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Martin Ettlinger. An Insider Perspective of The Park Slope Fascist Coop.

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Subject: Re: In Today's News: Brooklyn Park Slope Food Coop suspends 4 Pro Israel Protesters for one year....
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On Sunday, April 10, a hearing was held at the Park Slope Food Coop, and four pro-Israel activists, members of the Coop for over one-hundred years collectively, were suspended from the PSFC for one year. Their terrible crime was trying to prevent the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions.) from again presenting their hateful, anti-Israel rhetoric from being presented at the monthly General Meeting attended by about four-hundred active members. BDS is an avowed anti-Israel, ant-semitic movement that is fomenting acts against Jews around the world. Several universities have experienced hateful incidents against Jewish students.
The Park Slope Food Coop has been a Park Slope institution for over forty-five years. With a membership of almost 17,000 it is the second biggest coop in the country and a model for other grocery coops.
A small group of BDS members have tried to get the Coop to not carry any Israeli products. Seven years ago, a meeting with over 2,000 members was held at Brooklyn Technical High School, to vote on whether to join a boycott against Israel. The proposal was voted down by an overwhelming majority. The BDS people continue to push their agenda at the Coop. Every time they try to get a proposal to boycott Israel, it is shot down.
A proposal to stop BDS from using the PSFC newsletter, The Gazette, and the General Meeting that is held once a month, has been sent to the Agenda Committee, several times
Over the past several years. The AG committee, which sends the proposals to the General Meeting, has refused to act on the proposal. Obviously, the AG committee and the management of the Coop is sympathetic to the BDS, and abrogates their responsibility to the members at large, by having their own anti-Israel BDS position interfere with the fulfillment of their assigned duties.
The action of the AG, the Disciplinary Committee that brought charges against the four members and the Hearing Officer Committee that handed down this draconian penalty operates with a fascist philosophy.
Shame on the Park Slope Food Coop.
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Brooklyn Park Slope Food Coop in the News Again! ! 4 Long Standing Pro Israel Members of Park Slope Food Coop get suspended for protesting BDS Agenda Item. Time to Sue the Park Slope Food Coop for defamation, slander libel, lies and falsehoods. Time to represent Organic Farmers and Business in Judea and Samaria!!! Time and stand up to Anti-Israel BDS Agendas


Robin Ticker

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