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In the News Coverage and Analysis of Prime Minister Netanyahu's handling of the Soldier that Neutralized the Terrorist. by Raanan Isseroff


It's not that often that we see eye to eye with Haaretz but I think they were on the mark when they sized up Netanyahu's remarks to the family of the soldier as self serving meant for public consumption to appease those who agreed with the Soldierl.  According to Haaretz, the "examination" clearly concluded the soldier acted in a criminal fashion but in light of public outrage probably will be charged with manslaughter because of Netanyahu's intervention.  It has nothing to do with a fair and objective court hearing.  Whoever applies pressure on  Netanyahu the most wins and assures his position WINS!    We seem to agree that this is his major consideration?  Robin

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At first this was the PM's decision: (6 days ago)
At first, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu harshly condemned the soldier, saying "What happened ... in Hebron does not represent the values of the IDF. The IDF expects its soldiers to behave level-headedly and in accordance with the rules of engagement."
But Netanyahu partially walked back his criticism soon afterward. Thursday, Netanyahu spoke with the soldier's father and said, "I heard the things you said, and as the father of a soldier, I understand your distress. I am convinced (the investigation) will be professional and fair with your son."

The judge reviewed the evidence for a long time, four hours, and wrote in a well-grounded decision his perception of the evidence, including his perception of the issues in the area, including the atmosphere in the area... and the prosecution should stop... causing injustice" to their treatment of the soldier. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with soldier's father by phone on Thursday and assured him that his son will be treated fairly.
According to a statement put out by the Prime Minister's Office, Netanyahu's said he understands the distress of the family, but that they should think that the IDF will conduct "the most objective and fair investigation of your son." The call, according to the PMO, came at the request of the soldier's family.
"I heard your words and as the father of a soldier, I understand your distress," said Netanyahu, whose son Avner is currently in the IDF.
"In recent months our soldiers have bravely and resolutely stood up in the face of terrorist attacks and murderers who set out to kill them. The soldiers are forced to make decisions in the field, in real time, under stress and conditions of uncertainty," he said. "This is not a simple reality and I'm sure that the investigation is taking the entirety of these circumstances into account. I am convinced that the investigation will be professional and fair towards your son."
Netanyahu urged the father to trust the IDF, the chief of staff and the investigation. "The people of Israel must remain united around the army because we have just one army and we have many great challenges ahead of us," he added.
Regarding new evidence which the IDF prosecution presented to back up the expected manslaughter charge, Rigler on Thursday officially confirmed leaked accounts that the shooter, when asked immediately after by his commander about why he shot the Palestinian, had responded "the terrorist needed to die."

Look at this: (4 days ago)
"I trust the IDF, the chief of staff and the investigation 100 percent, and I think that you as well should trust the commanders and the examination.
"The Israeli people must remain united around its army because we have only one army and many great challenges ahead," the prime minister added.
"I wanted to tell you heart to heart that all that you have to say,  say so within the framework of the examination – it is real, professional and fair. I ask you to understand this, not to think for a moment that your son will not get the fairest and most objective examination. I ask that you relay this to the whole family."
Earlier, an IDF a military tribunal ruled the soldier would face manslaughter charges.

And this: (yesterday) (Robin's comment. Please Note:  Haaretz calls the terrorist a "Palestinian man who assaulted other soldiers".  That whitewashes the fact that he was a terrorist!  Haaretz subscribes to the IDF's avowed "values" . We on the right consider  misplaced compassion on terrorists not completely neutralized dangerous to those on the scene of the terror attack and at high risk of attacking again given the chance!) 
Benjamin Netanyahu excels at identifying undercurrents that jeopardize his rule. When he does so, he is prepared to bend moral principles that lie at the foundations of the state. The prime minister provided an infuriating example of this faulty conduct on Thursday night, when he phoned the father of the Israel Defense Forces soldier who is suspected of killing a Palestinian man who assaulted other soldiers.

The story is playing out on three levels. There is an operational investigation, or field inquiry, whose negative conclusions for both the soldier and his direct commanders are clear. On the legal level, the defense and the prosecution are facing off in military court, over the Military Police investigation. And on the political level, there are rallies and expressions of support for the soldier from Knesset members and cabinet members, alongside assessments of the affect of public opinion polls on the popularity of figures in Likud and Habayit Hayehudi.

Netanyahu's first response to the incident in Hebron was to agree, if limply, with the position of the IDF Spokesman's Office, the chief of staff and the defense minister, according to which the soldier deviated sharply from the army's avowed (if not always applied) values. But as the right's attack on the IDF mounted, Netanyahu retreated and began to appease his voters. The method chosen was a phone call to the father of the soldier, a soldier who faces manslaughter charges.

As is his wont, Netanyahu hid behind his personal status — "as the father of a soldier" — to tell the father of the homicide suspect that he "understand[s your] distress." Netanyahu is not a private citizen acting as a parent, and the mention of his son Avner, who serves in an administrative position in the home-front base of a combat unit, is gratuitous, unfortunate and will focus the spotlight that the Netanyahu family generally avoids.

Netanyahu's words, ostensibly supporting the military and its "examination" — an odd name for a criminal investigation — are lip service. The phone conversation's content is less important than its having happened, which is a signal to the military prosecutors and judges, to the chief of staff and the defense minister. It is obscene political interference in a judicial process. In a panicked effort to avoid losing votes, Netanyahu is tripping up the chief of staff and using force to affect the charge sheet and the court's verdict. The prime minister, who regularly takes umbrage at being judged by the public and the media, has himself become a judge on behalf of the street.

Israel's citizens and soldiers have a right to expect Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon to stand up publicly for the military legal process and against Netanyahu's conduct. From the prime minister himself, nothing can be expected as long as political survival is his chief concern. 
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