Friday, May 11, 2012

HELP..........!!!!!!! Ezra House in Hebron claimed by Arab tenants


Dear Knesset Members, amv"sh

Will Arab tenants claims be respected over Jewish owner rights in Hebron???.... Yikes!!!!!  Help!!!!!!!!......

Obviously, Peace now convinced the Arabs of their entitlement to the property whether or not they actually own it or purchased it.  According to Peace Now, Jews apparently are forbidden to actually own property in Hebron since Arabs and not Jews are the rightful owners.

Dear Knesset Members:

In the Torah, while Abraham actually bought Land from Efron at Full Price even after G-d's Promise that the Land was his inheritance, nobody, not even a non Jewish Supreme Court,  retroactively annulled the sale.  

This scenario  with Beis Ezra is truly absurd unless the Promised Land is for the Arabs as Peace Now claims!!!!!!

Sincerely, Robin Ticker - 

PS.  I am a property owner in Kiryat Arba now residing in Brooklyn, NY.  If I had an Arab tenant once living in my apt. would that make my ownership of my apt null and void according to the demands of this tenant????? Would the courts actually consider this ridiculous demand seriously?  How come this claim was not thrown out of a Jewish Supreme Court immediately!!  It is very disturbing that it is actually taken seriously by an Israeli Supreme Court obviously being controlled by anti Israel forces!!!  Hoshiva Shofteinu KaRishona, Return our Judges like it once was (Shemonah Esreh) Time for the Knesset Members to represent the people and STOP THIS ABUSE OF POWER of the Israeli Supreme Court, self appointed,  under the control of evil,who have hijacked Justice in Israel!

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Dear Friends,

Yet another looming settler-bashing crisis for all of us to try and prevent. The pro-Palestinian Peace Now group has again petitioned Israel's High Court of Justice (this court is traditionally strongly allied with Peace Now). This time the demand is to remove the Jews from Ezra House in Hebron. This house, owned by the Ezra family since the days of the 1929 pogrom against the Jewish community of Hebron, was allocated by the Ezra family, in our time, to members of the Jewish community of Hebron. However, the pro-Palestinian petitioners say that at one time in the past, the house was briefly rented to Arab tenants, and the rights of the Arab tenants (what rights? The period of tenancy is long over) must be respected more than the rights of the Jewish owners! This makes about as much sense as simultaneously (a) criticizing the Jews in Hebron for failing to legally buy homes for themselves and (b) prohibiting them from doing so, which is exactly what happened in last month's crisis: Machpela House, also in Hebron.

Dear Media: Please publicize

Dear Activist List: 

Please write an email about this (short is good, for MKs and ministers (see to: list) who do not know much English).

Please pass this on, because the Government needs to file a response to the High Court of Justice ON TUESDAY 15 May, just a few days hence, and YOUR email to the influential figures above can make the difference between a good, firm rejection of the absurd pro-Palestinian demands and a weak acceptance of the same demands. The Hebron residents and their children who live in Ezra House need your help - so thanks very much from them and from MATTOT ARIM.


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