Friday, April 15, 2016

Continued Incarceration of Meir Ettinger, Immoral Administrative Orders in Israel against Jewish Hilltop Youths, Lobbying Rabbanim, Please Lobby the Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah to get involved and not to be passive!


The following was sent to many Rabbanim a few days ago right before the Moetzet meeting in the hope that this topic would generate  awareness and the subject be raised and discussed at the Moetzet meeting. 

Rabbi Mordechai Tendler writes letter on behalf of Meir Ettinger!!! Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah Meeting today 4 Nissan 5776. Rabbanim called upon to make a Statement to Free Meir Ettinger from Jail under immoral Administrative Detention Orders

Unfortunately, Rabbi Feldman did not bring the matter up at the Moetzet meeting. We don't know why not. 

We believe that when other Rabbanim and regular Baal Baatim lobby members of the MGH (Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah) it will encourage them to take a more active role rather than just allow events to unfold in a negative sense, with  the continued GOI (Government of Israel)  harassment against fellow Jews.  This harassment would never happen if there was a strong outcry of opposition. Protest would surely be a strong deterrent of these practices if  thousands of caring Jews would follow MGH's lead.

Lichvod HaRav, and Community Leader, amv"sh

If seeing our brothers incarcerated without charges and without a fair trial based on trumped up allegations by Shabak bothers you, please write a public letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu.  If you carry any influence among fellow Rabbi's  or among your congregants, please encourage public letters to Prime Minister Netanyahu to stop immoral Administrative detention orders.  This  has enabled the fabrication  of false charges by Shabak and gave the Israeli Judiciary the legal authority  to torture innocent Jews into forced confessions of the Duma arson (Elisha Odess and Amiram ben Oliel). Demand an open and fair investigation by an objective source other than the Defense and Judiciary investigating itself.  Administrative Detention and Orders violates basic human rights. Either Israel tries Meir Ettinger or frees him. The same with the others.  Let us collectively protest  Administrative Detention especially on Jewish Youth with absolutely no solid family history or evidence of terror activity.  Allegations by Shabak alone should not be sufficient to arrest them as it may be politically motivated. Arabs as well should have fair and due process of  the law.  In most situations there is clear documentation,video  etc. that replays the terror act that incriminates the suspect.   Suspects must have the right to an attorney  protecting their fundamental and basic civil rights and a fair trial.  


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