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Read about B'Tselem - Is this an organization that will be marching in the ISRAEL Parade????? time to investigate the Jewish Federation.....


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Read about B'Tselem

B'Tselem Video Misrepresents Arab Arson

B'Tselem video shows a Yitzhar resident firing at an Arab, fails to mention that Arabs had tried to set fire to the community.By Elad Benari

Will B'Tselem under the umbrella of NIF be marching in the Israel Parade on June 3rd???  Organizations like AFSI are not marching since  the guidelines of the Israel Parade do not allow  banners that would be too Zionistic or as they call it  "political". For example, can participants of the Parade hold a banner that says "No to a Palestinian State", or "Judea and Samaria is our Biblical Homeland?" How about "Yehudi Lo Megaresh Yehudi" and "Jews should stop expelling Jews from our Land".   

I believe that such banners would not conform to the guidelines of this Israel Parade.   

Yet B'Tselem an overtly anti Israel group can march under NIF who funds them.  Ok you say, "The Organizers of the Parade are being even handed..  No one is stopping Afsi from marching.  If they insist on holding "political" banners that says that "Judea and Samaria is our Biblical Homeland" then it's their choice not to march.....B'Tselem is also not allowed to carry political banners that says "Jews are the Occupiers of Jerusalem" and "The IDF hurts innocent Palestinians!"   

DUH... Isn't this an Israel Parade?  If that is what B'Tselem truly believes, they should be on the sidelines protesting holding up their banners. Instead it is Afsi that is forced to be on the Sidelines...   

If this was just a matter of the Parade it's perhaps not so newsworthy.  However.....

Jewish Federation who seems to be carrying the purse strings of this Parade organized by the JCRC has tremendous control and  influence on Jews across America including community centers and newspapers. Very often, the Jewish Federation is the only Jewish affiliation Jews have, outside major Jewish metropolitan centers. Federation has the funding (let's investigate from where their sources are) to infiltrate all pro-Israel Jewish media giving themselves respectability and an aura of legitimacy as being "Pro Israel".  This legitimacy enables them to continue to raise big bucks and fund our enemies while feeding their poison against Israel to the uneducated.  

Jewish Outreach organizations have a hard time competing and detoxifying the poison fed to these unaffiliated Jews.  

Isn't it time we expose the evil rather than empower them to continue to operate in this fashion that serves to harm Israel. 

Or will we allow and actually contribute to the birth of  more monster Jews who turn against our own brothers and sisters and heritage after being fed lies and untruths from the likes of B'Tselem?????  

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