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The IDF and the Prime Minister have lost their moral compass and are not fit to lead. Next step is probably that the IDF will now apologize to the Terrorist family and compensate them for their terrible loss.


Time to reevaluate IDF Ethics and Morals and the source of IDF warped sense of "values" and its natural consequences. 

Let's follow their "morals" and "ethics" to the end. (pure speculation)
After Israel finds this soldier guilty of not being distressed or concerned with the killing of a terrorist, Israel will probably have to show their remorse and apologize for all the terrorists they have killed ever since the knife intifada started.  Many of the terrorists were children.  Israel is now guilty of murdering children and teens. Israel will start a rehab center for them.  More incentives for the vast growing pool of existing  Palestinian terrorists validating their "Resistance and aggression to the Occupation".....
Not speculation. This is real news!  Our enemies beat us to it... 
Family of shot terrorist threatens Israel with legal actionThe family of Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif, the terrorist who was shot by a soldier in Hevron last week after a stabbing attack against Israelis, on Monday threatened the IDF with legal procedures, the Ma’an news agency reported.In a press conference at the Hevron governor’s office, al-Sharif’s uncle Fathi al-Sharif also urged the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, to file legal procedures against Israel at the International Criminal Court, over the incident.
ICC told to investigate soldier who shot terrorist
Palestinian National Council delegation meets with International Criminal Court in request that it get involved on 'execution.'

How can the IDF investigate itself objectively especially when their superiors openly had and have a clear bias against the soldier?

Here is a very emotionally healthy reaction from  Biblical Path to Peace  by Moshe Elkman following the news that the military court found this soldier fit to be tried for murder.  

INSANITY PLUS!!!!IDF: Enough evidence to charge Hebron soldier in killing???

I am in shock
We at Biblical Path To Peace do believe that there can be peace between Arab and Jew when the non Jew follows the Noahide Laws....but to jail a soldier who has killed a terrorist? Absolutely insane!!!!!!
I believe that PM Netanyahu must immediately introduce the death penalty to any terrorist, decorate any soldier or citizen who kills a terrorist and send the terrorists entire family out of Israel.
Biblical Path To Peace

My comments: (Robin)
Moshe Elkman says he was in shock with the result of the investigation.  I wasn't.  I expected it.  How could this investigation be objective when the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister and the IDF Chief of Staff all expressed their bias before the military investigation began based on warped "morals, ethics and values" of the IDF?  

Where does the IDF get their morals, ethics and values?   It comes from being pressured by our enemies and the International Courts and their agenda to weaken the IDF and Israel's right to defend itself.  

It's quite disturbing that Yaalon concluded that this soldier can not control his emotions following a terror attack against him and his comrades and acted out of lack of self control rather than believing that the soldier acted in self defense for himself and everyone in the area.  

Apparently according to IDF higher standard of moral and ethical "values",  soldiers are to be distressed over the loss of life of a terrorist rather than to be relieved that they are still alive.  Apparently they concluded that this soldier is fit  to be tried for murdering a terrorist (an oxymoron) because not only didn't the soldier emotionally fall apart after neutralizing the terrorist, he didn't even show remorse and even felt he deserved to be congratulated.  

As you can tell from Moshe Elkman's response, there are many of us,  other than the actual soldier, who are quite glad that this terrorist was neutralized for good.  BH he will not be attacking any more soldiers or civilians in the future.  I find that a reason to celebrate.  I am not particularly distressed or concerned about his death either.  I doubt this terrorist had any remorse that he stabbed the soldiers and would be more than happy to do so again and as many civilians as he possibly could, given the opportunity.  

From where does the IDF learn that one is expected and even required to feel distress or concern over the death of a terrorist who is out to kill you?  Relief is the most natural response for most moral and ethical people.   

One who adds to the Torah subtracts from the Torah. 

Had the terrorist gone on to murder additional innocent victims, surely this soldier would have regretted having left him alive especially if he had to face the family of the next victim. It's possibly harder to live with yourself as being responsible for the death of an innocent victim than being locked up in jail for killing a wannabe murderer. 

IDF: Enough evidence to charge Hebron soldier in killing

'I wouldn't have fired if I didn't feel I was in imminent danger,' soldier who shot wounded Palestinian stabber to death says in court, but prosecutors say he showed no signs of distress or concern.  
The following post was written before the conclusions of the IDF Military court.  As you can see, I did not trust nor have high expectations from the IDF investigation whose leadership have lost their moral compass. 

Questioning The Leadership of the PM and the IDF. Being critical of IDF Morals and Ethics. Standing Up for Those Who Protect Us. Comments by Dovid Wilder, Israel Hayom, Im Tirzu, Robin


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