Sunday, September 27, 2009

JTA Treif News Source. Switch to Arutz7 and other authentic Jewish Kosher News


From Mattot Arim:

Whose Fault is it that We All Hate Settlers?
Hatred -- of any group -- does not drop out of the sky like rain. It is cultivated. Let's ask the JTA (the news agency which supplies most American Jewish newspapers) not to cultivate hate and not to falsely accuse settlers of criminal deeds.
Dear Jewish Telegraph Agency, Your website  states that the JTA strives to be "the definitive, trusted global source of ...current events". But this past year you printed a series of 3 one-sidedly negative articles against settlers which does not fit this description.
I am told that Mattot Arim www.mattotarim.organ Israeli grassroots organization, has approached you several times regarding the most distasteful "fact" presented in your series:  "[R]adical settlers ...have ...thrown acid at Israeli soldiers" I understand that Mattot Arim told you they have carefully looked into this matter with the Hebron spokesperson, the Shomron Council spokesperson, Women in Green founder Nadia Matar, Gush Katif spokesperson and others and all believe that this allegation is not factual.
I also understand that you (the JTA) have claimed that an un-named Israel Police spokesperson made this allegation to you and you merely reported it. Could you, the JTA, possibly confirm this to me by return email. This will allow the un-named spokesperson's behavior to be raised in the Israeli Knesset or cabinet by Mattot Arim. Could you also write to the Israel Police, inform them that the information they gave you has been challenged and ask them to corroborate their allegation by providing the JTA in writing some elementary details regarding their allegation (copy of the chemical analysis performed if any, who (names, dates) purportedly witnessed these events, were any soldiers purportedly injured and if so where are the medical reports, etc.).
Or, since it's Yom Kippur season -- the traditional apology season -- could you simply publish a correction and apology indicating that no facts are available to support this allegation so it is hereby retracted until further notice! I look forward to hearing from you, sincerely, Robin Ticker


Dear Jewish Print Media,

You are Jewish aren't you?... and some of you are even Orthodox and Chareidi....

Why  bring your news from treif sources even if they call themselves Jewish?  Can't you syndicate from the following Kosher sources regarding Settlements in Judea and Samaria? A Palestinian State has its ideological partner with Nazi Germany.  Settlement in Judea and Samaria has its ideological roots in the Torah.  Why isn't your news waking up the Jewish People that the Land of Israel is our entitlement based on our Jewish Heritage?  Front Page Coverage of Women in Green and Matot Arim will tell the authentic Jewish news. Netanyahus handshake with Abbas is newsworthy but so is the fact that he is willing to negotiate away Land that does not belong to him making this agreement as well as Oslo null and void based on Biblical entitlement. Freezing Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria  and removing outposts indicates weakness in our ideological religious and historical conviction and claim to our Land. (The Land belongs to G-d and He chooses to whom he will give it.  First Rashi of Breishit). Yasher Koach to 5TJewish Times for their news coverage....


Women In Green  Unbelievable!

Mattot Arim  Unbelievable!

Yosef and Melody Hartuv, Love of the Land, subscribe to their newsletter
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The David S. Wyman Institute forHolocaust Studies

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Independant Media Review Analysis _IMRA - David Bedein - link to past issues

Outpost July August 2009- (12 pages long, very worthwhile reading) (excellent online news source )

Dear fellow activist, amv"sh

Please send your own letter to the above media and let them know that you'd appreciate front page non skewed, objective media coverage that reflects the position of the settlers and Torah
cc: and

Gmar Chasima Tova! Gmar Chatima Tova!

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