Thursday, April 21, 2016

IFNOTNOW. Beware and be forewarned. They are Counterfeit Leaders of Imposters of Human Rights, Peace, Liberty, Dignity and Freedom. Pretenders and Fakers."


Can IFNOTNOW liberate the victims of the recent Bus Bombing in Jerusalem or recent Terror attacks??????

Are they True or False Leaders of Jewish Ritual and Community?  

They can lead you  only if you are blinded by payoff, bribery and propaganda and/or madly ignorant. As you can see from their sophisticated and easy to use website, they are well funded!

If you would like your money to go to Israel's enemies support IFNOTNOW.

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Date: Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 9:11 PM
Subject: Another 17 IfNotNow leaders arrested – this time at the ADL



Earlier tonight, over 100 young American Jews gathered in New York City to celebrate our liberation and publicly declare that our liberation is incomplete while we maintain support for the occupation over the Palestinian people. But once again the out-of-touch establishment chose to arrest IfNotNow leaders rather than join our call for freedom and dignity.

This is why we need a movement. We're showing that our generation is ready to take leadership in the community, and that the current leadership is deeply out of touch with the reality of the occupation.

All this week – yesterday in D.C. and Boston, today in NYC and Chicago, and tomorrow in the San Francisco Bay Area – our generation is publicly demonstrating both our power and desire to lead our community forward.

We're showing the world the beauty of Jewish ritual and community. We're doing this out of a love of those rituals and that community. Because we know the resiliency of Judaism and are ready to, once again, adapt it to meet the needs of the historical moment.

We need to stand together in this moment of urgency.

Can you share the above image in solidarity with the 17 IfNotNow members that were arrested today?

Your leadership is critical in this moment.

- Tom, Lizzie, Eden and the rest of the IfNotNow NYC team.

PS. After this week's actions, the establishment will be doubling down on their efforts to silence us. Can you support us with a donation tonight?

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