Sunday, March 01, 2015

Fwd: Show Solidarity with Bibi! Time Sensitive: Please forward to your Rabbi and President. Transportation to Washington


Leich Knos Es Kol Hayehudim!  And it was only when we were united together that we were able to be saved from the evil decree of Haman.

Attention Grass Roots from wherever!  

Please forward to your friends, family, contacts, Rabbi, Shul activists, media contacts etc even if you are busy and can't show:  Post on Social Media!  Encourage organizing your own buses and transportation and let us know so we can publicize and help coordinate! Thank you!

 Let us show Solidarity with Bibi Netanyahu who is representing Israel and the Jewish People and the entire civilized society!  


Lynn writes:
Thanks to the efforts of numerous "grass-roots" groups, a rally has been organized which will take place on Tuesday, March 3rd 9:00 a.m. in Washington D.C. at U.S. Capitol West (the front grassy area in front of the Capitol building) to show support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress.  Below is the link to the original communication which informed us about the rally and lists the organizations that spearheaded this effort:  
 In New York:
     For those of you in the Great Neck vicinity, please contact us at with your contact information if you are interested in transportation to Washington from Great Neck.  If enough people are interested, we will try to arrange bus transportation from Great Neck (round trip cost aprox. $45.00)   (Buses will leave around 4 or 5am)

If you are from Brooklyn or Queens, please contact Robin Ticker at and we will try to coordinate with Lynne as well. KT.

From Manhattan:
TRAVEL INFO. TO DC March 3d.  Travel time  4:40am arrives 9:14am  I know 2 bus services: The Chinatown Bus and the NY-DC MEGA BUS which leaves near Penn Station.  Figuring that a bus holds 50+/- riders.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED CONTACT AFSI office  tomorrow.  A bus might be chartered!!  AFSI t. 800 235 3658,  or call these two DC bound companies and check schedules and possible charters.  This is all very last minute.  ALL HELP APPRECIATED.

The Chinatown bus contact is 202 449 9758

DC-NY Mega Bus contact 877 462 6342  Picks up at 31st and 8th Ave.  (MUST VERIFY PICK POINTS AS THEY CHANGE THEM PERIODICALLY)­

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