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Democracy NOT Hypocrisy by Raanan Isseroff

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Whats the common denominator between Administrative Detention, our poor soldier and the secret talks to  give away Golan Jericho and Ramallah?
They each infringe on Democracy.
  • Were Israelis asked if their land be given to Arab terrorists?
  • Are Israelis allowed free expression?
  • Can Israelis expect and demand that  soldiers be allowed to represent their interests by protecting Jews?

All 3 cases are not Democracy but Hypocrisy!

They each deny the public a say and representation or even the right to protest these gross violations of a  trust that the Israeli Government  protect its constituents.

Certainly Democracy does not allow elected officials to abdicate sovereignty God forbid endangering the public in so doing. 

One last point:
The G-d Angle
"Mr. Isseroff, you Jews have the "G-d Angle"
We Jews have this thing called a: TORAH which is the most democratic system of all. Representing the good of everybody. Girls, boys, non-Jews, black, white, Chinese- Even Jews!!
That's right.

Because G-d isn't a man or a woman, Jew or non-Jew.
In fact, Adam, who we all come from was a goy!
Don't we say in the Hagada that: Your ancestors worshiped idols?

G-d has the most Democratic system.
It's like his name: GOOD (God / Good = get it?). The Torah if followed by a Non-Jew or Jew, woman or man, is just as good because it directs us into the natural flow of positive energy that flows now just as it did for Adam and our grandmother Chava (of Eve fame).

You can't beat that.

The problem with whats going on in the land of Israel, is that what they're doing isn't good for anyone!

They think: "At least, its good for myself!"
The leaders of the Ghettos who were friends of the Nazi's didn't think the same thing? What about their Jewish ghetto police? They fed Jews to the Germans until they themselves got eaten by the very system they supported, joining their perished friends in the gas chambers.

Whats happening today is different?
Why it's not even good for the leaders of the absurd proposition called "Land for Peace".

Because it runs in total opposition with the natural order of whats good for non-Jews and Jews.

It damages the natural order G-d created.
It disrupts the flow of good coming into the world for non-Jews by rewarding terror, boomeranging and causing terror to untold thousands of the non-Jewish chevreh. Withholding the wells of blessing for non-Jews as each Jew is slowly driven off G-d's land.

For aren't Jews charged to bring blessing to the non-Jews? Doesn't G-d demand from Abraham: Through you will be blessed the nations of the earth?

Land for peace drives Jews off the land. It disrupts the normal Jewish way that G-d created to bless the nations by giving the Jews this small piece of very significant land.

There is no legal system in the world that disputes the true justice, peace (Shalom) and good that the Torah's laws teach. Most countries legal systems today are in fact  based in spirit or in part on the very laws the Jews received at Mount Sinai. What legal edifice or building does not resound with some saying from the Torah's wellspring?

It's only profiteering people who decry such a system exists. Or that such principles are truth. It threatens their jobs.
Yet, they can't escape it.

What country, Muslim or Christian does not espouse some aspect of the Torah's laws or its very spirit?

It reminds me of the story of man who decided to commandeer a field that was not his and charge people money for parking there.

When the owner complained?
The thief rallied the car owners to the great injustice they were about to suffer by losing such a choice parking spot. Why? Because of the petty complaints of one man, claiming to be the true owner. HE, the thief cried is denying your needs. He, is evil. He must be dealt with. And so they did, chasing him off, demeaning and abusing him. It went to court. The judge of course was one of the parking lot users. He fined the man and when he continued to complain, they put him in jail making him to suffer terrible punishments, claiming he was no less than a security risk!

In truth, the area was a flood plain, and the owner while worried about someone profiteering off of his field, he worried more for the car owners safety. But the car owners weren't interested in his trifling complaints. They rallied against him claiming eminent domain and "Shalom". They were here so much time and heard nothing about it being his land, etc.  Why, it is they who are the majority! Who is he, to belligerently come and demand of them? They are so powerful. They hold the democratically correct version of the law.

Alas, came the day when the sky filled with clouds. Yes boys and girls, along came a monster flash flood and washed away many of the cars and a number of the owners parking causing many deaths an many destroyed cars.

Of course, the car owners complained to the field manager, the thief.
Again though he passed the buck claiming that it's not his fault. "Well of course its a flood plain! You didn't know that? You've lived here many years. Certainly long enough to know. Who told you, you have to park your car here? And why should I pay for it? You could have parked over there up the hill. You could have parked in America, South Africa, Uganda or Argentina. Nobody told you that you must park here. 

Really? Its all your own fault...
And so Chevra the wheel turns.



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