Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Revoke Israeli Cabinet Communique March 13, 1994


Israel Demolition of Jewish Settlement at 4 am March 22, 2022 and the Terror wave that followed:

Time to overturn the  Israeli Cabinet Communique of March 13, 1994 designating Kach and Kahane Chai as terrorist organization.  It's a lie. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018
This Passover Reflect How Did Israelites End up in Egypt? They Threw Joseph in the Pit. Think of A. This Seder Night!

Is this communique the justification for immoral administrative detention denying Settler youth rights to a lawyer and habeas corpus and justified the pointless raid at 4am on 8 Settler families just one of many such senseless demolitions over the years. 

Basic human and civil rights of tens if not hundreds of Settler Youth have been denied since this communique.  Amiram ben Uliel and A.  were tortured and languished in prison, often in isolation for many years before there even was a trial. This delay, called "Inui Hadin" in Jewish Law, is a miscarriage of justice in and of itself.

The bottle line is innocent Jewish youth were framed and branded as violent and dangerous terrorists and  categorized as a fringe group. Even the left and those who still use their own critical thinking to arrive to conclusions do not believe Amiram ben Uliel was the culprit.

Amiram ben Uliel was convicted contrary to the facts and evidence on the ground  based purely on his forced confession following torture.

Were Arab suspects even investigated in spite of the fact Arab clans have a history of setting arson to each other's job home's in the Dawabshe family?

Amiram ben Uliel was sentenced multiple lifetimes awaiting appeal and is held under the tightest security ever. 

Israel is now under terror attack from our enemies directly following the GOI's (Government of Israel's) shameful demonstration of  weakness by its willingness to demolish Jewish Settlement. The Police ongoing harassment, as was witnessed by Ahuvia Sandek z"l,  of those who want to Settle the Land and live a life of Torah in our Promised Land seems to indicate that Security is basically pandering, defending and empowering Israel's enemies in Judea and Samaria and in the Galil and Neqev as well.

The death of innocent Arabs was, nor is, a reason to celebrate by Settler Youth and their families.

The question is who did commit the Duma arson if Jews didn't? Was there a thorough investigation of Arab clans and will justice be served?

Shabaq doesn't seemed to care about justice and investigating the truth so long as the narrative fits the political agenda. Frankly they have lost credibility. How can we trust that their investigations on Jew and  Arab alike?

Will and can they simply pick a vulnerable unsuspecting victim that matches their political agenda and torture them and place them under administrative until they confess to atrocities they never committed. Everyone now is happy that the "terrorists" are found and Shabaq comes out smelling like a rose.

Does the Shabak vet real dangerous enemies to Israel vs manufactured ones?

For me they have lost credibility.

Because Arabs too deserve human rights and a fair and just trial!

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