Thursday, October 01, 2020

Talking points to Agudah, OU, Rabbanim and Jewish Community Leaders regarding Leaving and Delegitimizing the Democrat Party and Speaking Up for Our Biblical Ancestral Homeland the Land of Israel


אל המקום אשר....

Talking points

The Democratic Party rejects the 7 Noahide laws as part of their platform

Fyi The 7 Noahide Laws

- Late term abortions is murder
- Democrats empower anarchy. Democrat cities exercise no law and order. Courts protect criminals and prosecute victims reminiscent of Sodom and Gomorrah. Bail reform law releases criminals with no deterrence. Violence and mass looting are tolerated with law enforcement looking the other way or by releasing those arrested with no real consequences and many  innocent standbys' are now getting killed.
- No protection of lives or property. Theft.
- Their platform promotes immorality LGBTQ pride
- They are an unG-dly party. They literally leave G-d's name out of their narrative and many want it out of schools and the pledge of allegiance.
-Their  subjective values replace G-dly values. Equivalent to idol worship
- The violation of tearing limbs from a live animal happens in  abortions?

By not actively protesting we will be chas veSholom be held accountable as the entire city of Shchem was held accountable for what happened to Dina.. 

Additional points.

- TeachNYS which is a tremendous source of funding for Agudah and OU is a front for the Democrats and the funding is blood money.
Agudah and OU  didn't effectively  protest the Iran Deal in 2015. Iran got 150 billion dollars freed up.  The Yeshivas get tens of millions for Stem and Security. It's short sightedness because under the Democrats, the police hands our tied. What good is money for security. Who cares if we have the best cameras if there is no accountability?

We must delegitimize the Democrat Party! They are treasonous, un-American, a hijacked party who believe in cancel culture. They are not a legitimate party that would be recognized by the Founding  Father's of the United States of America who stated we are "One Nation Under G-d".

Also we need to speak out that a Palestinian State is not an option since it nullifies Hashem's Covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants the Nation of Israel.

We can't even suggest the possibility of a 2 State Solution!!!

The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a G-d Making Promises and a G-d Keeping Promises. 

Trump needs G-d to help him win this election! 

Jews in Judea and Samaria and what is referred to as "Occupied territories' is Israel's Birthright  according to Biblical, Historical, Military and International Legal rights and Jews must exercise Sovereignty and be allowed to defend themselves against Arab aggression. Right now they are not being protected well by the State of Israel and it's taxation without representation. They pay taxes and fight in combat units yet they are treated as 2nd class citizens.

Call Agudah and OU


Rabbi Dovid Smith "Torah vs 'Public Health' " Press Conference in Trenton, interview with Stephanie Locricchio on the Topic "Faith in the Age of Covid" and His Message to Roshei Yeshivot and Askanim...Don't Be Bullied!

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