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Fwd: Public outcry to allow Ettinger to partake in son's circumcision

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Subject: Public outcry to allow Ettinger to partake in son's circumcision
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Shin Bet Turning Ettinger Into a Popular Martyr

The Israeli government has not seemed to learn their lesson from the backlash they experienced from their extreme stance taken against the soldier who shot the Arab terrorist in the head. The government's irrational, obsession with the prosecution of the soldier - initially charging the soldier with murder, brought about a severe public backlash, which no doubt had impact on the judge that freed him.

Now the Shin Bet and the courts are going overboard again. This time it is Meir Ettinger, the grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahane ZTK"L, the Jewish political prisoner under administrative detention, being held without charges for the past 7 months, who was now denied his request to partake in the circumcision of his first born son, which is to be held tomorrow. The Chief Rabbis, Knesset members and other public figures have expressed their outrage demanding Ettinger be given this basic Jewish religious right. The government is so detached from the "spirit of the masses" that they just don't understand that their extreme persecution of Jews to placate the Arabs and the left; does not succeed in appeasing the Arabs and only triggers the condemnation of the average Jew, who can't understand the fanatical draconian measures taken by the government against fellow Jews.
Posters demanding Ettinger's release have been posted in key areas throughout Israel. Tomorrow the High Court will decide whether or not to overturn the ruling of the District Court that has denied Ettinger's request to partake in his own son's circumcision tomorrow. Dozens gathered at the entrance to Jerusalem, demanding Ettinger's release Saturday and Sunday night. See the photos attached showing the demonstration and of the posters demanding his release.

If you wish to volunteer to help distribute flyers and post posters on behalf of the release of Meir Ettinger and the other Jewish prisoners under administrative detention, please call 0544876709 or from U.S.A call 5167259379. Funds are needed to pay for more posters and more crews to distribute and post up the literature across the country. The campaign is taking off and beginning to take root. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the views of Meir Ettinger, it is an outrage that he is being held without a right to a trial and without any formal charges. It is further outrageous that he is being held in isolation and denied the right to attend his first born's brit.

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