Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fwd From Women in Green: Poem "Thus Satan Said"; Come to A Rally in Support of the Soldier in Hebron who Shot the Terrorist and The Justice of His Cause. Tuesday, in Rabin Square at 19:30 in Tel Aviv.

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A Rally in Support of the Soldier who Shot the Terrorist

Thus Satan said:

This besieged one – how can I overcome him?

He has courage, talent

And the implements of war and resourcefulness.

And he said: I will not take away his power

And I shall not curb him with bit and bridle

And I will not bring him to cowardice,

And I shall not weaken his hands as in days of yore.

Only this shall I do: I will dull his mind

And cause him to forget

The justice of his cause.

Poem by Natan Alterman

Someone high within the ranks of the system has forgotten that justice
is on our side

The  family of the soldier who shot the terrorist in Hevron is
organizing a rally in support of their son today, Tuesday, in Rabin
Square at 19:30 in Tel Aviv.

We will please G-d be there – to remind everyone of the justice of our cause

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

Women For Israel's Tomorrow  (Women in Green)
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