Thursday, April 21, 2016

Re:IFNOTNOW wants to Liberate the SlaveMasters, those who would love to enslave lsraelites or better yet blow them up if they could. WOW!


It's mindboggling how these Liberated useful idiot Jews want so much to Liberate those that wish to enslave and put into bondage or better yet blow up Israel. IFNOTNOW is so gracious that perhaps let us pray IFNOTNOW gets first hand knowledge of being on the receiving end of those that they wish to Liberate.  Please G-d allow those whom they wish to liberate the opportunity to actualize their innermost desire on those who are so anxious to Liberate them. What does it take for those so blinded to have a taste of their own medicine only to realize that it just might kill them. Will they have pity on those who enforce Sharia law upon them? The women might not appreciate their new lifestyle.  Then Yad LAchim can rescue them from being trapped and they will better appreciate the real Passover story so that it wouldn't be necessary to reinvent the story using their own imagination

Actually, I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy but best that they see first hand what they are promoting...

On Apr 21, 2016 9:05 PM, "Yonah Lieberman, IfNotNow" <> wrote:


Hi Robin,

Wow. Just wow.

IfNotNow Bay Area just wrapped up the final #LiberationSeder of the week and now I can finally say, "What. A. Week."

IfNotNow Bay Area leaders block traffic outside the East Bay Federations building

Tomorrow, millions of Jews around the world will sit down to Passover Seders and celebrate our liberation from slavery in Egypt and the freedom we have today.

But you and I both know that is not the whole story.

As we've been saying all week – in the streets, in the lobbies of Jewish institutions, and online – our freedom cannot come at the cost of the freedom of Palestinians. Our futures are intertwined. Our peoples both deserve freedom and dignity.

This week nearly 500 people joined us at the 5 #LiberationSeder actions across the country. Now it's time to bring our message to your seder table.

We've uploaded some of the resources we used this week and invite you to use them tomorrow evening.

Our power this week came from the incredibly courageous individuals that put their time, energy and bodies on the line to pull off the largest IfNotNow national action ever. And a special 'thank you' goes out to the 23 people who were arrested in Boston and New York City.

But our power this week also came from the rituals we adapted and created for our  seders. Each city made their own Haggadah which they went through in the streets.

This is the story of of each #LiberationSeder and this is the story of our movement. We will continue to reclaim Jewish ritual to meet the needs of the historical moment – just as our ancestors have done for generations.

I am deeply honored to be in this struggle with all of you.

And I know that sometimes it's easier to sing in the streets than engage meaningfully with our own families or close friends. It will take courage. And it will take power.

That's why we're giving you the resources we used this week. So you can feel more confident in bringing these conversations to your seder.

Have a liberated Passover and a chag sameach.

Yonah Lieberman

P.S. We still need you. Take our Passover pledge and join us in taking action in the 2nd half of 2016.

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