Sunday, May 13, 2012

Re: Israel Parade still allowing NIF a anti-Israel phony "Jewish" group to march?????. PROTEST!


Dear Rabbi Michael Miller, Mr. John Ruskay, JCRC's, UJA Federation and affiliates, 

It's nice to have a big open tent where everyone is welcome, like Abraham our forefather!

However, when it comes to inviting others into your tent one must draw the line and not invite those that wish to destroy your home. If you empower such a group you risk losing your home and then being forced to live in your tent. 

Please show all the participants of this years parade that you truly love Israel  and you don't want to hurt Israel by empowering  and legitimizing a  group actively working to establish and finance a terror state within Israel's midst.   Disinvite them!

Tell NIF that their participation is causing a serious rift  from all the other sponsors, promoters and participants of this Parade and you can not take the heat. 

We can not ignore the funding  the NIF has provided to Israeli NGO's, which has seriously damaged Israel, and continue to masquerade them as a Pro Israel group. 

As you can see from the numerous emails, telephone calls and reports in the media, the Pro Israel Parade Committee has made the public,  sponsors, supporters and  participants of the Israel Parade, very aware as per the true nature of this anti-Israel group.  In fact allowing them to march will only generate more negative articles and attention about this fund and about the NGO's who are recipients of their grants.

Organizers of the Israel Parade, who truly love Israel, must not tolerate a group that is out for Israel's destruction!

Cause if we do, the Israel Parade loses it's raison d'ĂȘtre.  

Thank you for listening! Please read on.....


Robin Ticker
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