Monday, June 05, 2017

Fwd: 2 Articles: "CUNY'S Curious Defense of Linda Sarsour" and "Linda Sarsour and the Progressive Zeitgeist"


My comments and take of the situation re: Linda Sarsour:

The concept of Freedom of Speech is being abused by those who are champions in suppressing Freedom of Speech. 

They succeed to monopolize the platform of an uneducated population to brainwash the population under the guise of Freedom of Speech. Then they suppress anyone who dares to challenge their pack of lies.


It is proper to suppress anyone that promotes Islam as a legitimate religion and not give them a platform and not feel the necessity to bend over backward to provide them with a forum for what is a pack of lies and untruths. Such freedoms only serves to suppress those who truly engage in Freedom of Speech and have been suppressed as a result of those being overly merciful and gracious to the cruel. We have no obligation to honor their Freedom of Speech rights.  To go even further, we have the obligation to suppress their freedom of lies and hate speech.  To insist that it is their legal rights to engage in brainwashing is to play into their deceptive Lawfare. 

America stands for Judeo Christian values.  Not Islam.  Islam means submission.  If Judeo Christian narrative is suppressed then Islam wins.  If the narrative of Islam is suppressed then the values of Western Civilization wins.  

Unfortunately, it is Islam that has set these rules of engagement. 

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Subject: 2 Articles: "CUNY'S Curious Defense of Linda Sarsour" and "Linda Sarsour and the Progressive Zeitgeist"

Dear Friends,

It is so important that we continue to educate as many people as possible.   Please share these two excellent articles by A.J. Caschetta and Caroline Glick that appear below.  

May we all go from strength to strength,

Lynne and Nessim

In an era when saying the wrong thing, deemed offensive by someone, can end a career, social justice warriors always seem to get a pass. Few have received more than Linda Sarsour, a Muslim self-styled "feminist" who supports a political system that

Linda Sarsour and the progressive zeitgeist In US academic tradition, university administrators choose commencement speakers they believe embody the ...


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