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Happy Birthday Letter to Donald Trump Shame on you Ezra Friedlander and The Friedlander Group for supporting Hillary on Oorah Telethon


Please send Donald Trump the following:

I am a Donald Trump supporter..This having been said first let me start with telling Donald Trump that I am upset with him!

Donald would have received a personalized beautiful birthday greeting from me but unfortunately I didn't have a way of sending him  personalized birthday greetings but only a birthday present that was in $ format by credit card.   He lost out big time when he didn't allow me to send him a birthday greeting with my heartfelt wishes but rather made me feel that they were of no value to him. Birthday greetings were not accepted without a $ contribution.  

Let me explain.  I spend most of my time blogging for Israel, doing acts of kindness on behalf of  my family, my husband and kids, my elderly mother, and my community.

While my husband earns a decent living, and we have what we need in life,  it really doesn't allow me much extra spending money for a generous Donald Trump birthday present.   Of course I would have been more than happy to send him a nice birthday present had I had the funds easily available,,  but honestly I personally haven't bought my own kids nor myself wonderful birthday gifts either recently.  

The way I see it, money isn't the only birthday gift that is valuable. 

I was blogging for Trump way before others came on the bandwagon especially when Mike Huckabee was no longer in the race.  Way before most.  I suggest you read my posts since there are many points your campaign can use to beat Hillary Clinton. They are an anomaly since I wasn't getting paid to write them, and you can  believe me when I say that I spend many hours blogging,  My posts come from the heart and from an objective perspective. That is what makes it especially valuable, something which money can not buy. .

My heart is big and I have lots of blessings for Donald Trump.  

BTW Since success is a criteria which you value,  let me provide with with the following facts. My blog gets over 10,000 hits a month. Hits per month have doubled since last year. If it continues exponentially that means that maybe one day, my intrinsic $ value will increase and my influence will as well. 

But I want to tell my readers the following Pro Donald Trump message!

While Donald Trump might be  $ hungry and insulting this is nothing compared to the alternative. 

Tonight words can not express my great annoyance at the Ezra Friedlander who was on the Oorah Chinese auction tonight,  telling the entire Orthodox Jewish listening audience cross America to vote for Hillary or alternatively not to vote for Hillary so long as they don't vote for Donald Trump (as if that's not a vote for Hillary). His rationalization? Donald Trump insults people and 'turns off tens of millions with his racist anti Hispanic and African American bias.   (paraphrased).  

If they were so turned off, how did he beat the 17 other candidates with his landslide appeal?

Well I would have liked to have been on the air and ask the Oorah listening audience the following question.  

Whom do you prefer?  
  • Hillary's support and empowerment of Shiite evil under the Obama Administration, like a nuclear Iran inclusive of 150 billion dollars of freed assets to  Iran to be shared with the worst offenders of basic human rights since Nazi Germany and possibly surpasses this evil which wishes to destroy Israel the small Satan, America the big Satan and "Decadent Western Civilization"...
  • Hillary's support of the empowerment of Sunni evil with the rise of ISIS which rose from a contained threat in Iraq etc.  to a monstrous threat on their watch. This death cult mentality, same as the Shiite's has its source is 7th Century Islam.
  • Donald Trump who insults and puts down people and alienated tens of millions of Americans due to being racist to the Latino and African American Demographic. [perhaps justified Islamophobia? Robin].  Donald Trump "racism" can be rectified by proposing a program of vetting all immigrants fairly and objectively and welcoming all among them, including Hispanics and Muslims, who believe and abide by basic universal morality known as the 7 Noahide laws, into our country. "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United STates of America..." is not a Donald Trump original.
  • Donald Trump focusing much too much on $. Case in point this very annoying fundraising pushiness which was cloaked as a birthday "greeting" solicitation?

BUT!!!!! Shame on Ezra Friedlander and the Friedlander group for standing with Evil that Hillary HAS EMPOWERED!  He has lost any respect from my perspective. 

I truly get it. I understand that he has received much gov't funding for many worthy causes.  In my opinion it has tainted his vision. It is blood money and he is a "useful idiot".  This money has bought him to promote Hillary and by extension, grama,  defend the atrocities of the Obama Administration. Shochad Maaver Pikchim (ask your son in law for translation!)   It might bring temporary relief short term but such funding will hurt the Jewish people, not to mention humanity long term..

Again, this having been said, Donald Trump, on the other hand, should know that sometimes there are gifts much more valuable than money and he should not be so foolish to disregard them and even worse not attach value to them. 

Robin Ticker
co-chair Brooklyn AFSI (Americfan's for a Safe Israel)
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