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Fwd: My letter got published QJL issue # 10 Don't Dance on My Parade page 8 - also read Jewish Star - Jerusalem Concert in the Park by Malka Eisenberg


It got published!  See page 8.  Here is the link for the 10th edition of the Queens Jewish Link

The Queens Jewish Link in an up and coming paper originating in Kew Gardens Hills delivered door to door in Queens.  A victory for the Committee for a Pro Israel Parade who has been having difficulty in getting many Pro Israel and Pro Yesha papers and media to publish any news item about this campaign to protest NIF marching in the Parade.  

Apparently, many  Pro Yesha Media  should thank us for getting special attention recently from the Federation who "coincidentally" is infusing them with much needed funds in the tens of thousands of $$$ advertising revenue in return for positive Press and effectively buying their silence about such unpleasant details about the NIF. 

We are hoping that these news articles in the Queens Jewish Link and the Jewish Star are educating the masses as per the evils of the grantees of the NIF and we hope that all those marching under the NIF banner will be greeted with a roaring Bronx cheer as they march down 5th Ave. See attached flier.

Yasher Koach as well goes to the Jewish Star publisher Karen Greene for their Op Ed Why I won't be going to the Salute to Israel Day Parade by Jeff Dunetz.  This post raises awareness as per the evils of NIF. While Mr. Dunetz protests by not attending the Parade, the Committee of the Pro Israel Parade differs with Dunetz in that they do support going to the Parade and cheering all the Pro Israel marchers but are doing their best to make lemonade from lemons by loud protest against the NIF at the Parade.  In substance all agree that the NIF has no place at the Parade. 

No one has any excuse to miss the Concert in the Park and coming to watch the Parade has an added advantage of  being in the vicinity of the Israel Day concert.  My family for many years has truly enjoyed sitting on the grass, picnic style (or sometimes even sitting on chairs reserved for VIP and first come first serve) the spirited Concert in the Park featuring great Jewish choirs, bands,singers, musicians and politicians (not necessarily Jewish) local or from Israel who without exception have a deep love for Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and all of Israel and the Jewish People. And the yummy glatt kosher food is an added attraction.....

So an additional Yasher Koach to the Jewish Star for the excellent article by Malka Eisenberg about the Israel Concert in the Park, held at Central Park's Summer Stage (enter at 5th Ave. & 72nd St.), Sunday, June 3rd (the 45th anniversary of the miracle of the Six-Day War and the Re-unification of Jerusalem), from 2:30-7:30 PM, rain or shine, free admission, after the Salute to Israel Parade. Dr. Joseph Frager, long-time Organizer, and Dr. Paul and Drora Brody, are Chairpersons.

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Subject: QJL issue # 10

Here is the link for the 10th edition of the Queens Jewish Link
Please forward to your friends and make sure to send us your comments and feedback; it is vital for us to know what you think.
Deadline for submissions for our next edition is Thursday, June 7th.
All the best and enjoy!
QJL Staff



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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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FW: An answer from Ben Gurion / precious


Makes one proud to be a Jew!

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Date: Wed, May 30, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Subject: Fw: Fwd: FW: An answer from Ben Gurion / precious

Subject: An answer from Ben Gurion
In 1954, when Ben Gurion was prime minister, he traveled to the USA to meet with President Eisenhower to request his assistance and support in the early and difficult days of the State of Israel. John Foster Dulles who was the then secretary of state confronted Ben Gurion and challenged him as follows:
"Tell me, Mr. Prime Minister – whom do you and your state represent? Does it represent the Jews of Poland, perhaps Yemen, Romania, Morocco, Iraq, Russia or perhaps Brazil? After 2000 years of exile can you honestly speak about a single nation, a single culture? Can you speak about a single heritage or perhaps a single Jewish tradition?"
Ben Gurion answered him as follows:
"Look, Mr. Secretary of State – approximately 300 years ago the Mayflower set sail from England and on it were the first settlers who settled in what would become the largest democratic superpower known as the United States of America. Now, do me a favor - go out into the streets and find 10 American children and ask them the following:
· What was the name of the Captain of the Mayflower?
· How long did the voyage take?
· What did the people who were on the ship eat?
· What were the conditions of sailing during the voyage?
I'm sure you would agree with me that there is a good chance that you won't get a good answer to these questions.
Now in contrast – not 300 but more than 3000 years ago, the Jews left the land of Egypt. I would kindly request from you Mr. Secretary that on one of your trips around the world, try and meet 10 Jewish children in different countries. And ask them:
· What was the name of the leader who took the Jews out of Egypt?
· How long did it take them before they got to the land of Israel?
· What did they eat during the period when they were wondering in the desert?
· And what happened to the sea when they encountered it?
Once you get the answers to these questions, please carefully consider the question that you have just asked me!"


Powerful Protest Flier to be distributed at Israel Parade: BDS Anti-Israel Marchers Accomodated by UJA-Federation of New York

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From: Pro-Israel Parade Committee <>
Date: Tue, May 29, 2012 at 4:12 PM
Subject: BDS Anti-Israel Marchers Accomodated by UJA-Federation of New York

 Please Forward, Post and Display
New Israel Fund financed 5 groups that urged the
Norwegian Government Pension Fund to divest from Israel.
Meretz USA urges a boycott of
9 Israeli products on its website, including Ahava cosmetics.
B'Tselem's chairman of the board publicly calls for
"effective sanctions" against Israel. 
let's give New Israel Fund, Meretz USA and B'Tselem
a Bronx Cheer when they march by.
Tell the UJA-Federation NO BDS in the Israel Day Parade!
Call John Ruskay
CEO, UJA-Federation
              212.980.1000         212.980.1000
Email Jerry Levin
UJA-Federation Board Pres.
Sponsored by
Committee for a Pro-Israel Parade
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To Unsubscribe: Please reply and state REMOVE in the subject line and you will be removed immediately. Or click Here
Pro-Israel Parade Committee  62 William Street, NY NY 10005, 917-434-3480


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Chayav Bidei Shamayim, Kohlberg post conventional morality - Pros and Cons of allowing the NIF marching in Israel Parade


I am very upset with Zev Brenner.

Tonight Zev Brenner of Talkline Communitcations Network featured Rabbi Michael Miller of the JCRC who spoke about the upcoming Israel Parade which JCRC is hosting and organizing.  

If you have been getting my emails you know about the campaign of the Committee for a Pro Israel Parade to ban NIF from marching in the Parade. Recently, many myself included, have approached Zev Brenner and asked him to host Richard Allen of JCCWATCH and let the audience know how upset we are that the NIF (New Israel Fund) is a participant in the Parade.  We had hoped that Zev Brenner would provide a balanced forum for this controversial debate whereby both Richard Allen and Rabbi Michael Miller would each present their side of the story and Zev would be the "impartial" moderator. Let the audience decide whose side has merit.  Unfortunately this was not the case and the presentation on Zev Brenner was very lopsided with Rabbi Michael Miller promoting the Parade period. Richard Allen wasn't given a chance to present his point of view and the point of view of the Committee for a Pro Israel Parade. 

While Richard Allen and the Committee for a Pro Israel is also for promoting the Israel Parade, they are dead set against allowing NIF to be a participant. Ron Jegar asks the same question in his OP ED in Arutz7.

Op-Ed: Celebrate Israel Parade, an Expression of Zionist Pride

Published: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 8:46 PM by Ron Jegar
How can the Celebrate Israel Parade include an organization that backs those whose true goal is the destruction of Israel itself?

In answer to Zev Brenner's questions about who is allowed to march in the Parade, Rabbi Michael Miller hinted at the negative campaign surrounding this years Parade and said that the Parade was for a diverse community of Jews and non Jews alike covering a large spectrum of  left and right similar to the Israeli Knesset.  He seemed to imply that those who try to protest this diversity serve to hurt the unity, ruining it for all who come out to enjoy a wonderful time to Celebrate Israel. 

Rabbi Miller, surely no one, especially the Committee for a Pro Israel wants to alienate the Non Jews who love Israel from this Parade.  No one wants to alienate the secular Jew that loves Israel from this Parade!  We simply want to alienate those who TRUE GOAL is the destruction of Israel.   Richard Allen could have clarified why there is such a strong objection to the NIF marching but he was not given a chance.

What motivated Zev Brenner with choosing this particular format to promote the Israel Parade?

Recently, I discussed Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development with a student of psychology. Particularly interesting to me was the Post-Conventional stage.  Level 1 is pre-conventional which includes 
Level 1 (Pre-Conventional)
1. Obedience and punishment orientation
(How can I avoid punishment?)
2. Self-interest orientation
(What's in it for me?)
(Paying for a benefit)


The post-conventional level, also known as the principled level, is marked by a growing realization that individuals are separate entities from society, and that the individual's own perspective may take precedence over society's view; individuals may disobey rules inconsistent with their own principles. Post-conventional moralists live by their own ethical principles—principles that typically include such basic human rights as life, liberty, and justice. People who exhibit post-conventional morality view rules as useful but changeable mechanisms—ideally rules can maintain the general social order and protect human rights. Rules are not absolute dictates that must be obeyed without question. 

It seems to me that rather than Zev Brenner hosting a program which objectively analyzes the pros and cons of allowing the NIF to march, level 1 (Pre-Conventional) stage with a self interest orientation, seems to have won over post conventional morality.

While no earthly court can sue Zev Brenner for this program, (patur BiDei Adam),  but in a heavenly court, (that can not be bought with earthly dollars),  he will be judged as per whether he excluded testimony that is necessary for a fair and just decision as per whether the NIF should or should not be allowed to participate in the Israel Parade by the organizers. This exclusion of information and failure to challenge NIF gives NIF credibility and respectability to misrepresent themselves under the Pro Israel tent.  This in turn empowers NIF  to inflict additional harm upon Israel and the Jewish People. It seems to me that this is what is considered in Baba Kama as a case of Chayav Bidei Shamayim.  One is accountable in a heavenly court even though he is not liable in an earthly court. 

Theorists believe that few can achieve the Post Conventional Level morality and my own personal observation is that almost  all  of us are guilty to a certain degree .  That is why the expulsion of Gush Katif happened. Yesha Council members acted in a Pre Conventional level  whereby their individual preference and view took precedence of the society view and won over Post conventional morality. 

 Let us hope and pray that we all rise to the occasion to both live and act according to our ethical principals even when our individual preference takes precedence over the good of society. 


Check out the fliers and posters sent out the Pro-Israel Parade. Print multiple copies and distribute at the Parade.   We will turn lemons into lemonade so that the crowd at the Parade will be educated as per the wolf in sheep's clothing, and that the NIF is providing grants to very anti Israel NGO's.  Thanks


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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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Friday, May 25, 2012



Dear Media List, amv"sh

We are all Soldiers in this Media War and whether or not we choose to fight will determine the outcome of who wins the media WAR. IT is up to EACH ONE OF US!   The stakes are high.

Please publicize this.  Jews should be informed as per Obama's back turning on Israel and  recognize his deceit.   What a difference as per what he said prior to his election and the way he acted after he was elected!  

From: AFSI <>


Both Obama and Hillary Clinton condemn Israel and demand that Israel ends Jewish Settlements and the "Occupation". If that's an ally,who is our enemy?

Now we are concerned about Homeland Security here in the United States.


Americans For a Safe Israel
1751 Second Avenue (91st Street)
New York, NY 10128
Contact: Helen Freedman, Executive Director
May 24, 2012





 President Obama refuses to allow the words 'Islam' and 'Jihad' to be used in describing the war on terror. Instead, we read euphimisms like 'violent extremism' and 'criminal activity'. Just see the whitewashing of the Ft. Hood murders as a case in point. Obama's determination to sanitize radical Islam is incredibly dangerous since it is impossible to defeat an enemy who cannot be identified. Read the article posted by Cliff Kincaid describing Obama's neutering of the war on Islamic terrorism.

Then take the time to watch the youtube , its link appearing at the bottom of this email. Anyone who could possibly believe that President Obama is a friend of Israel's must re-think the subject after seeing the evidence presented here. 

AFSI welcomes your comments on these subjects and urges your active participation in disseminating this material. Congressman Peter King, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, should hear from you: Congressman King is also on the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee - 202-225-4121. The website: Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan is the Chairman. Contact these Congressmen with your concerns. They need to hear from us.

Helen Freedman

Obama Neuters War on Islamic Terrorists

Posted By Cliff Kincaid On May 23, 2012 @ 4:02 pm In AIM

Dr. Sebastian L. v. Gorka, Military Affairs Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said on Tuesday that the Obama Administration is rapidly revising federal counter-terrorism training materials in order to eliminate references to Jihad and Islam.

Government bureaucracies usually take a long time in changing a policy. In this case, he said, "I have never, ever seen such a wide ranging review executed with such alacrity."

Although he blamed Quintan Wiktorowicz, a member of Obama's National Security Council, for implementing the Obama Administration's new overall policy of accommodating radical Islam, including the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, Gorka said Spencer Ackerman [1] of Wired Magazine had helped sparked the review of federal counter-terrorism training materials through a series of controversial articles. One of those articles ran under an inflammatory headline [2] about "Islamophobia" supposedly characterizing the federal government's response to global Islamic terrorism.

As a result of this kind of coverage and the new policy, Gorka said the Obama Administration today forbids the use of the word "Jihad" to describe the terrorists that target America for destruction, even though they are members of the Muslim religion and openly declare their Islamic aims. What is happening in terms of redefining the threat is "unprecedented" and dangerous, he said.

The battle against radical Islam has been transformed into a concern, under President Obama and his adviser Quintan Wiktorowicz, about "violent extremism," not Islamic terrorists or Islamists, he said.

Gorka said that the administration believes there are "good" Islamists and "bad" Islamists and the former can be dealt with. He said this policy is apparent in the decision by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to have contact with the Muslim Brotherhood "Supreme Guide" Mohammed Badei.

While some Islamists are violent and others use democratic methods to achieve power, Gorka said the fact is that they share the same goal-a world-wide system based on Sharia, or Islamic law, resulting in the destruction of America's constitutional system of government.

Gorka said the process of changing the U.S. approach to radical Islam has even become "un-American" in the sense that training materials, including his own, are being censored by federal authorities without the trainers being told who is ordering them altered or deleted and why. "I was one of the victims of that review," he said, explaining that certain slides from one of his FBI presentations were ordered removed. There is no "recourse to appeal" in the unfair process, he said.

Ominously, he said that U.S.-based groups sympathetic or linked to the Muslim Brotherhood are reported to have had an influence on the federal committee set up to review the materials, a fact confirmed by Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst with the Clarion Fund [3]. Mauro reported [4] that Islamists are even exercising influence over what the FBI is telling its agents.

Mauro told Accuracy in Media that another factor behind the ongoing review, in addition to the inflammatory reporting of Wired blogger Ackerman, is the influence of the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP), which issued a "Fear, Inc." report [5] attacking critics of radical Islam as bigots involved in "Islamophobia."

To understand the dramatic nature of the change that is taking place, Gorka noted that the 600-page bipartisan 9/11 commission report, released in 2004, mentioned Islam 322 times and Jihad as a form of "Holy War" against the West 126 times. But the Obama Administration's 2009 National Intelligence Strategy [6], a presidential-level document, doesn't mention Islam or Jihad once, he said.

"The enemy has achieved what Sun Tzu, the Asian master of strategy, defined as the ultimate form of victory-if you can win without fighting, you can do no better," Gorka said. "If your enemy has successfully determined the limits of what you can say about him, he is already winning."

He went on, "The fact that it is now forbidden to use the word Jihad in government counter-terrorism training means that the enemy is controlling what we are allowed to say about him. That makes it very difficult to defeat him."

Demonstrating the sensitivity of his remarks, delivered during a conference sponsored by the Westminster Institute [7], Gorka said that his speech should not be construed as necessarily representing the views of the U.S. Government. He has worked for or with various government agencies for eight years.

The title of the Tuesday event was "Dangerous Embrace: The U.S. and the Islamist."

Gorka's disclosures about the unprecedented nature of the radical rewriting of government counter-terror manuals and presentations came as a new book by Edward Klein [8] discloses that Obama's former Christian pastor, Jeremiah Wright, said he was not sure if Obama had ever repudiated his Islamic upbringing and background.  "That's hard to tell," Wright said, when asked if Obama had given up Islam, a religion in which he was raised and trained. Obama today claims to be a Christian.

Gorka and Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, another speaker, discussed the advance of radical Islam under the Obama Administration, but did not hold the President personally responsible for what is happening. Instead, Sookhdeo criticized Rep. Peter King, Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, for not doing enough, in his view, to expose the radical nature of Islam. In fact, King has held several hearings [9] on the topic and has been a strong critic of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Robert R. Reilly, Senior Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council and former director of the Voice of America, was the final speaker at the conference and discussed "the Fallacy of the Islamist Road to Democracy and Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy."

Obama's foreign policy has been demonstrated in the overthrow of Egypt's pro-Western ruler, Hosni Mubarak, during the so-called "Arab spring," making way for representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood to take power. The Obama Administration meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood that have followed this disaster represent a policy previously advocated [10] by the Soros-funded Center for American Progress.

Gorka, who recently became an American citizen, highlighted a photo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meeting with Muslim Brotherhood "Supreme Guide" Mohammed Badei. But he did not comment during the question-and-answer period when an audience member asked the speakers whether President Obama's Islamic background, as discussed and acknowledged by Jeremiah Wright, was playing a role in the transformation of U.S. foreign policy in a direction that favors the Muslim Brotherhood.

Reilly, who has also taught at the National Defense University and is the author of the new book, The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist [11], replied that the flawed U.S. Government approach to radical Islam was bipartisan in nature.



Article printed from Accuracy In Media:

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[1] Spencer Ackerman:

[2] inflammatory headline:

[3] Clarion Fund:

[4] reported:

[5] "Fear, Inc." report:

[6] 2009 National Intelligence Strategy:

[7] Westminster Institute:

[8] a new book by Edward Klein:

[9] several hearings:

[10] advocated:

[11] The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist:


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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Go to the Israel Day Central Park Concert though (Robin) Fwd: Opinion:Why I Won’t Be Going to The Salute to Israel Parade (and Urge You To Stay Home also) - The Jewish Star


Thanks Stuie for forwarding but please make sure to go to the concert!

Israel Day Concert Theme: Let Your Voice be Heard for Jerusalem

A United Jerusalem, NO to giving up any land in Israel, YES to stopping Iran, are themes of this year's Central Park concert. Details below.

The Carl Freyer Tribute and Dr. Manfred Lehmann Memorial event, which will be held at Central Park's Summer Stage on Sunday, June 3rd , takes place after the Salute to Israel parade and is in honor of the 45th anniversary of the Six-Day War and the re-unification of Jerusalem. Click above for entire post about concert.

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From: Stuie Wax <>
Date: Thu, May 24, 2012 at 4:49 PM
Subject: Opinion:Why I Won't Be Going to The Salute to Israel Parade (and Urge You To Stay Home also) - The Jewish Star
To: Robin Ticker <>

Jeff Dunetz is the Editor/Publisher of the political blog "The Lid" ( Jeff contributes to some of the largest political sites on the internet including American Thinker, Big Government, Big Journalism, NewsReal and Pajama's Media, and has been a guest on national radio shows including G. Gordon Liddy, Tammy Bruce and Glenn Beck. Jeff lives in Long Island. 


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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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Fwd: Moshe Feiglin on Yom Yerushalyim From Yad Vashem Zionism to Temple Zionism


Rabbosai.  We can not have Zionism without religion.  And when Torah is left out of the equation, the spirit of Hashem is missing and the left takes over.

Dear Rabbanim of Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah, amv"sh

You are leaders, you have the ability to lead.  We saw from the Asifa in New York, you have the power to bring masses of Jews together. You have taken the first step to insist on holiness in the Internet world. May Hashem put the proper spirit in you to continue to lead in the path of Torah. Please join with the Rabbinical Congress of Peace to educate and raise the flag of Torah for all the Nations to see. The Internet is a tool whereby the message of Torah can be carried far and wide.  If we fail in our mission to be a guiding light to the nations of the world, a false message that Israel occupies Palestinian Land is being broadcast.  We all know this is false. This false voice is getting louder and louder. This false voice calls for Israel's destruction

Torah and Zion go together.  Ki MiZion Tetze Torah Udvar Hashem MiYerushalyim. Whoever believes in Torah must be a Zionist in the true sense of the word. 

Can we remain Silent????? Either it's the voice of Torah or if not, chas vechallila  it is the voice of destruction, void of Hashem full of lies and distortions permeating the world. 

If we simply davan for Siata Dishmaya but remain silent on the sidelines we can not fulfill our mission of being a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation.  It is our raison d'etre as Jews and  being G-d's chosen nation to show the way and we can not escape our obligations under false modesty. We have no choice but to become a coach for the players in this international field. We are Hashem's messengers. We are Chosen for this task. We need to do so for our own survival and the survival of the other Nations as well. We can not sit on the fence anymore. 

Rabbis to EU Ambassador: Torah Doesn't Allow Giving Up Land


In response the Ambassador said to the Rabbis:

"They [Judea and Samaria] are indeed occupied territory under international law, where Israel is the occupying power," Standley told Arutz Sheva.

"Under international humanitarian law, the Geneva Conventions, the occupying power has certain obligations and certain prohibitions, including having its population settle the occupied territory," he added. "And this is why, under international law, including the interpretation of the European Union, it has,… there should not be settlement by Israel or by Israelis in the occupied territory."

Torah is truth. Religion is the key and Islam is the false religion.The Lubavitcher Rebbe says the Truth must be spoken whether or not we are effective.   Hashem Oz LeAmo Yiten Hashem Yevarech as Amo BaShalom!

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From: E Kowalsky <>
Date: Thu, May 24, 2012 at 11:55 AM
Subject: From Yad Vashem Zionism to Temple Zionism

Truer words were never said – V'techezena Ainaynu B'Shuv'cha L'Tzion B'Rachamim
From Yad Vashem Zionism to Temple Zionism

28 Iyar, 5772
May 20, '12

Translated from the Makor Rishon newspaper

Some people still think that the reason that our national train continues to speed down the Oslo track is because of the people at the helm. Begin surrendered the Sinai Peninsula because he was tricked. Netanyahu hugged Arafat because he is pliable. Sharon destroyed Gush Katif because he is corrupt. And the list goes on. But the truth is just the opposite. The Right continues to slide down the slippery slope of the "peace process" not because of the weakness of its leaders but despite the fact that its leaders are eminently capable. Who can compare to Menachem Begin's dedication to the Nation of Israel? Who is a greater war hero and builder of the Land than Sharon? And can we really compare the human gallery that the other parties have to offer to the talent of Binyamin Netanyahu? Netanyahu likes to boast of the achievements of his ministers, and he is right. The executive arm of this government is functioning well and Israel enjoys one of the most professional and effective governments that it has ever known.

We should not be searching for the failure of the Right in its chosen leaders, but rather in its ideology. The ideology of the classic Right must ultimately drag it to destruction. For the political Right is the right hand of Zionism. And Zionism's current creed, that it "has no connection to religion" is really much more appropriate to the Left than to the Right. That is the root of the reason why Zionist legitimacy remains with the Left despite the fact that the majority of Israelis are rightist and traditional.

What was the idea, the tremendous force that established the State of Israel against all odds? What was the spirit that restored the Nation of Israel to history? It was the shaking off of religion that was considered – justifiably – to be the noose hanging the Jew above reality, never allowing the Jewish Nation to connect with the ground under its feet.

And here I must provide a short explanation for those readers who have raised an eyebrow: When the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, the national Jewish connection to reality was sundered. The Temple, the perfection of the world in the Kingdom of the Almighty, is the ultimate purpose of our national existence; it is also the axis around which the daily lives of the individual and the collective revolved. The Temple provided a timeline, the thrice yearly ascent to Jerusalem, an entire annual cycle of life.

Jewish sovereignty without the Temple is like a state without a capital, a parliament, national holidays – without anything. Religion in its present configuration was the most successful start-up in history; the virtualization of the Nation of Israel; it was the preservation of its national existence outside reality until its return to Zion and the building of the Temple.

But in the course of 2,000 years the virtualization became an existential consciousness. The Lamentations that we recite on the 9th of Av have their set place on our bookshelves, ready and waiting for the next year. The Mashiach has been transformed from the symbol of vibrant Judaism interacting with every level of reality into a non-intrusive Santa Clause who makes no demands. And who is also the greatest delayer of the coming of the Mashiach.

The Zionists who cut the religion umbilical cord suddenly felt the earth under their feet; they sensed it responding to the national flexing of muscles. Suddenly, we were a normal nation. A monumental redemptive energy that was suppressed for 2,000 years burst forth after the disconnection from religion. That energy carried the Zionist revolution on its back. It inflated the sails of the ship until after the Yom Kippur War, Entebbe and the Right's victory in the 1977 elections - and that was the end.

It was only logical that when the Zionist spirit dissipated, it was specifically the Right that led the great retreats. For while Begin did retain the strong nationalism of Jabotinsky, what connection did he have to the Sinai? Not the Left's plow and not the Bible. He hurriedly called upon Laborites Moshe Dayan and Ezer Weitzman to join him so that he would enjoy legitimacy for the move that looked like the end of Zionism, but was really its natural outcome; the actualization of the dream of normalcy. The self-destruction mechanism built in to Zionism was triggered. IDF bulldozers destroyed an entire chain of settlements in the Sinai. Now they are on their way to Ulpana Hill. Moshe Dayan was replaced by Ehud Barak, Weitzman by Shaul Mofaz – the principle was determined then.

When the floodgates were opened by Begin, the Left had nothing to do but to become more and more radical. So in a right-left-right-left movement – the right hand dismantling and the left hand pushing and pulling - Zionism was pushed closer and closer to the edge of the abyss.

In truth, when G-d is outside the game, this is the only possible outcome. We can consider ourselves great heroes, real "killers" who will always defeat the entire world. But there is a limit to how much the lone sheep can continue to live surrounded by all the wolves.

Much more important: When there was (Zionist) spirit, the pre-State Palmach fighter thought that he would always prevail – and he was right. But when Zionism melted and G-d remained outside, the only thing that brings the people out into the streets is the lower price of Israeli chocolate in London, normal and comfortable existence and nothing beyond that. When no alternative leadership holds up a vision of destiny, the only thing the public can expect from the leadership is to calm the situation at any price; to sustain its connection to the world; to preserve normalcy; to neutralize any landmines that may smear our uniqueness right back into our faces. Simply put, the public expects its leaders to retreat, retreat and retreat from any possible battlefront. Ulpana Hill, security prisoners, Ahmadinijad, the Shalit deal: Without destiny, all that is left is to retreat to the constantly shrinking remnants of existence.

Now we have the broadest coalition ever in Israel searching for meaning. It wants maximum governability and minimum destiny; maximum economy and security and minimum international legitimacy.

It is not the leaders of the Right. It is much bigger than them. It is the spirit that is missing. We must progress from the Zionism of existence to the Zionism of destiny; from Zionism of Holocaust memorial Yad-Vashem to Zionism of the Temple.



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Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Richard Allen of JCC Watch reports that New Israel Fund and its allies actively promote economic warfare against Israel through Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions, and are funded by the European Union for the express purpose of undermining Israel. 

Today Aaron Lerner of IMRA reports:
Tuesday, May 22, 2012
European Union: Palestinians have right to throw stones as part of nonviolent protest  

For Palestinians, stone throwing is a non violent protest.  Tell that to Asher Palmers hy"d parents. 

NIF supports civil and human rights of the Palestinians, justice for the victims of the Israeli Occupation and  a right to engage in nonviolent protest such as stone throwing against Israeli occupation.  This they believe will bring the illusive peace we all long for.

NIF is marching in the Israel Parade. Apparently, the Jewish victims of terror are the obstacle for bringing about democracy, justice, civil and human rights, freedom and peace. . 

 ---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: AFSI <>
Date: Wed, May 23, 2012 at 1:15 PM

Americans for a Safe Israel
Americans For a Safe Israel
1751 Second Avenue (91st Street)
New York, NY 10128
Contact: Helen Freedman, Executive Director
May 23, 2012


To: Organizers and those responsible for decision making regarding the June 3 Israel Day Parade in NYC. : JOHN RUSKAY -; UJA-Federation President Jerry W. Levin at:; Rabbi Michael Miller /JCRC at:; Peter Kohlmann, Executive Producer at:; Michael Mittelman, Director of Celebrate Israel Parade at:; Gianna Bergman, Director at:; Noam Gilboord, Israel & International Program Director at:; Karen Ostrove, Parade Creative Director at:; Akiva Roth, Israel Engagement Initiative at:


Please read the following letter from Jeff Daube in Jerusalem, Israel addressed to Richard Allen, leader of the Committee for a Pro-Israel Parade.

Daube's letter speaks for itself, but clearly indicates the damage done by organizations such as Machsom Watch against Jewish victims of terror in Israel.

It is incomprehensible that you who have the power to make decisions regarding the Israel Day Parade would actually accept the presence in the parade of such an enemy of Israel as the NIF and its umbrella organizations. They not only support BDS against Israel, but interfere with the implementation of true justice for Jews, in this case U.S. as well as Israeli citizens, murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists.

We plead with you to reconsider your decision to allow these anti-Israel groups to march in the parade. We would appreciate a positive response.

Thank you

Helen Freedman

Executive Director, AFSI

Committee for a Pro-Israel Parade



Letter from Jeff Daube

Israel Office Director

Zionist Organization of America [ZOA]


Dear Richard,


Although I have never had the privilege of meeting you personally, I have been following your efforts with great admiration from Jerusalem and would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and the committee.


I have a recent anecdote concerning Machsom Watch, one of the many beneficiaries of NIF largesse that are politically motivated and whose work undermines the Jewish State. You can add the following to your dossier of supported anti-Israel activities if you wish. 


I have become very involved in the matter of bringing Palestinian terrorists who have US citizens' blood on their hands to justice as mandated by US statutes. Unfortunately, some of those terrorists, such as Ahlam Tamimi who was responsible for the murder of 8 children and boasted about it, had to be released as part of the Gilad Shalit deal. So I am doing what I can in Israel to support efforts to make these terrorists accountable. (I also am pursuing the Justice Department and the State Department on the US side.)


Last year, Palestinian Arab terrorists murdered American Asher Palmer and his baby son Yonatan outside Hebron by throwing a rock through Asher's car windshield, which struck him and caused him to lose control. I have been going to the trials of the alleged perpetrators - not only to provide comfort and support for father/grandfather Michael Palmer as he endures emotional trauma I can only barely imagine - but to demonstrate to court officers that concerned Israeli citizens feel it is in Israel's interest that the maximum allowable sentencing be applied in such cases.


At the last hearing I went to, I observed a Machsom Watch representative also in attendance. Machsom Watch is an extremist, highly partisan NGO dedicated to undermining Israeli security personnel's ability to provide for citizens' defense. The representative did not approach the victims' party to offer even a single word of sympathy. Instead, she sat down next to the alleged murderer's parents and engaged in animated conversation; I would guess, punctuated by criticism of the justice-seekers along with Machsom Watch's offers of further support.


Below is the Machsom Watch report from their website:


Notice the Machsom Watch monitor acknowledges she knew nothing about the case upon entering - so her only having queried the defendant's lawyer for his version of the "facts" already speaks volumes. She also inflates the number in our party - we were seven. And she presumes we all were "settlers," which I suppose is true if you accept, as Machsom Watch surely must like many of its Palestinian cohorts, that the western Jerusalem Katamon neighborhood in which I live also is a "settlement." 


The Machsom Watch representative also commented on the photo of Asher and Yonatan (also below). We had been holding it quietly and discreetly in our laps, not "brandishing," as she wrote, which implies some kind of threat on our part. Worse, her analogue of holding up pictures of Palestinians is one of the more egregious examples of moral equivalency I have seen lately. 


It should be evident that Machsom Watch's participation and biased reporting, in this instance as in so many of their activities, is meant to delegitimize Israel's justice and security processes and wear down Israel's supporters. 


So on Sunday, June 3rd Machsom Watch-supporting NIF will march in the Israel parade while, on the same day, bereaved father/grandfather Michael Palmer, fellow Israelis and I once again will sit in the Ofer Prison courtroom for the next hearing. And Machsom Watch inevitably will return to support the defendant while undermining justice for his alleged victims and their family.


I hope Messrs. Ruskay, Levin and Miller will take a minute to put themselves in Michael Palmer's place on June 3rd as NIF passes their reviewing stand. I, for one, will be thinking about the truncated lives of Asher and Yonatan z"l, hoping that a stroke of last minute moral clarity will lead the parade leadership to do the right thing.


Feel free to forward my email to these gentlemen.


With brachot from my beloved Jerusalem,

Jeff Daube

Israel Office Director

Zionist Organization of America [ZOA]

Israel Tel: 052-538-0840


from the US: 011-972-52-538-0840





Courtroom 1 - a panel of three judges presided by Lieut.-Col. Ronen Atzmon


Ali Abed Alhadi Ismail Saada - Case 5347/11


A young man from Hebron, accused of throwing a rock at a car coming from the opposite direction on route 60. As a result the vehicle was hit and a man and his young son were killed. This happened on


The trial is at the evidentiary stage.


I walked into the court without prior knowledge of the case.


The defendant is represented by Atty. Bargout, who supplied the background:


The defendant claims that he could not have thrown the rock at a car coming from the opposite direction because he was sitting in the passenger seat, i.e., the right hand front seat next to the driver, so there was no way he could have thrown a rock at a car driving on the opposite lane, the left side of the road. However, under interrogation by the GSS, he was forced to accept a version by which he was sitting on the left side in the back of the car, thus incriminating himself. He later retracted that version.


The defendant's parents were present in court, as well as 10 settlers (presumably from the settlement where the victims used to live).


Each settler held a big picture of the dead father and son, which they brandished throughout the hearing. I wonder if any judge would have allowed hoisting pictures of dead Palestinians during a legal proceeding.



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Activist emails sent to my list  are L'Ilui Nishmat Yisrael ben David Aryeh ob"m (Izzy - Kaplan)  a great activist and lover of Eretz Yisroel, Am Yisroel and the Torah. Yehi Zichrono Baruch.

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Personal emails to individuals will not be posted to my blog.