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Parshas Shlach. Tikkun Chait Hamiraglim. Leah Goldsmith blog...Where is Jewish Leadership? From Matot Arim. Oslo 2? Netanyahu and Greenblatt Not a Good Pair


As Mattot Arim points out moving the Embassy to Jerusalem is the least of Israel's problems! 

Way more is now at stake!  

Jews, Wake up and smell the fire!  Please read till the end of this post to read Mattot Arim Action item of what you can do to help the situation. 

I feel the terrible disappointment by our good friends Mattot Arim on the recent developments in Judea and Samaria with the supposed right wing Likud Government in cahoots with Pro Israel President Trump presently engaged in giving away Israeli land for designated Arab building  in AREA C!!!!

The only difference I have with Susie Dym of Mattot Arim is that I strongly feel that the hearts of Kings are in the Hand of G-d.  If these very pro Israel leaders and very Pro Israel advisers are giving away Eretz Yisroel to our enemies,   it is a reflection on the Jewish People.  

It is hard to listen to the heartfelt plea of Leah Goldsmith, an Eishes Chayil, wife of former Mayor Moshe Goldsmith of Itamar. 

She writes: ....And like Yosef, the dream was not recognized. In fact- the return to Biblical Israel was shunned by the greater part of our brothers, let alone the world

Leah's Blog-  The Jubilee of 50 Years – The Pseudo of the "West Bank" (?) and Parshat  Shelach 

Leah speaks from her soul deeply connected to the Land of Israel.  

Then please watch the powerful video of Reb Amnon Yitzchak. (Hebrew) Which has us proclaim to ourselves that Settling the Land of Israel is a Mitzvah D'Orayta being fulfilled each and every minute!
מצוות ישוב ארץ ישראל | הרב אמנון יצחק 

Let us address a very basic question raised by David Bedein of Israel News Resource Agency.  Is Jerusalem considered Corpus separatum (Jerusalem), an international entity by the USA  rather than as part of Israel. If not, then why can't Jerusalem, Israel be noted on an American birth certificate or American Death Certificate?

Let each and every reader ask themselves. Do I and the collective Nation of Israel truly deserve Israel?  Why are we Silent?   When Silence is a Sin is a book based on the writings of the Rebbe of Lubavitch on the obligation to Protest and the Obligation to Settle the Entire Land of Israel.   

Let us be honest and aske ourselves. "Do I as an individual or we collectively,  desire our Precious Land?"

Where is True Jewish Leadership? We want to hear the voices of the Knesset Members!  We want to hear the outcry of all the major Jewish Organizations in America. We want to hear each and every Jew. Nowadays with Social Media there is no excuse!  How about each and every Jewish publication and media outlet.  Are we clueless as per the 450,000 Settlers living in Judea and Samaria holding on to the Land with their fingertips?  Is our only intervention merely a superficial concern as per where the American Embassy should be?  Are the lives of our Jewish Brothers and Sisters living in Judea and Samaria insignificant as their homes are demolished and unable to build homes according to their natural expansion needs? Surely these measures are succussful in stunting growth and forcing young families to move elsewhere.  

We all know what happens to a once beautiful Jewish neighborhood once the kids move out and settle to the up and coming neighborhoods. 

We want to hear the Voice of Torah!  We want to hear an outcry from Agudah, Young Israel, Orthodox Union of America and Chabad International to name some.  We want the Roshei Yeshivoth to voice their disapproval of giving away Hashem's Land to a very likely enemy and to those who are not commanded to keep the Commandments. 

 If one truly wants to hear music would one give his precious violin to a museum for safekeeping?  How about giving it to someone that hates music?  Wouldn't one logically conclude that either they don't value their violin nor appreciate the music that can be produced....  It's very sad....

Time for Jews to unite on what is written in the Bible with all the Bible Believers of America. 

The 2 State Solution is a nullification of the Torah! 

Can The Trump Administration treat Judea and Samaria like just another piece of Real Estate?

The answer is NO!

This Precious Real Estate does not belong to Prime Minister Netanyahu nor President Trump nor Jason Greenblatt nor Avigdor Lieverman nor any high level advisers. We are merely Trustees of the Land.  

Can the Trustee negotiate to give away something that is not theirs to negotiate? 

This Prime Real Estate belongs to an Almighty G-d who has instructed the world as per HIS proper intentions for this Land. 

To defy G-d's Plan is to negate what is written in the Torah. It is Heresy.  IT brings curses.

This Biblical Truth,  believing that what is written in the Bible is True, believing that the Covenant between G-d and the our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and repeated to Moses and the Nation of Israel is fundamental and true, that the Land of Israel is the Eternal Heritage and inheritance of the Jewish People is a belief system shared with Righteous Noahides  who put Trump into office.
Pastor John Hagee: Israel Key to Trump's Surge  

Is it happenstance that talk of impeaching Trump is on the rise in spite of the fact that all serious accusations against him are based on fake news? 

Fake news includes accusations against Israel that we are  "Occupiers"  of Palestinian Land.  How else does one justify the 2 State Solution.  

Israel has rights to the entire Land based on the delineated boundaries in the Bible.  In addition, Israel won rights to the territory in East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, fair and square in 1967 in a defensive war when Israel was attacked by all sides by her enemies.  

Would America consider giving the land it acquired in the Revolutionary War back to England?

Pushing Fake news to become the foundation of establishing a new reality, deserves Fake News in return..Yesh Din VeYesh Dayan...

This is a very bad deal!

This means Jews can not build and settle on their ancestral Homeland.
This means that Jewish lives are being placed in danger!
This weakens President Trump because Israel's enemies now know he can be intimidated.
This weakens President Trump because he is betraying the trust of his loyal base not to mention risking G-d's displeasure for going against the Bible the foundation upon which the United States of America was established by our founding fathers. 

Israpundit: Ted Belman
Israel continues to give away area C

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The problem of UNRWA is well known among experts on the Arab-Israel conflict.



Rawabi was created by Palestinian businessman Bashar Masri. It is designed for a population of 40,000. The first batch of families, over 350, moved in this summer.

PM: I've built less in settlements than Olmert, Barak, Sharon

Speaking at Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, Netanyahu says the claim that Israel builds settlements excessively is 'a violence-aiding Palestinian lie.'


EMAIL ADDRESSES: ISRAELI MINISTERS & MK's: כתובות מייל של שרים וח"כים

The American embassy not moving to Jerusalem is unfortunately the LEAST of Israel's problems in trying to survive the Jason Greenblatt era without too much damage.

Of greatest concern by far is that Jason Greenblatt is a Palestinian state supporter.  (my comments: Jason Greenblatt helped draft the Republican platform together with David Friedman which took out the 2 State Solution from the Platform. Why would he now change his tune to become a Palestinian State Supporter.  My guess is that he like Netanyahu are going along with the narrative based on the fact that they know the Palestinians can never be a true Peace Partner. The PA jihad education and payment to terrorists are quite evident. PA leadership have in the past rejected any agreement for their own State as it requires recognition of Israel.  The Trump Administration are not so naive to believe the PA will suddenly change their tune. Trump, Greenblatt want to appear as fair negotiators now so as to give the Palestinians a chance. The PA will try their best to be deceptive.  When it is crystal clear that the Palestinians will be unable to reject jihad, recognize Israel etc. then Trump/Greenblatt will reject the Palestinians as a Peace Partner  and offer a chance to Jordan instead as per Bolton's plan.  This unfortunately will happen only after having putting down some very dangerous facts on the ground, enticements and recognition to PA giving rise to more empowerment, endangering Jewish settlements and the road in the process.. Using Jordon as an alternative to the PA is doomed from the start as well and endangers the King of Jordan not to mention settlers living in Judea and Samaria and the rest of Israel )

  Therefore, Jason is irresponsibly demanding permits for massive Palestinian building in Israel's strategic Yehuda-Shomron region which overlooks Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Ben-Gurion airport

Netanyahu, for his part, is weakly agreeing.  (Mattot Arim is letting Netanyahu off lightly...Netanyahu has encouraged from his end,  Trump and Greenblatt in this direction.  He has done so by being consistent in his commitment to the 2 STate Solution! Had Netanyahu and his administration assertively rejected the 2 State Solution and adopted the Levy Report, and normalized Judea and Samaria and annexed Judea and Samaria, Trump and his administration from their part very likely would have gone along)

This dangerous process resulted – just this week--  in ANOTHER 14 thousand Palestinian building approvals in the Israeli part of Yehuda-Shomron.  
This is after a previous batch of 20 thousand Palestinian buildings received a thumbs-up just 2 weeks ago!

Both men (Jason and Netanyahu) are being irresponsible; both need to hear strong protests from Israelis -- and from their friends abroad.  As you will recall, Abba Eban, Israel's iconic ambassador, always frankly warned that Israel without Yehuda-Shomron will have "Auschwitz borders".
Jason and Netanyahu are careful to remain inaccessible to the public. So, the only way for you to express your great concern (unless you know the Greenblatt family personally) is via Israeli MK's and ministers -
See email addresses above between the Hebrew and English sections of this email. Israel is a small country, so emails from the public WORK. Please forward any response you get to 
Example email (or write your own) –
Dear Israeli MKs and ministers, 34,000 Palestinian buildings  in Israeli-held Yehuda-Shomron is unfair to tiny Israel and dangerous. Jewish families should be building there – it's the only Jewish self-determination area in the world!
The Palestinians all belong to the ancient Arab nation which (unlike the Jews) has 20 spacious countries to build in. Do Jason and PM Netanyahu truly fail to understand why Palestinian building "must" take place in Yehuda-Shomron, and "must" be in Area C (the hilly region directly overlooking Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem)??
Please stop this disaster before it is too late. Sincerely, (YOUR FULL NAME)   

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אוסלו2  מבית היוצר של נתניהו  והאח ג'ייסון

תהליך "אוסלו2" של נתניהו וג'ייסון תפס תאוצה: כל כמה ימים צץ דיווח. הנה למשל בערוץ   20: 

דורי גולד, נאמנו של ראש הממשלה, חשף השבוע את  המהות של אוסלו2:
קידום מיידי  של מאמץ בינלאומי מסיבי לבנות לפלשתינים באיזור יהודה ושומרון.
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at the outset ...promote a massive international effort for the construction of new housing

בדיעבד אפשר לראות שמטרה זו של "קידום הבנייה הערבית" דוהרת קדימה זמן רב. לא נפל לנו האסימון:

 * השבוע אושרו 14  אלף יחידות דיור  פלשתיניות ליד כפר סבא – באיזור סי  
בנט, חוטובלי ושקד מגנים. יריב לוין דורש לבחון מחדש את כל ההחלטה

* לפני פחות מחודש, אושרו 20 אלף יחידות דיור פלשתיניות באיזור סי -  ביום 21.5.17, יום לפני ביקור טראמפ

*לפני 8 חודשים – עוד אישורי בנייה לפלשתינים.
כמות האישורים הוסתרה מהציבור (עד היום) "כדי להימנע מלחצים מצד המתנחלים"!

בשנת 2014, נתניהו הסכים לאשר כביש-גישה בשטח סי - לעיר פלשתינית בת 40 אלף תושבים

כבר ב-2013, נתניהו מסר בשקט  שטח באיזור סי, בגודל של עיר שלמה, לשימוש פלשתיני
20 אלף דונם - שטח העיר כפר-סבא כולה, למשל, הוא 14 אלף דונם

לשם השוואה – נתניהו גאה בכך שהוא בנה בממוצע, כל שנה,  רק 1500 בתים לשנה למתיישבים יהודים.
נתניהו התפאר (באנגלית כדי שלא נשמע) שזה פחות ממה שבנו קודמיו (שרון, אולמרט, ואהוד ברק,7340,L-4713814,00.html

ראש מועצה-איזורית שומרון מזהיר במפורש:    
בנייה ערבית מסיבית ביהודה ושומרון  = מסירות שטחים לכל הדבר!!
השרים והח"כים יתאמצו לבלום את הסכנה רק אם יקבלו פניות רבות מהציבור (מאיתנו!).
לכן – שימרו על ילדיכם וארצכם, פנו לנבחרי הציבור. למשל:

הנדון: תהליך אוסלו2 של נתניהו-ג'ייסון משתולל, עליך לשים את האצבע שלך בסכר!

שר וח"כ יקר,

תהליך אוסלו2 דוהר קדימה. 14 אלף בתים לפלשתינים רק השבוע בשטח הישראלי של יהודה ושומרון,  20 אלף בחודש שעבר, מספר לא ידוע של בתים פלשתינים הוגנבו לאיזור הישראלי גם שנה שעברה!

ח"כ (ובוודאי שר!) ששותק  - חייב לדעת שבגללו אנו עלולים "לפספס" את יהודה ושומרון.  
תפקידך לבלום מהלך שגוי זה.

הפלשתינים שייכים לאומה הערבית שבבעלותה 20 מדינות + איזור איי + איזור בי. האם באמת אינכם מבינים את המשמעות, כשהפלשתינים דורשים לבנות ולהתפתח דווקא באיזור סי -- שחולש על ירושלים, תל-אביב ונמל-תעופה בן-גוריון?? עד מתי תימשך שתיקתך?


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