Thursday, April 07, 2016

Netanyahu blasted by Right Wingers and Haaretz alike. For Netanyahu, it's all about Public Opinion Polls and Political considerations. We agree with Haaretz on that point.


The Soldier is a Hero by Raanan Isseroff

The IDF and the Prime Minister have lost their moral compass and are not fit to lead.

 “The Enemy Within, Revisited” by Paul Eidelberg

Questioning The Leadership of the PM and the IDF. Being critical of IDF Moral and Ethics. Standing Up for Those Who Protect Us. Comments by Dovid Wilder, Israel Hayom, Im Tirzu, Robin   

In the News Coverage and Haaretz Critical Analysis of Prime Minister Netanyahu's handling of the Soldier that Neutralized the Terrorist. by Raanan Isseroff

Mr. Netanyanu's predictable game plan by Raanan Isseroff Chabad4Israel

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