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MIGRON youtubes on the eve of destruction. Rabbanim, Media, Activists for EY, SPEAK OUT! PROTEST Tort Law violated by ISRAEL! SAVE MIGRON


Dear Rabbanim, Knesset Members, Media and fellow Activists,

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Subject: LET MIGRON STAY has gone VIRAL - On August 28, 2012 - 250,139 HITS - WILL Netanyahu listen?!

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Robin comments:

Kids start learning Gemorrah with the ins and outs of all the minute details of Baba Kama and Baba Metzia in order to impress upon them the importance of respecting the property rights of a fellow Jew.  Yet the gov't of Israel is planning the illegal destruction of 50 homes of 300 Jews and we are silent...What is the point of learning all the Halachos when we fail to act when there is blatant disregard for Hashems Torah.  Why is Tort law different then Basar Vechalav (keeping Kosher) or Brith Milah?  (Circumcision)

The Gov't promises the settlers and their leaders all kinds of compensation and incentives to leave peacefully without a fight. They want to build different homes in a different location.  Ignoring the fact that their new homes are far from complete, the more fundamental problem is that the gov't is stealing property from Jews and doing so by hiding under the immoral "rule of law" set by a Supreme Court that has an agenda not based on justice and rule of law. The Israel Supreme court does not base their ruling on Torah law and even according to common law are biased against the settlers and far from fair and just by any standard. 

But those who believe in the Torah and Hashem's law know that...

The Land belongs to Hashem and Hashem has spelled out very specifically as per whom is to inherit the Land of Israel. This common knowledge is known to all kids who are taught Chumash.   G-d has spelled out the obligations that come with settling the Land of Israel that is obligatory only to Jews.  

All promises of compensations, even when agreed upon by the settlers is null and void when it comes as a result of planning to annul G-d's Covenant with Israel.  Is it any wonder that the gov't has reneged on its promises to the settlers of Gush Katif after the expulsion and one needs not be a prophet to predict the same will happen to those who willingly and peacefully leaves Migron partnering with the Gov't of Israel for personal gain and compensation?  Those in Migron who refuse to move to their "new locations" understand that the Gov't is acting illegally as per Divine Law and agreeing to their terms is harmful to Israel and empowers evil in the world. 

 It is up to us,  whose homes are not threatened, guided by courageous Rabbinic and political authority and leadership, to validate the struggle of the settlers of Migron and be their backup support and be their greatest advocates for the common good of Israel and the world.

I hear the argument and rationalization for being passive and silent is that this is merely an internal Israeli political matter that Rabbanim need not involve themselves.  Deep down we know that this is utter nonsense. As Prof. Paul Eidelberg points out, politics by definition defines morality of the society. Ait Laasot LaHaseh, Heferu Toratecha!  It is time to act for Hashem because they have annulled His Covenant.


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