Monday, August 28, 2006

Torah as an Authentic Model of Government - In response to Shmuel Sackett's post


My comment to Shmuel Sackett's post.

Shmuel, I agree with you. The Torah is the key. I am glad to see that Manhigut and articles such as your own specifically mention the Torah rather than use words like "Jewish values" and historical right to the Land. Unfortunately, mentioning the Bible for PR purposes, even by the strongest supporters of Yesha, has been severely discouraged and suppressed. Any reference to the Bible is politically incorrect. There is a real fear of backlash that is quite virulent. Arutz7 and the leaders of Yesha opposed the Disengagement and Convergence publicly because of humanitarian and security reasons rather than on Biblical considerations. It is only now, where humanitarian and security concerns have in fact materialized and still talks of convergence are as strong as ever, that the Torah arguments are coming into the picture.

Talking about the Bible is like opening up the Pandoras box.

I feel that your party, Manhigut Yehudit has a special role to counter and undo the very real negative impression that believers in the Bible who attempt to put "Biblical precepts" into practice, are simply radical Messianic extremists, hate spewing racists, Nazi like, no different than radical Islamic fundamentalism. In Western society, the only existing acceptable politically correct model of government must be based on Democracy. Anything else is viewed as a threat against democracy and freedom.

The following points would be helpful to undo such negative brainwashing.

The Bible is a source of the modern day Republic. Yet over the years, there has been a cover up among Western Society to attribute any recognition of the contribution of the Torah to the political philosophy of government over the ages. From articles that I have read in Azure magazine, there were non Jewish Hebraist philosophers in the 17th Century whose political thought showed how the modern day Republic came about as a direct result of the influence of the Hebrew Bible. The reason I bring this up is in order to make politically correct the notion that a government based on the Bible is actually an authentic ancient model of Government.

Torah is relevant to our day and age and in fact we wish to revive the Biblical model. We believe it is the only appropriate government for the Land of Israel. The Biblical model of government precedes any of the forms of governments that exist in the world today. I would encourage philosophers, economists, and Biblical Scholars to open up this new body of discussion about how a government based on the Bible is worthy at the very least, to be studied, discussed and treated with respect rather than with disdain and marginalized as crazy dangerous radical extremism and the number one threat to Israel's society and to democracy. Please read further thought on this topic at

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