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Obama and his Occidental College years, more on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's closest aide, Huma Abedin, Caroline Glick the Myth of the TSS (Two State Solution), the Torah is our only real solution (Shemittah Rediscovered)


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While Caroline Glick's video presentation  a very powerful case AGAINST a TSS (2 State Solution) which is built on her professional military expertise, it must be backed with a Torah perspective which emphasizes that the reason Israel has entitlement to Israel is based on their observance of Torah. That will bring peace and will produce the spiritual music for the world to enjoy.  No peaceful democratic Palestinian Sovereignty is capable of reproducing what Israel is capable of doing.  Arab acceptance of Israel's right to exist is insufficient for Israel's entitlement from  G-d perspective.  Israel is obligated to keep her part of the Covenant with G-d which means the observance of the Commandments.  In addition,  please read or reread about Israel's rightful inheritance,Nachala in Hebrew,  based on the known lineage of majority of Jews of today coming from the genealogical ancestry from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi. (the Judean Kingdom) :

From the desk of David Horowitz: The Freedom Center just acquired a powerful new weapon for its defense of Israel. 

Caroline Glick, an editor and syndicated columnist for the Jerusalem Post, former captain of the Israel Defense Forces and onetime Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has joined the Freedom Center as the director of our new Israel Security Project. 

No one knows better than Caroline the threats Israel faces from Iran and its other enemies; no one has reported more authoritatively on how the Obama administration has damaged Israel's security. 

A frequent commentator on FOX News whose work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and other publications, Glick will write columns for FrontPage and pamphlets on Middle East politics and will represent the Freedom Center in radio and television appearances. Reporting from the front lines in Jerusalem, she will add a respected voice to the Freedom Center's coverage of Mideast politics and the Freedom Center will widen her audience in the U.S. 


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