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Commending the OU for doing some amazing Work!


Allow me commend the OU for doing some amazing Work! 

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Posted Mon, June 26th, 2017 6:13 pm (please note time rt)

Symposium: Court ruling bolsters religious liberty… beyond the playground

Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations Applauds Supreme Court Ruling Rejecting Exclusion of Houses of Worship from Government Grants Program: "Today's 7-2 ruling…puts state aid to synagogues and parochial schools for security and safety on explicit, solid Constitutional footing"

Mike Huckabee on the recent Supreme Court Decision 

A victory for religious freedom

By Mike Huckabee

Another victory for religious freedom from the Supreme Court: the SCOTUS ruled 7-2 in the case of Trinity Lutheran v. Missouri that the state violated a church preschool's constitutional rights by barring it from applying for a state grant for aid to resurface its playground with rubber from the state's tire recycling program. The state claimed it was a violation of separation of church and state, but the majority wrote that "this Court has repeatedly confirmed that denying a generally available benefit solely on account of religious identity imposes a penalty on the free exercise of religion." In other words, the grant wouldn't be used to promote religion; it was just to resurface a school playground, and denying the school the same benefit as all other schools just because it has a religious connection is religious discrimination....

my comments:

America is truly a Medina Shel Chesed, A Government of Kindness.  For that we must acknowledge and express much appreciation,  HaKoras Hatov in Hebrew! This ruling is just and the OU did a fabulous Job to advocate for this ruling!   


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