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The UN Anti BDS Conference Impressive. Talking points against BDS less so. Reevaluating Talking Points suggested at the UN Anti-BDS Conference


My Friend Renanah Gemeiner, a student of Rabbi Weissmandl was not that impressed with many of the talking points made at the anti -BDS Conference in the UN.  I too have serious reservations as will be elaborated below. 

We were impressed however with the amazing planning, organization and success that was involved with bringing masses of caring Jews to the UN Assembly room to protest BDS and the heartfelt pride we all felt waving our Israeli Flags in the very room where anti Israeli resolutions are being voted on time and time again. 

However, some of the talking points for the crowd, many of them young naive idealistic students could be actually dangerous and sends the wrong message.  These talking points are actually useless because it does not address the root of the matter as my comments below indicate. 

From Renanah

Hello Friends of Israel and Truth,
  • Only Jewish People have Biblical, Historical and Legal rights to the Land.
Please see my article below on this subject.
Also I recommend Salomon Benzimra's overview on our legal rights.

Just like during the Holocaust, Jewish leaders, afraid of fighting back, are misleading their people, promoting deadly results and endangering the Jewish state.

My comments: Robin


Thank you Renanah for excellent points critical of talking points at the anti BDS conference at UN.

To bring Renanah's points home consider the following.

You graciously host a poor and homeless person. Life is good. He has a bed. He has food. He has shelter. He invites friends. They start to trash your home.

You address this by saying Al Chait I too have sinned.  You blame yourself for your poor communication skills in trying to explain to them why it's not nice to trash someones' home especially when you befriended them.  You berate yourself that perhaps you weren't as good a friend as you can be and the failure of coexistence is largely due to your failings.  

Then they threaten your lives.

So you insist that they be frisked. Similar to checkpoints. This infuriates them. Again you berate yourself for mistreating them and resolve to work on bettering your coexistence skills which are apparently lacking. You invest in great PR to show them how much you truly do want to coexist. (UN speakers like CEO of Soda Stream for example encouraged the students to befriend Palestinians, trusting that they indeed wish to befriend them, without vetting these new friendships to make sure that they are not hostile in spite of your honorable intentions. Remember Daniel Pearl.

You higher the best and the finest to improve your communication....

And they still claim that you are occupying THEIR house. 

What have you gained?

  1. You can give them your house, your home, your land......They win...
  2. You can continue to debate perfecting your negotiation skills as they justify terror attack after terror attacking, a justified "armed struggle"  in response to your being obstinate in leaving THEIR home...
  3. Or you can once and for all show them the deed to your house and tell THEM to leave.

Look at yourselves in the mirror and see what are your talking points? Is it the 2nd approach or is it the 3rd?

The Torah will help guide your Talking points if you choose to be receptive... 

How do we show them the deed to our home?

If you choose option 2 please read the following so that you will recognize who your enemy is and who is not. 

I of course wouldn't ask all non Jews,  Arabs included,  to leave. Just the trouble makers. The ones who dispute our claim to the Land and hate me and my family. They have no legit claim of residence and should have no rights as their intent is to destroy Israel.  Those who accept israel's Sovereignty over the Land and agrees to house rules which are the 7 Noahide laws,  are welcome,  and then and only then with this understanding being a prerequisite, is coexistence a lofty goal!

How to recognize an enemy of the Jews and Israel

  • The enemies of Jews wish to destroy and annihilate Jews.  They therefore glorify acts of terror against Jewish and Israeli civilians and members of the IDF.  They send their children to schools where they are indoctrinated with educational curriculum teaching them how to effectively destroy Israel and the Jewish people.
  • They stone, they stab and throw Molotov cocktails and ram their cars into bus stops populated with civilians and soldiers.
  • They encourage young and old to be martyrs by exploding themselves via suicide belts etc. 
  • They use their civilian population, women and children as human shields placing rockets in schools and hospitals
  • They name streets after terrorists who have succeeded in blowing themselves up along with Israeli civilians.  
  • They hand out candy following a successful terror attack.  
  • They provide stipends to terrorists and their families.  The greater the act of terror the greater the stipend to the terrorist and/or his/her family
  • They dream of Jihad and look forward to an afterlife of 70 virgins
  • They sacrifice their children no different than pagan sacrifices to the Molech calling them a Shaheed
  • They chant from the River to the Sea,  Palestine will be free
  • They chant Intifada, Intifada
  • They are violent against each other with tribal feuds and will justify murder of women of their own families who have brought dishonor to their families
  • They issue a death warrant against anyone who sells their property to a Jew
  • They justify armed aggression (terrorism) so long as Palestine is not free (Palestine includes Acco, Haifa and Yaffa basically calling for the destruction of Israel) 
  • They are the recipients of billions of dollars coming from EU, UN and US tax money etc, much of which is then stolen by a corrupt political government officials  of either PA or Hamas
  • They occupy their time with destruction



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