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Fwd: Im Tirtzu: A Month of Hard Work fighting BDS

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Shalom Chaverim, 

This past month has been an extremely busy and productive month for Im Tirtzu.
We were able to see tangible results from our efforts throughout the month, climaxing today with an emergency session of the Knesset Education Committee that was held following our report highlighting the involvement of Israeli academics in the BDS phenomenon.


We started the month by combating the lies of the Nakba and continued to make media headlines with our campaign against the politicized conference of Ben-Gurion University featuring "Breaking the Silence." Our report on the involvement of Israeli academics in the BDS movement was the culmination of a month of hard work against those who are seeking to delegitimize Israel from within.


At the same time Im Tirtzu defended Zionism in two additional fronts. We published two reports, one exposing the organizations that work to divide Jerusalem backed by Palestinian foundations in Ramallah, and the other detailing the activities of the anti-Israel organizations included in the proposed "Transparency Bill." We were also present in the Knesset committee that discussed the bill, and spoke out against these organizations and their financial interests.


Lastly, I am attaching two pictures from the final lecture of this year's Program for Zionist Thought in Tel-Aviv University.


Below is a list of the English news that we appeared in over the past month:


June 8: Jewish Press - Heated Debate at Education Committee Emergency Session on Pro-BDS Israeli Academics


June 8: Israel Hayom - Israeli academia narrowly escapes massive boycott


June 8: Israel National News - ADL: Anthropologists' rejection of BDS an important milestone


June 7: Ha'aretz - Im Tirtzu: Those Affected by NGO Bill Denigrate Israel, Defend Terrorists


June 7: Electric Intifada - Full might of Israel lobby ekes out razor-thin win in anthropology vote


June 7: Ha'aretz - Hillel Can't Be a Soapbox for Jewish Millenials' anti-Israel Crusade


June 5: Israel National News - Im Tirzu report: Millions transferred to organizations acting to divide Jerusalem


June 2: Jerusalem Post - NGOs hit back: Im Tirzu says NGO list shows European anti-Semitism


May 29: Israel Hayom - MK pushes for Knesset meeting on anti-Israel academic boycott 


May 29: Hamodia - Israeli Academics Slammed for Promoting Boycott

May 29: Jerusalem Post – Free speech for BDS…


May 27: Press TV (Iran) – Israeli academics promoting campaign to boycott Israel: Report

May 27: Algemeiner - Jewish Leader Blasts Guggenheim Museum for Website Post Accusing 'Racist' Israel of Censorship, Oppressing Palestinians

May 27: Jerusalem Post – 20 Israeli academics encourage BDS, Im Tirtzu says


May 26: San Diego Jewish World - Middle East Roundup: May 26, 2016

May 26: Algemeiner - Report: 20 Israeli Academics Encourage Anthropology Association's Boycott of Israel

May 26: Israel National News – Irony: Israeli academics lead academic boycott of Israel

May 26: Jewish Press – New report: 22 Israeli academics in the service of BDS


May 26: San Diego Jewish World – Israeli college's dispute reaches San Diego

May 26: JNS - Report: 20 Israeli academics encourage anthropology association's boycott of Israel


May 26: Israel Hayom – 20 Israelis behind massive US academic boycott vote

May 25: Jerusalem Post – Another hard left turn for BGU

May 24: Israel National News – Let's lay off the "f" word in Israeli politics


May 24: 972Mag - Facing down Breaking the Silence, Israel tries to play the underdog

May 23: Israel National News – Ben Gurion U to host group accused of anti-IDF espionage


May 20: Algemeiner - Watchdog: Ben-Gurion University Actively Supporting Delegitimization of Israel With Sponsorship of Conference Featuring Breaking the Silence


May 19: Israel National News – Nakba counter-protest 'banned' at Haifa University


May 18: Jewish Press – Ben-Gurion University sponsoring 'Breaking the Silence' event


May 17: Jewish Week – Nakba ceremonies highlight continued rift


May 15: Jewish Press – Protesters: Tel-Aviv U 'Nakba Day' an anti-Israel event aiming to rewrite history


May 15: Breitbart – Watch: Arab lawmakers join Nakba Day ceremony at Tel-Aviv University

May 15: Jerusalem Post – Arab lawmakers join Nakba Day ceremony at Tel-Aviv University

May 15: Israel National News - Watch: 'We came to wish a happy Nakba holiday'

May 15: Times of Israel - Palestinians mark Nakba Day with sirens, marches

May 15: i24 News - MK Odeh: Nakba not just a painful past, also possibility for shared future

May 15: Times of Israel –Nakba rally faces right-wing protest at Tel-Aviv University


May 13: Algemeiner – At 68, Israel is growing comfortable in its own skin

May 11: Israel National News – Nakba Nonsense


May 10: 972 Mag - The role of Israeli Jews in planning for Palestinian return


May 10: Israel National News – Arab students protest on Memorial Day eve


May 9: Haaretz – Israel's New Civics Text Sugarcoats Reality


ארץ ציון וירושלים
מתן פלג
מנכ"ל תנועת אם תרצו

For Zion
Matan Peleg
Im Tirtzu – Building the Zionist Dream


ארץ ציון וירושלים
מתן פלג
מנכ"ל תנועת אם תרצו

For Zion
Matan Peleg
Im Tirtzu – Building the Zionist Dream


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