Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Urgent! Today important Knesset Vote to save demolitions in Ulpana, Bet-El Givat Asaf, Migron, Amona. Al Taamod Al Dam Raiecha!


Lichvod Knesset Members: amv"sh

Rabbosai, do you like living in your home???? So do they.  They have families, They pay taxes. They fight in the IDF and defend Israel.  They love Israel. Did you feel the pain of Gush Katif???? 

Will you tell your children that you did what you could to prevent their homes from being demolished.  Will you be able to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you did what you could to stop the demolitions?

This email is being sent to many Rabbonim and to the Jewish Media in America as well as to many activists who do not want these neighborhoods destroyed. 

Sent by Matton Arim: 

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Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 19:09:54 +0300
Subject: הצילו בית-אל, הצילו בית-אל SOS Bet-El, SOS Bet-El

PM Netanyahu met for 1.5 hours this morning with:

a. Yakov Ketzaleh, founder of the Bet-El neighborhood and a disabled war hero, and

b. Uri Ariel, former Council Head of Beth-El.


The topic, of course, was Peace Now's demand that Netanyahu raze an entire neighborhood in Bet-El and subsequently demolishing 3 entire small settlements in Judea and Samaria (Givat Asaf, Migron, Amona). Press releases in Hebrew below. The two men said that the Prime Minister was unwilling to firmly undertake to allow the Ulpana neighorhood in Bet-El to remain intact and so legislation must be voted upon immediately, tomorrow evening (Wed) in Knesset.


There is currently a serious problem with the following ministers and deputy ministers who thus far are not willing to undertake to raise their hands FOR the legislation:


M. Cachlon 050-6845584 *   Yuli Edelstein 050-3334298

Gilad Erdan  050-5936500 *   Bogy Yaelon 0505313133 

 *     0506208500  Silvan Shalom       Ayoub Kara (Druse) 050-6233617

Leah Nes 050-5247077  G. Gamliel  052-2700727  

 0544622045 Daniel Hershkowitz 

   *Limor Livnat 0505-200-050    *     050-6233939

 Gideon Saar 050-6343111     Yossi Peled  0525003060

Yuval Steinitz 052-3853280;;;;;;;ulandau@KNESSET.GOV.IL;;;;;dhershkovitz@KNESSET.GOV.IL;;;;;

Kindly use all of the email addresses above, or the SMS info above, to contact these ministers and deputy ministers, e.g.: PLS CLEAR YR YOMAN (=SCHEDULE) FOR THIS WED & NEXT (23,30 MAY). YR ABSENCE IS LIKE U PERSONALLY DRIVING THE BULLDOZER WHICH WILL RAZE THE BET-EL NEIGHBORHOOD. VOTE YES! (& IF ABROAD,PLS FLY HOME URGENT)


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