Friday, June 02, 2017

Did Trump betray Israel by not moving Embassy? David Bedein of CFNEPR says the opposite. It was a good thing.


Best Not to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem Until US law is Changed
Silver lining in the delay to move the US embassy to Jerusalem:  New momentum to update the relocation law to recognize Jerusalem as part of Israel.

Covering events in the US capitol when Congress passed the "US Embassy Jerusalem and Recognition Act" in October 1995, there were great expectations that the US would then renounce its position adopted in 1948 that Jerusalem would not be recognized as a part of Israel.
There was also speculation that the US would abandon its position from 1948 stating that all of Jerusalem must be a corpus separatum – an international zone.
However, the final wording of the US Embassy Jerusalem and Recognition Act removed any explicit references to Jerusalem as part of Israel and made no promise that Jerusalem would remain the exclusive capital of Israel.

David Bedein makes a good point.  So long as the US Embassy Jerusalem and Recognition Act doesn't consider Jerusalem part of Israel but rather as an International Zone, then moving the embassy might in fact make matters worse by those who see the move as an opportunity to internationalize Jerusalem.   

We surely wouldn't want the Internationalization of Jerusalem be the end result of this embassy move. 

It is a fact that individuals born in Jerusalem can not have Jerusalem, Israel written on their passports. 

Supreme Court strikes down law in Jerusalem passport case
Zivotofsky v. Clinton

David Bedein's conclusion: This decision not to move the embassy should cause a momentum to update the relocation law to recognize Jerusalem as Part of Israel. 

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