Thursday, August 25, 2022

Letter to Dr. Simone Gold. Praying for you. Hang in there and come out stronger than ever!

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Dear Dr. Gold, amvsh

Fyi here is an email I sent to your attorney Lin Wood


Dear Mr. Wood,

Congratulations on winning the Nick Sandmann case! I followed it with great interest and celebrated its phenomenal victory.

However, now your opponent is not only corrupt media that libeled an innocent kid but Global evil that has infiltrated almost every National government and the United States is no exception.

Dr. Simone Gold's misdemeanor sentence of 60 days including 8 days of isolation is just a straw that just might break the camel's back.

The Democratic party is a puppet of evil forces and should be disqualified on many counts.

Basically we answer to a Higher authority and that is the root of the matter.

Infiltration of the big bad wolf masquerading as Grandma has reached every branch of government, the Judicial, Executive and Legislative.

We The People must mobilize and fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way by exposing the tyranny and the weaponization of the Federal Agencies and courts.

Please read this post till the end in spite of its length. This post touches on many lawsuits, including election fraud in the 2020 election, of which your law office is involved. It requires thinking out of the box.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

The evil is very powerful but G-d Almighty is the most Powerful of the Most Powerful!

Do not be afraid to take them on.

Dr Simone Gold and Pam Hemphill must be vindicated and compensated for miscarriage of Justice.

The 2020 Election must be in investigated by the Supreme Court. The American People deserve a fair investigation.

The NIH, FDA,CDC and big Pharma need to be held accountable for fraud, lying and crimes against humanity.

The 7 Noahide laws is the foundation of any legal system and in America that is the definition of One Nation Under G-d.

Dr. Simone Gold, Pam Hemphill go to Prison. Terrible Miscarriage of Justice. Fighting for Truth and Justice and the American Way! Compare their sentence to Paul Pelosi pleading guilty to DUI

I hope you can open links.


Robin Ticker


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