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Fwd: My letter got published QJL issue # 10 Don't Dance on My Parade page 8 - also read Jewish Star - Jerusalem Concert in the Park by Malka Eisenberg


It got published!  See page 8.  Here is the link for the 10th edition of the Queens Jewish Link

The Queens Jewish Link in an up and coming paper originating in Kew Gardens Hills delivered door to door in Queens.  A victory for the Committee for a Pro Israel Parade who has been having difficulty in getting many Pro Israel and Pro Yesha papers and media to publish any news item about this campaign to protest NIF marching in the Parade.  

Apparently, many  Pro Yesha Media  should thank us for getting special attention recently from the Federation who "coincidentally" is infusing them with much needed funds in the tens of thousands of $$$ advertising revenue in return for positive Press and effectively buying their silence about such unpleasant details about the NIF. 

We are hoping that these news articles in the Queens Jewish Link and the Jewish Star are educating the masses as per the evils of the grantees of the NIF and we hope that all those marching under the NIF banner will be greeted with a roaring Bronx cheer as they march down 5th Ave. See attached flier.

Yasher Koach as well goes to the Jewish Star publisher Karen Greene for their Op Ed Why I won't be going to the Salute to Israel Day Parade by Jeff Dunetz.  This post raises awareness as per the evils of NIF. While Mr. Dunetz protests by not attending the Parade, the Committee of the Pro Israel Parade differs with Dunetz in that they do support going to the Parade and cheering all the Pro Israel marchers but are doing their best to make lemonade from lemons by loud protest against the NIF at the Parade.  In substance all agree that the NIF has no place at the Parade. 

No one has any excuse to miss the Concert in the Park and coming to watch the Parade has an added advantage of  being in the vicinity of the Israel Day concert.  My family for many years has truly enjoyed sitting on the grass, picnic style (or sometimes even sitting on chairs reserved for VIP and first come first serve) the spirited Concert in the Park featuring great Jewish choirs, bands,singers, musicians and politicians (not necessarily Jewish) local or from Israel who without exception have a deep love for Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and all of Israel and the Jewish People. And the yummy glatt kosher food is an added attraction.....

So an additional Yasher Koach to the Jewish Star for the excellent article by Malka Eisenberg about the Israel Concert in the Park, held at Central Park's Summer Stage (enter at 5th Ave. & 72nd St.), Sunday, June 3rd (the 45th anniversary of the miracle of the Six-Day War and the Re-unification of Jerusalem), from 2:30-7:30 PM, rain or shine, free admission, after the Salute to Israel Parade. Dr. Joseph Frager, long-time Organizer, and Dr. Paul and Drora Brody, are Chairpersons.

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Here is the link for the 10th edition of the Queens Jewish Link
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