Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mr. Gregersen ~~Letter to the United Church of Canada


Dear Mr. Gregersen,

You have it all backwards! Jews are not the wrongful Occupiers if Judea and Samaria!  The PA is. 

Jews are the rightful inheritors of Judea and Samaria, the Biblical Heartland of Israel.  Don't you guys read the Bible????????

Only Jews are indigenous to the Land of Israel as per Divine Covenant.  You can not get more indigenous than that!

Since when are the Palestinians descendant of the 12 Tribes of Israel?????  The boundaries are clearly delineated in the Bible and there is absolutely no question that Judea and Samaria is the heartland of The Promised Land, also called the Holy Land, the Land of Israel.  Israel is promised to the seed of Jacob whose name was changed to Israel, as an everlasting inheritance!  The Land of Israel was conquered from the 7 Canaanite Nations and nowhere was it supposed to be the inheritance of any other people including the seed of Ishmael nor the seed of Eisau.  They have their own places (Arabs have at least 22 and just compare the territory of Arab Land vs Jewish Land,  but the Jews have only ONE LAND and that is the Land of Israel.

I see here identity theft!

If you are an authentic Church,you should be knowledgeable with the book of Joshua as well. The land was conquered by the  Nation of Israel and divided up among the 12 Tribes of Israel.   What is known as the West Bank is actually Judea, the inheritance of Jacob's son Judah and Jerusalem and Southern Samaria,is  the inheritance of Jacob's son Benjamin (Mateh Benyamin) and upper Samaria was the inheritance of Jacob's son Ephraim (Mateh Ephraim).  The Tribes of Judah,  Benjamin and members of the Tribe of Levi who were spread about the entire Land of Israel living in Levite cities including Hebron in Judea and Shechem, Nablus in Samaria, were part of the Judean Kingdom.  These are  the same Tribes that modern day Jews trace their lineage. If there is any rightful inheritance of the Jews of today it is no doubt, Judea and Samaria. These are the same Tribes that survived the destruction of the 2nd Temple.   

Jacob's grandson Ephraim was the son of Joseph who was the son of Jacob and Rachel.  Joseph received a double inheritance.  Therefore Josephs sons, Ephraim and Menashe were blessed to each receive an inheritance equivalent to Jacob's other sons.  The tribe of  Ephraim was one of the 10 Lost Tribes.  Today, Israel has miraculously seen the return and has absorbed  some of the lost Tribes and we pray that we merit to see this happen until all of the Tribes are restored to our Nation. 

 It is a well known fact that Jews always cry for their lost brothers awaiting their return. 

Matriarch Rachel is buried in Bethlehem, and our tradition tells us that when the Jews were sent to exile, they passed by her grave site where it is told by our prophet Jeremiah 31:16 she was crying inconsolably for her children who were sent to exile.  The prophet Jeremiah tells her to refrain from crying because in the end of days she will be rewarded and her children will return to their boundaries!  Surely Mama Rachel cried for all of the Tribes sent to exile but especially for her own descendants the Tribe of Ephraim her biological grandson. 

 Did you just decide that you had the right to fabricate a different narrative and change the Divine  Narrative as to your personal liking as per who is to inherit the Land of Israel?

If this is what the "United Church of Canada" wishes to discuss and bring up for a vote, let them vote as per whether your Name "United Church of Canada" should be changed to "United to Rewrite the Bible and replace the Words in the Bible "Seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" with  the words "Palestinians".  Or Change the Name "Children of Israel" to "Children of Plishtim" who by the way have absolutely no biological connection to the Palestinians of today. They are an invented people as Newt Gingrich so rightfully pointed out. It is not very difficult to do this.  Just take a digital copy of the Bible, "Edit, Change and Replace" and print. 

This way people will know that you are not a real Church but just a bunch of phonies.

In addition,  I agree with Buddy Macy who wrote

I and the Jewish people are shocked and outraged to have learned that the United Church of Canada plans to discuss and bring up for a vote hate-filled anti-Israel resolutions at its 41st General Council meeting -- resolutions that are based on vicious anti-Semitic propaganda and lies created and disseminated by those working to destroy Israel. I urge you to immediately read:

Boycotting goods produced in Judea & Samaria - the Biblical heartland of Israel - and switching the Church's support from the Jewish State of Israel to the State of Israel, is obscene. In fact, giving formal consideration to such ideas would force the supporters of truth and fairness to question every single decision the Church has made in the past, and every judgment it would make in the future.

Most sincerely,

Robin Ticker and Buddy Macy

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