug. Their job is ostensibly to find the truth. But in this case, their job was to make sure he corroborated the lies he had been forced to confess to. 

Ben Uliel's appeal in the Supreme Court took place in the month of Adar. Judges Elron, Amit and Shochat sat in the panel. Judge Neil Handel, known for overturning judgments tainted by serious violations of human rights, was supposed to be on the panel, but was  replaced. Orian believes that his replacement was no accident. "The three judges were of the same opinion. They were not interested in the truth. They wanted to validate the  confession obtained through torture through legal quibbles. 

Ben Uliel was represented by lawyers Avigdor Feldman and Yehoshua Reznik. "Both the public defender and the Committee Against Torture asked to join the discussion as friends of the court, but were denied. Even professors who had written studies on cases where defendants were coerced to confess were denied entry. 

The Supreme Court understood and that this trial was problematic, and they wanted to keep it out of the public eye."

The future for Orian, Amiram and Malchut Hadassah does not currently seem promising. But none of them will give up their faith that gives them hope even in the face of a seemingly impossible struggle.

 "God does not owe me anything," says Orian. "He gave me a husband, a daughter, and good health. I pray and beg God to make this situation better. I try not to complain and remember that there are people who suffer more. When you go through a crisis, it makes you sensitive to others, you become a different person. I also see good that grows from this, and Amiram also tries to be happy in prison, to dance and thank God, along with the prayers and the hope that soon we will come out of darkness into a great light."

The Shabas (Prison Authority)  recently stated: "The Shabas allows worship and a religious lifestyle for every prisoner in its facilities in accordance with the provisions of the law and the relevant orders. The prisoner received at his request a kittel for prayers on the holidays, and in his cell there is a shofar that he uses in the month of Elul and on the holidays of Tishrei. We note that the requests of this prisoner (to be able to pray in a minyan) have been rejected more than once by different legal authorities."

Related: English translation posted on Arutz7

Duma arson convict's wife in an exclusive interview: "Being strong for our daughter"

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Sanur ח אלול Memorial of Destroyed Beit Knesset during the Shomron Expulsion 2005 post by Anita Ticker


אמנם עבר ח'אלול, אך כותבת לכם שוב לספר לכם על הארוע המדהים שזכיתי להשתתף בו אתמול.
חיכינו הרבה זמן עד שהצליחו להגיע כל ה5
1 איש שמלאו את האוטובוס הממוגן שהסיע אותנו ממבוא דותן  דרך עמק דותן מזרחה לכיון המיקום של הישוב שאנור שפונה ורובו נהרס כחלק מתוכנת "ההתנתקות" בצפון השומרון כשהכוומץנההייתה שבאמת ינסו לנתק את עם ישראל מארץ המורשת שלנו.

היינו כ7 ותיקי ישובי גוש קטיף, מגורשי משאנור. חלק מחברי הגרעין שאנור שפועלים לשינוי חוק ההתנתקות כדי שיוכלו שו, לישב את שאנור., הין כעשרה בחורים מישיבת חומש יחד עם הרב אלישמע . רב הישיבה שכבר יושב עם הישיבה 15 שנה בחומש. הניאלה וייס, רב אידלס  מהישיבה בהר ברכה, רב יאיר הילר מנצרים אריאל, פרופ הרב יואל אליצור, הדוחף העיקר שהארוע הזה ית קיים כל שנה, בני גל רבש"ץ מועצת שומרון ומי שעזר מאד כדי שהנסיעה הנדירה תתקיים באישור ולבא תחת צה" ל.
התלוו אלינו לפנינו 3 קומנדקרים משוריינים .
הנוף המדהים ומרענן. כל כך הרבה שטח פתוח וריק והרבה אדמות מדינה. כל גבעה ועמק קשור ל הסטוריה שלנו כפי שהסביר לנו בני כל שעורר בנו געגועים לחלק זה של ארץ ישראל.
כשהגענו לשאנור גילינו  שזה אחד המקומות היחידים שבית הכנסת לא חולל ולא הוחרב. ההתחילו בבניתו  רק שנה לפני הגירוש... לקראת הגירוש הואכוסה בחול כדי שאויבנו לא ישימו לב על קיומו ולא יחרי, ו אותו עד שצה"ל יתארגן לשמור על שא מוא שפונה מאזרחיה, ובתיהם הוחרבו.
הגענו לראות את המבנה שהיה בית האומנים של שאנור שכולנו זכרנו מביקורים כשהישוב היה קיים. מצאנו גן מקוה מים קטן באחד חדרים.... בחצר קיימו תפילת סליחות וקריאת התור. המיוחדת עם מניין הצמים הגיבורים.

התפילה היתה מרגשת עד מאד עם תחושה שהיא ממש עולה מעלה מעלה.... כשבמקום משתתפים חברים כמעט בני 90 שצמו ותינוקות בני שנה, שנתיים וארבע.... וכל מה שבאמצע. 

נשארנו אם הבנה שאין סיבה אמיתי בעולם שלא ישבו יהודים במקום הזה ובעוד הרבה מיקי ים בצפון השומרון. יש מלא מקום לכולם וממש זה לא צריך להפריע לשכנים הערבים ..... ובהחלטלאצריך להטריד מי שלא גר שם. 
אחד מחברי הגרעין לחזרה לשאנור הוא הנכד של אליקים העצני.... שריגש את כולנו שהוא ממשיך בדרך אבותיו. הגרעין הכינו לנוסעים כיבוד במבוא דותן, התפללו ערבית לפני הנסיעה של כל המשתתפים למקומם בכל קצוות  המדינה שבאו לזכור ולא לשכוח האירועים הנוראים של החרבת בתי הכנסת בח' אלול. 
מצרפת תמונות ומפסיק לחפור לכם. רק אגיד שוב. הייתה זכות גדולה ממש להשתתף בנסיעה ובארוע אתמול והיה מרגש מאד מאד.

Sunday, September 04, 2022

Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof. Duma Miscarriage of Justice


Updated with this related post by Ari Zivotovsky in The Jerusalem Post

Green-lighting torture in Israel: A tragic, unifying court decision - comment
Published: SEPTEMBER 5, 2022 03:12


This week we have witnessed compromised politically corrupted courts in United States of America and in Israel.

This week's Torah reading was Parshat Shoftim. Setting up righteous courts.

Truth and Justice is the key to redemption.

In Israel: This week Amiram ben Ulliel appeal verdict is that he is condemned to life in prison for a crime he never committed, allegedly for perpetrating an arson terrorist act in 2015 in the Arab village of Duma. 

Allegedly this Breslev Chosid, married with a baby, walked several kilometers into the Arab village in Duma, threw a Molotov cocktail at an empty house wrote Hebrew graffiti נקמה and יחי המלך.

He allegedly saw noone died, so he then threw another Molotov cocktail at another house, the Dawabshe family which started a fire snd killed the parents and one kid.

 Amiran ben Uliel,  Breslev Chosid whose handwriting didn't match the graffiti and is not a Kahanist nor a Chabad Chosid and didn't scribble Na, Na Nachman and isn't the macho type and does not fit the profile of a terrorist, managed to walk back to his Jewish Settlement  several kilometers without anyone noticing him. 

How plausible is this?

If he hated Arabs so much, why didn't he just pick a random Arab house next to his Yishuv if all he wanted to do was kill innocent Arabs?

That's too logical.

Seems like an obvious question? Did anyone ask him?

 Unless of course he was suicidal. 

Amiram didn't cooperate with the investigation for many days. I think 17 days. He never bragged about murdering  innocent dead Arabs and his parents surely never educated him to kill innocent Arabs either...  unlike some Terrorist Arabs who are taught Jihad. 

But Shabaq really needed a scapegoat. They tried very hard to get Meir Ettinger, Rabbi Kahana's grandson who probably understood Shabaq's agenda and understood who he was dealing with,  and went on a hunger strike. He knew what his grandfather went through. Tens of other hilltop youth were placed under administrative detention at the time as well and interrogated, denied habeas corpus, denied attorneys during investigation and denied juvenile and civil rights. Trauma big time for many innocent kids and their families 

Shabaq needed desperately to come up with a Jewish Terrorist scapegoat. 

After all within 24 hours and days of the Duma arson, with no investigation to speak of, the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister, political big shots followed soon by tons of Yesha Rabbis, publicly condemned this terrible arson and distanced themselves from the extremist "Jewish" perpetrators, which was a given, from their very limited knowledge and understanding coming from the Jewish Division of Terror of the Shabaq.

With no investigation to speak of, why were all so convinced Jews were the perpetrators.

Of course you think! Hebrew graffiti!!!! 

And a desired political narrative....

Can innocent Jews be framed today? Like blood libels of days gone by?

Is it happenstance this happened in a place called Duma?


Several months went by, August through December 2015,  with no found suspect. The evil forces were yelling and losing patience. Where are those guilty extremist Jews you all condemned? Naftali Bennett as well had an article condemning the fringe Jewish Hilltop youth, front page in the New York Times of all places exactly one week after the Duma arson with no investigation other than the say so of the Jewish Division of Terror of the Shabaq. 

 Amiram was a vulnerable kid  as was another minor A. and Shabaq  received permission to use extraordinary measures (torture) to extract confession. No other solid evidence against these guys.

So they confessed. 

Who wouldn't? 

The kid A, who allegedly was his accomplice got off with a plea bargain. Maybe it was because his parents had big mouths and started telling his story in Jewish Media and speaking tours after a few years when they realized the courts had no interest in finding out the truth and justice. They certainly weren't happy about innocent Arabs dying in the arson but believed their son was totally innocent of the arson in Duma.

Amiram was more vulnerable. 
His interrogator during torture was present when he reenacted one of the versions he was told happened during interrogation.  Full of loopholes but served the purpose to be blood libeled and a scapegoat of the hilltop Settler Youth. The ideology of the late Rabbi Meir Kahana  z"l is considered as the most dangerous enemy of the Government of israel and organizations run by his students and followers are designated as a terrorist organization. See cabinet Communique Match 13,1994.

So now as before, Amiran is sentenced for life, and is "so dangerous" he is not allowed to physically hug his young daughter nor pray with a Minyan on Yom Kippur. Possibly the outcry has allowed him a hug once a week? He has the harshest sentence of any other criminal that I've heard of.

The majority of seekers of truth believe Amiram is an innocent pawn and the evidence points to the fact he was framed by Shabaq's Jewish Division of Terror.  The arson of Duma was orchestrated or manipulated by political operatives whereby Amiram was tortured into confessing a crime he never committed.

Who was really responsible for the Duma Massacre in 2015?

May Righteousness and Justice prevail!!!

In America Trump is framed...

Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit published this earlier this week… The FBI created a fake crime scene at Mar-a-Lag...

By Jim Hoft
Published September 3, 2022 at 6:35pm

CONFIRMED: As Gateway Pundit Reported — FBI Doctored Mar-a-Lago Photo, Added Their Own Docs that DON'T MATCH INVENTORY REPORTS

Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit published this earlier this week…

The FBI created a fake crime scene at Mar-a-Lago by adding their own documents to the scene and doctoring the photo they released in their report and to the press. 

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier — This is against the law.

The DOJ responded in a lawsuit this week to President Trump's request to a Florida Court to review the FBI raid of his iconic property Mar-a-Lago.

TRENDING: LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: President Trump LIVE at Wilkes-Barre, PA in First Rally after Mar-a-Lago Raid and Biden's Moloch Speech --253,000 Watching Live

In the DOJ's response, the DOJ included a document they claim was taken at Mar-a-Lago during their raid.

The photo was all over the news on Wednesday, August 31, the day after it was provided to the court.

The Independent made fun of the Time Magazine cover on the right side of the photo that the DOJ apparently wanted to include in the photo so that they could show that President Trump is so vain.   There was no need for this Time Magazine piece in the picture.

The Daily Mail said "Trump KEPT framed Time cover of 'enemies' knocking at his window among the collection of classified files – including documents marked 'Top Secret' and those based on 'human intelligence' – sprawled across Mar-a-Lago".

This was all a lie.  The FBI created the crime scene, inserted their own documents, and then photoshopped the document.  What a disgrace.  
1. We know that the FBI wanted to make this look like a crime scene.
We know this because at the bottom of the photo provided to the court there is the number 2A, indicating that this was a crime scene photo as well as a type of tape measure across the bottom of the photo.  The corrupt FBI threw the photos on the floor themselves.  They staged this.

We know this because the containers were right next door.  The documents would have been placed on a table had the FBI wanted to take a picture of the documents.  Showing them as scattered across the floor is for show to indicate they were found this way, a lie we explain below.  Also, the cabinets are right next to the documents, which is likely where they were stored.  They weren't stored on the floor.

2. The FBI inserted documents into the photo. 
The cover sheets in the above photo that were red, yellow, and brown were inserted by the FBI.  They are the FBI's cover sheets.  We know this for various reasons.  The Trump White House did not need these cover sheets in the documents they held because they had their own cover sheets.

Advertisement - story continues below

If you look closely at the photo above, the document right above the 2A is folded back.  The papers are stapled together as they should be.  If you look at that batch you see there already was a cover sheet on that document.  It says "Please store in…".  That is the real cover sheet.

The red, yellow, and brown cover sheets were inserted.  If you look closely at the yellow cover sheets, they are paper clipped to the documents.  The documents would have been stapled.  They are paperclipped because they were inserted by the FBI.

Also, the front cover sheet in brown, showing SCI, says the following wording:

Handling, storage, reproduction, and distribution of the attached document must be in accordance with the applicable executive orders statutes and agency implementing regulations.

This document was inserted.  The FBI inserted this to indicate that the "agency implementing regulations" – i.e. the DOJ – is involved in the maintenance of these records but this is not the case.  The President has the right to documents that are his.  They are his property and an inserted document saying something different is simply not true.   

3. The photo was altered or photoshopped after it was taken (i.e. the FBI was tampering with evidence).
Throughout the picture there are sections in white.  It would be proper for the FBI to take pictures of the crime scene and then add paper to cover up the classified info and then take photos to cover up any classified information.  However, we know that these white sections are redactions to the photo.

When looking a the picture above, you can see that the white space was added to the picture by the white outlines around the black boxes in the first photo above.  These photos were tampered with.

Finally, did the FBI Agents who invaded the President's home have the proper credentials to review classified information?  How about the agents who made the call to photoshop the photo?  How about the employees who photoshopped the photos?  Were they properly credentialed?


Investigative reporter Paul Sperry reported on Friday that:

** There is a major discrepancy between the "detailed property inventory" DOJ filed with the court and the inventory receipt the FBI gave Trump's attorney the day of the search.

** Nowhere on the detailed inventory sheet does it list docs with "Top Secret/SCI documents" as it states on item "2A" of the receipt.

** The photo of "2A" items shows coversheets with "Top Secret/SCI" on them, yet again, the detailed inventory does not account for any SCI material.

** This is the most sensitive classified information requiring reading in a secure SCIF facility.

Paul Sperry:  BREAKING: A major discrepancy has surfaced between the "detailed property inventory" DOJ filed with the court and the inventory receipt the FBI gave Trump's attorney the day of the search. Nowhere on the detailed inventory sheet does it list docs with "Top Secret/SCI documents" as it states on item "2A" of the receipt. Also, the photo of "2A" items shows coversheets with "Top Secret/SCI" on them, yet again, the detailed inventory does not account for any SCI material, which is the most sensitive classified information requiring reading in a secure SCIF facility. Was there, in fact, no such material found at Mar-a-Lago? Did DOJ mislead the court — and public — with that staged photo it included as an exhibit? 

Via Paul Sperry on GETTR.

If this is indeed the case that the FBI inserted their own documents into the photo, then they created a false crime scene.

They inserted docs.  They tampered with evidence.  And the FBI broke the law — NOT President Trump.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Letter to Dr. Simone Gold. Praying for you. Hang in there and come out stronger than ever!

-------- Original Message --------
On Aug 25, 2022, 11:06 AM, <>


Dear Dr. Gold, amvsh

Fyi here is an email I sent to your attorney Lin Wood


Dear Mr. Wood,

Congratulations on winning the Nick Sandmann case! I followed it with great interest and celebrated its phenomenal victory.

However, now your opponent is not only corrupt media that libeled an innocent kid but Global evil that has infiltrated almost every National government and the United States is no exception.

Dr. Simone Gold's misdemeanor sentence of 60 days including 8 days of isolation is just a straw that just might break the camel's back.

The Democratic party is a puppet of evil forces and should be disqualified on many counts.

Basically we answer to a Higher authority and that is the root of the matter.

Infiltration of the big bad wolf masquerading as Grandma has reached every branch of government, the Judicial, Executive and Legislative.

We The People must mobilize and fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way by exposing the tyranny and the weaponization of the Federal Agencies and courts.

Please read this post till the end in spite of its length. This post touches on many lawsuits, including election fraud in the 2020 election, of which your law office is involved. It requires thinking out of the box.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

The evil is very powerful but G-d Almighty is the most Powerful of the Most Powerful!

Do not be afraid to take them on.

Dr Simone Gold and Pam Hemphill must be vindicated and compensated for miscarriage of Justice.

The 2020 Election must be in investigated by the Supreme Court. The American People deserve a fair investigation.

The NIH, FDA,CDC and big Pharma need to be held accountable for fraud, lying and crimes against humanity.

The 7 Noahide laws is the foundation of any legal system and in America that is the definition of One Nation Under G-d.

Dr. Simone Gold, Pam Hemphill go to Prison. Terrible Miscarriage of Justice. Fighting for Truth and Justice and the American Way! Compare their sentence to Paul Pelosi pleading guilty to DUI

I hope you can open links.


Robin Ticker


Related Points to Ponder : How many Federal Government Agencies are weaponized by the Democrats?

Former National Intelligence Director: 'The past six years we have an FBI and DoJ that have literally become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party'

Amish farmer faces fines, prison time for refusing to comply with USDA regulations

Tucker, Agents Raid Amish Farm For Not Following Regulations On 'Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals'

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Shuls and Mosdos Across the U.S. Awarded Federal Security Grants to Protect Against Terror Attacks* my comments

*SEE THE LIST: Shuls and Mosdos Across the U.S. Awarded Federal Security Grants to Protect Against Terror Attacks*

The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, announced the recipients of funding under the FY 2022 Nonprofit Security Grant Program, which include dozens of shuls, yeshivos, schools, and organizations across the United States.

My comments:

 Let us ask ourselves. What is Fema's real agenda?

Is it truly for our security or rather to  silence our community and faith based communities while keeping themselves in power?

Let's test them.

 Almost every Yeshiva and shul is getting $150,000 along with tons of private institutions!

How to respond.

 Every G-d fearing Institution  has to discredit the Democrat Party for their G-dless agenda and tell their community "Ein Od Milvado". In G-d We Trust Alone! We can not be passive to legalized mass murder like late term abortion, theft by stripping honest working Americans of their employment in the name of public health , immorality in public schools and  libraries pushing gender studies and LGBTQ pride, corrupt courts and judges, ineffective law enforcement with law enforcement hands tied, removing G-d from the narrative and from public schools and replacing normative education with woke brainwashing propaganda  and worshipping  what the Government dictates in the name of public health and social woke values, rather than what a loving, just and righteous G-d dictates.

If the Fema funding for security then stops coming, we then know that it wasn't about our security at all but about their G-dless agenda.

Any person who promotes working with the Democrats and their G-dless platform, in turn legitimizes them, and by extension empowers them and nourishes  them and their G-dless agenda. The funding we receive is probably to silence any opposition, to silence us from exposing and protesting their agenda, to silence us from speaking out for the Almighty's agenda.

 We need to speak about the 7 Noahide laws and to disengage from any Party or individual that pushes a G-dless agenda.

Will these grants and security cameras really help keep us safe if perpetrators of crime and attacks or those who threaten us and our communities are released the next day even when they are caught? 

What if security personnel that we hire turn a blind eye or are afraid to respond to acts of terror? Instead they send hired social workers to address the threat.

Are institutions permitted to hire security personnel of their own choosing? For example will Jewish  institutions be allowed to hire trustworthy former IDF soldiers or must security personnel either be a NY police officer and or retired NY police officer whose hands may be tied to respond. 

Is this money coming with strings attached in order to suppress us from addressing the root of the matter which is a G-dless agenda and a rebellion against G-d Almighty?

 We know Hashem will provide and protect us when we keep His commandments!

 The 7 Noahide laws for Jew and non Jew are key to Global peace and prosperity to keep evil in check.

Security grants like these might solely be hidden bribes to silence  opposition to a global G-dless world and to silence a narrative which promotes a world where G-d is recognized as the only legitimate Sovereign Power The King of all kings מלך מלכי המלכים!

Related Points to Ponder : How many Federal Government Agencies are weaponized by the Democrats?

Former National Intelligence Director: ‘The past six years we have an FBI and DoJ that have literally become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party’

Tucker, Agents Raid Amish Farm For Not Following Regulations On ‘Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals’

Monday, August 15, 2022

Fwd: Mishpacha Why I canceled our subscription

Date: Mon, Aug 15, 2022, 2:52 PM
Subject: Mishpacha Why I canceled our subscription
To: inbox <>


Re: Recent Mishpacha article pushing vaccinations coming from government sources that are Nogea Badavar.  Government health agencies NIH, FDA, CDC have serious conflicts of interest and do not provide objective oversight. They misrepresent themselves.


While Mishpacha might have received significant revenue from ads from pushing the vaccine, is it at the steep price of selling your soul?

In spite of the overwhelming evidence of the dangers of this bio weapon and plenty of highly professional experts who have testified against it, Mishpacha chooses to publicize and present only the false narrative of big Pharma and those government agencies who are partnered with them.

The rest of your magazine has became tainted with the blood of those who have had or will have adverse effects of this bio-weapon. Hashem Yishmor.

I was a big fan of Mishpacha. I have most issues since very early on when Mishpacha started publishing. I am referring to Mishpacha Magazine, Family First and Mishpacha Jr.  They are each organized by issue# as well as supplements like Kolmus, Calligraphy, Family Table.  They are in magazine file holders waiting to  be donated to a worthy library.

 If you know of any such library, we are happy to donate it to them. Years and years of issues. A treasure house of history.

But the issues stop now because we have canceled our subscription.

If you want to understand better the pain please watch this video from a Grandma from Australia. She is talking to you.

Please consider publishing a different perspective for your readership. I am not holding my breath but as the Frum Grandma from Australia said, we all make mistakes and the time is now to own up to them.

Feel free to publish my recent blog post.

Dr. Simone Gold, Pam Hemphill go to Prison. Terrible Miscarriage of Justice. Fighting for Truth and Justice and the American Way!

Dr. Simone Gold, Pam Hemphill go to Prison. Terrible Miscarriage of Justice. Fighting for Truth and Justice and the American Way! Compare their sentence to Paul Pelosi pleading guilty to DUI

אל המקום אשר...

Updated Aug 23, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Solitary Confinement Was ‘One of the Most Horrible Experiences’ for Dr. Simone Gold: AFLD Founder

Here is a clear example of a Justice system that has been weaponized.

Simone Gold's sentence for  exercising "freedom of expression" resulted in 60 days in jail including Solitary Confinement for 8 days because she was not vaccinated. 

Dr. Gold received very unfortunate legal advice to plead guilty to a misdemeanor of trespassing when her only "sin" was exercising Freedom of expression.

Compare that sentence to 
 Nancy Pelosi's husband pleading guilty to Driving Under Intoxication.

The terms of his probation include five days in jail, but he will be given credit for four days, Judge Joseph Solga said at the Napa County Superior Court hearing.

The remaining day will be served on a court work program, the judge added.

His intoxication was instrumental in a major car crash and a resulting injury to another driver.

*WATCH:* California High Patrol has released photos and videos recorded on the night of a May 28 crash involving Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who pleaded guilty to a DUI charge earlier Tuesday.

The long-awaited video shows Pelosi's alleged slurred speech and what police previously described as "objective" signs of intoxication, as well as police asking him to perform field sobriety tests.

Pelosi's 2021 Porsche and the other driver's 2014 Jeep sustained "major collision damage" in a crash around 10:17 p.m. on May 28, and responding officers found Pelosi in his driver’s seat in his damaged car near the intersection of California Route 29 and Oakville Cross Road.

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband pleaded guilty to one DUI count through his attorney Tuesday morning for a drunken crash that left another driver injured in Napa, California.

Paul Pelosi, 82, who did not attend the court hearing, will have to serve three years of probation as part of the plea deal.

The terms of his probation include five days in jail, but he will be given credit for four days, Judge Joseph Solga said at the Napa County Superior Court hearing.

The remaining day will be served on a court work program, the judge added.

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We need to fight for Dr. Simone Gold  and Pam Hemphill who go to Prison. Charged with Trespassing🤔


Dr. Simone Gold Goes to Prison for Entering Capitol Building on Jan 6, 2022
By M Dowling- July 27, 2022

Dr. Simone Gold: "My Safety Is At Risk" August 12, 2022

"I'm Really Frightened… I'm Scared" – 69-Yr-Old Grandma, Drug Counselor, and Cancer Patient Joins Greg Kelly Before She Is Sent to Prison on Tuesday for Walking Inside US Capitol (VIDEO)
By Jim Hoft
Published July 12, 2022

Radical Judge Sentences 69-year-old Woman, Pam Hemphill, to Prison for Protesting Stolen 2020 Election JUL 11, 2022


Our Fight for Truth, Righteousness and Justice and the American Way! 

These women  should have never pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of trespassing.

This is where judging with righteousness comes into play.

These righteous women were protesting what they believed was a stolen election. They were fighting for due process, Truth and Justice 

Dr. Simone in addition was trying to save lives by educating wide audiences regarding the dangers of the Covid vaccine.

 Their lawyers, (let's give them the benefit of the doubt), were at best naive and didn't understand the extent of evil in the courts. 

Let us digress to a similar situation 

Jonathan Pollard mistakenly also pleaded guilty never imagining that this plea would land him in jail, maximum security,  for 22 years for sharing intelligence with our ally Israel.  He wasn't guilty of betraying America. The United States was the real guilty party for betraying Israel because they reneged on an agreement they had with our ally Israel to share any intelligence that puts Israel in harms way. 

Jonathan Pollard knew that America was not keeping their part of the bargain. Israel, from his perspective, was now in grave danger. Israel required this intelligence for its very survival and safety. Pollard was between a rock and a hard place. Had these chemical weapons ever been used against Israel, because Israel  wasn't shared this intelligence, how could he live with himself? 

Jonathan Pollard should never have pleaded guilty because by doing so, the guilty plea was perceived as an apology and remorse for sharing the intelligence. After all didn't he plea guilty?  

But anyone who is clearheaded understands that Jonathan Pollard acted because of moral conscience. Israel according to its agreement with America deserved to have this intelligence and Israel should have been provided this intelligence.  So Jonathan Pollard acted with a higher moral conscience and probably had no remorse that Israel received it. 

Why did he plead guilty? Perhaps we can speculate that in hindsight Pollard thought he could have taken a different route logistically towards the same goal of making sure Israel received intelligence they were entitled to. 

Maybe at the time Pollard weighed these options and chose the path he did for a reason. 

We wonder what was he so afraid of, so willing to sacrifice everything that he had, to take the route that he did? 

No one is so naive to believe the payment he received was worth the risk. Did Pollard have reason to believe that had he gone through the normal chain of command Israel would have never received this intelligence?

Did Pollard really want to betray America? Of course not. It's a no brainer that Pollard was not treasonous.

Obviously his defense didn't want to go on the offensive.  What would have happened had Jonathan accused the relevant parties in the intelligence community of betraying America's agreement with their ally Israel by withholding intelligence? What backlash was his defense team afraid of?

Yes there is the rule of Law but this doesn't mean being submissive to G-dless individuals or systems who arrogantly themselves break the rule of law and who do not have the people's best interest in mind nor righteousness and justice. 

Was Pollard and his lawyers risking their very lives had he chosen an offensive line of defense?

Judging from what transpired from a plea bargain leads us to suspect the worst.

Please, May an Almighty G-d protect us! I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

We must answer to a Higher Divine Power and do what is moral and right and good and just and fear the Almighty first because we are One Nation Under G-d.

Going back to Dr. Simone Gold and Pam Hemphill.

Let us learn from this lesson.

We can not plead guilty and by extension nor apologize even superficially, when acting with moral conscience and for truth and justice when we are facing corrupt courts. 

We must persevere and go on the offensive when the real guilty party is the one hounding us and pray a lot for Divine protection.

Any expression of remorse in the face of a conflicted judge with a predetermined agenda, who can not distinguish between right and wrong, between the forest and the trees, is counterproductive. We will suffer grave consequences as they will punish us for pursuing justice using minor violations as a pretense. After all didn't we plead guilty? Perhaps that's their revenge on seekers and  pursuers of Truth and Justice. The Truth seekers make the judges and courts look bad!

In this kind of conflicted court, truth and justice are held in disdain. This court is a mockery of truth and justice.

The "crime" of these righteous women had absolutely nothing to do with trespassing.

 If anyone has trespassed it is United States Government who has trampled on our civil rights given by G-d.

This court should have allowed these righteous women to justify their actions and protest on January 6th. 

Was Donald Trump's claim of a stolen election legitimate? Why was he denied due process? Were the American people robbed of their election, their right to being able to choose their President because of voter fraud?

There was mounting evidence of voter fraud yet no court investigate.

Here is one example where Dominion machines totally stole the election in DeKalb district in Georgia from candidate Spears.

Dominion machines were used all over.

We will never know the truth about the election because the Supreme Court refused President Donald Trump due process to present his case in spite of overwhelming evidence of voter fraud. Why not? Seems like foul play.

Isn't it a terrible miscarriage of justice that America was denied a fair  investigation even though there is overwhelming evidence of voter fraud?

Why was there no fair investigation?  

Probably because findings might have disqualified and removed from office the cheating Democrat Party that won by cheating?

Let us take this one step further.

We need to go on the offensive and delegitimize a G-dless government that rejects G-d's laws,  namely the 7 Noahide laws....all 7 of them. The Democrats must be disqualified as a legitimate American party as their Agenda openly and brazenly promotes an Agenda where G-d has been removed. America was established as One Nation Under G-d and In G-d We Trust.

Lets fight this War by fighting its very root. Our enemy is global,  an evil force called Amalek that has infiltrated into almost every national government including the  American Democratic Party. In this treasonous party there is a treasonous wolf masquerading as Grandma, who is fighting  Almighty G-d and His commandments namely the Laws of Universal Morality. America, let us recall, is One Nation Under G-d.

Here are some blatant examples.

Murder. They are legalizing murder (late term abortions)...

Stealing. Using Covid as an excuse to actively steal and deprive working Americans of their livelihood... Using Covid as an excuse to kidnap people and quarantine them and put them in isolation. This happened to too many people in the hospitals and nursing homes which deprived individuals their basic freedom of association of friends and relatives. Many died of loneliness or malnutrition.

They normalize and justify  tearing limbs from live beings (Planned Parenthood rips live organs, body parts from live fetuses),  

Courts are filled with corrupt Judges who are political operatives and render predetermined verdicts. They disregard Truth and Justice and Righteousness. Criminals are let go again and again but Simone Gold and Pam Hemphill are sentenced to 60 days in a dangerous prison.

The legislature codes into law immorality that places Gay Pride and gender fluidity over traditional Biblical values. These are warped values and warped definitions of equality.  Where a gay marriage is equal to a marriage between a man and a woman.

The system pushes idol worship where doctors and hospitals and the masses must obey and bow to big Pharma and if not are fired, defunded and/or socially distanced. Government oversight agencies NIH, FDA, CDC are in bed with big Pharma invested financially, heavily conflicted unable to provide objective oversight to  protect the public.  There is no fear of an Almighty G-d.

Trump is fighting evil government, but he made 2 major mistakes. He pushed for a Palestinian State with the UAE deal. He also pushed Operation Warped speed. Why? My guess is follow the money.  G-d in turn turned His back on Trump with this past election and it was stolen from him. 

Time for Trump and his team, Jared Kushner, David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt, all Orthodox Jews to admit we erred. Trump nor anyone can force Israel to negotiate to give to the Palestinian People something they do not own.  The Land belongs to G-d! 

Time for Trump to admit he was wrong about pushing for a Palestinian State within Biblical Israel. There Is absolutely no dispute as the boundaries of Israel are delineated in the Holy Bible to encompass Judea and Samaria and Temple Mount. No dispute here. Judea and Samaria is the Heartland of Israel and literally the Pathways of our Forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

The Chosen People, the Nation of Israel,  consist of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the 12 sons and the descendents of Jacob alone plus righteous converts. Only the Nation of Israel was Promised the Promised Land and they in turn must keep the Commandments in the Land.  

This delineated Land wasn't Promised to all of the descendents of Abraham....Only Promised  to Israel as an everlasting inheritance! 

The descendents of Eisav who is the biological son of Isaac and biological grandson of Abraham, also named Edom, was given Har Seir and the Nation of Israel leaving Egypt were instructed explicitly  not to conquer Edom just as they were forbidden to conquer Amon and Moav in the time of Moses and Joshua. Eisav is not the spiritual heir of Isaac, and he sold his birthright to Yaakov (Jacob) his brother for a pot of lentils. Isaac gave Eisav's  birthright blessings to Jacob who was also named Israel when Jacob fought with Eisav's guardian angel and this angel blessed Yaakov. 
וַיֵּאָבֵק אִישׁ עִמּוֹ" (לב/כה) פירש רש"י ז"ל : 
"הוא שרו של עשיו"
Perek 32 Pasuk 25 And Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him until the break of dawn.

End of Rashi there: Our Rabbis explained (Gen. Rabbah 77:3, 78:3) that this was the prince (guardian angel) of Esau.

28So he said to him, "What is your name?" and he said, "Jacob."  

כח וַיֹּ֥אמֶר אֵלָ֖יו מַה־שְּׁמֶ֑ךָ וַיֹּ֖אמֶר יַֽעֲקֹֽב:

29 And he said, "Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, because you have commanding power with [an angel of] God and with men, and you have prevailed."

כט וַיֹּ֗אמֶר לֹ֤א יַֽעֲקֹב֙ יֵֽאָמֵ֥ר עוֹד֙ שִׁמְךָ֔ כִּ֖י אִם־יִשְׂרָאֵ֑ל כִּֽי־שָׂרִ֧יתָ עִם־אֱלֹהִ֛ים וְעִם־אֲנָשִׁ֖ים וַתּוּכָֽל:

G-d Makes and Keeps His Promises. He made a Covenant with Noah and with Abraham, and with Isaac and with Jacob. G-d Decrees and Fulfills His Promises.  

Sound familiar?

How can Trump or anyone including the State of Israel renege on G-d's Promises?

Why did President Trump push Operation Warp speed knowing it was never tested fully and safe? Why did he trust Bill Gates and big Pharma knowing that Bill Gates' family promoted depopulation and was a founder of Planned Parenthood? Was he blinded? I would follow the money trail.

Now, knowing what we do about the failure of the vaccine, some call it a bio weapon,  and the failure of ventilators and the success of alternative treatment that was suppressed, isn't it time to express regret and say we were wrong. We are sorry. Lets find ways to detox to undo the damage?

Is it happenstance that the official Coronavirus declaration of a Global Pandemic surfaced only 2 days  following Trump's administration releasing the   "Deal of the Century"?

Jan 28, 2020 
Trump Calls His Mideast Peace Plan The 'Deal Of The TV Century'

Jan 30, 2020
WHO  declares Caronavirus a global health emergency .

Surely this is not happenstance.

William Koenig - Pattern Consequences of Dividing Israel is followed by Disaster. Pandemic Follows "Deal of the Century"