Friday, September 08, 2006

Manhigut Yehudit - a broader coalition

As a continuation of our discussion about Manhigut breaking away from Likud let me suggest the following.
In my previous post I suggested that there be a model Torah based, self governing, autonomous region within Eretz Yisroel.  The ideal situation would be if the broader Israel would encourage and support such an autonomous region dwelling side by side in peace and harmony.  Let me suggest other individuals that would be an asset to such a union.  General Yaalon has been courageous in protecting Eretz Yisroel.  It would be necessary to engage in military experts in such a coalition.  Someone of Yaalon's stature and expertise would prove to be invaluable.  Military strength is definitely a requirement in order to enforce any decisions of the political body.   Manhigut wishes to represent the broader Israel.  Prof Eidelberg has the political expertise for a model government for the greater Israel. His writings on Constitutional Democracy would prove a jumping point of greater discussion and acutalization.   His electoral reform and other suggestions would undoubtedly be a wonderful framework for such a government that represents all Israeli's.  Benny Elon has his strengths in Reclamation and Torah based ideology.  The Sanhedrin and Temple Institute would be an effective Constitutional authority in a Torah based society. Other important leaders that have proven themselves is Uri ARiel and MK Eldad.  Susie Dym of MAtot Arim has done wonderful grassroots work and has been a tireless, powerful mover in the Katom camp.  Batya Medad seems to have a handle on who's who in the political spectrum and has worked tirelessly blogging away Lishma.  In Hebron, I would bring aboard Danny Cohen from CHabad and from Aza, Yigal Kirshen..(I'm not sure of the spelling).   I would bring aboard Afsi and Herb Zwiebon and Helen Freedman.  I would definitely include the secular Jews from left wing parties that had the courage to challenge their own Leadership. I would include Buddy Macy from NJ who has worked tirelessly on behalf of Eretz Yisroel and challenged the American Jewish Leadership that has failed us.  I would of course include the spokespersons of Hebron, the Shomron and Gush Katif and Arutz7 who are the creme de la creme even though I must admit I have been disappointed that they haven't supported publicly any initiatives on my part.  Public Relations and looking and sounding politically correct and not too much like a "religious extremist" is high on their list of priorities even though ideologically they may be in agreement with many of the ideas presented in my blog. 
To take this bold step, one must be willing to sacrifice his political position and his paying job.  He/she must be willing to be alienated by friends, family and foe alike for the sake of defending and keeping the Torah and the Mitzvoth.  We must defend Hashem's Torah  and our legitimate claim to Eretz Yisroel to ourselves and to the entire world.  We must be willing to take that leadership role among the Nations and be the Kingdom of Priest prescribed by the Torah.
I would challenge the political parties that claim they are based on Torah such as Shas and UTJ.  I would try to enlist those that spoke out against the disengagement such as Meir Porush and the Skulener Rebbe and the Bostoner Rebbe and others that I have omitted in error and bring them to our camp. Of course there were those group of Rabbanim that came and spoke to Congress on Behalf of Eretz Yisroel.  I would even lobby the Satmers whose claim against the Medina has been that it is not based on Torah.  I would include the Righteous Gentiles who believe that Israel must take claim to the Land and have been quite vocal in their support for Israel such as Bob Hillman and Jim Vinyard.  This spokespeople have influence among fundamental Christians in America and the Bush Administration.
These are some of my ideas.  I love brainstorming and wish others would join in this discussion .
Shabbat Shalom!

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