Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Iran - Israel is a Cancerous growth at the heart of the Islamic world.. Should Israel preempt? Bibi & Barak -- ARE YOU INSANE? from Buddy Macy


by Eli Leon, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff

Speaking at Tehran University, Iran's supreme leader calls Israel "A threat to all humanity," 

Robin comments:  One of the arguments used why Israel should not attack Iran first is that Iran has said it will destroy Israel if it is attacked. That is profoundly different from saying it will attack and destroy Israel.  

Yet, if Israel is "A threat to all humanity", and a "cancerous growth" as the "Supreme Leader" proclaimed at Tehran University, then they would surely be justified in eradicating this very dangerous cancerous tumor. 

And how does the Iran's "Supreme leader" plan to do this if not by nuclear "medicine"? Obviously this Supreme leader would be acting in the very best interest of humanity as would the very best concerned oncologist whose only desire is to eradicate a deadly disease.  The world should just let him do it for the good of humanity who surely would be better off w/o the deadly tumor called Israel. Otherwise, the "Supreme Leader" like an oncologist is being negligent in allowing this cancerous growth to grow out of control threatening humanity.  

Just rhetoric?  If this is not an outright declaration of nuclear war against Israel than I don't know what is. Is Israel supposed to let the "Supreme Leader" take matters into his hand and decide her deadly fate for the sake of humanity?

BTW Who is the One and Only "Supreme Leader" in this world?????? Luckily it is not the supreme leader of Iran. 

FWD: From: Buddy Macy Bibi & Barak -- ARE YOU INSANE?


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