Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Mr. Netanyanu's predictable game plan by Raanan Isseroff Chabad4Israel


Back the Jew verbally, and let the system back the Arab.
The Prime Minister is so predictable, that we can apply how he typically reacts to this scenario: 
Mr. Netanyahu's classic stance is ALWAYS, verbally back the settlers or soldiers, saying "lets let the courts decide". This is done to avoid having people protest.

The soldier or settlers are encouraged to let the matter go to court where of course they lose. (Oh Gosh- "Boo Hoo"...)
Then, Mr. Prime Minister is first there to say: "Oh well, I guess we have to go along with what the courts say..."

You see, letting it "go to court" makes it appear "fair". "Justice was served".
This allays protest efforts and demonstrations-

Meanwhile, there's a big media buildup where Mr. Netanyahu appears in the press and on TV begging the courts to act fairly let the soldier (or settler) win.
Defenders of the soldier or settler appear in the press begging the court to back the Prime Minister-

Perhaps the PM cries some tears...
As if- He, the mighty Prime Minister of Israel is powerless. He has no say in the matter. 
(Just as he does when there are peace talks)
When the reality is that he could put his foot down and exercise executive powers to see to it that the person is let off, or the settler is allowed to keep the house he bought from an Arab.

But you see Mr. Netanyahu never does.

Like when you go bowling? 
The ball is thrown, and everyone cheers on the ball as it rolls towards the pins.
There is what the PM is doing. 
He is the cheer leader- creating a cheering section to make it appear, that he's the leader in their cause! 
The chief of who is for the soldier or settler. 
As if to intimate, that really, this person has a fair chance in court.

Meanwhile behind the scenes, its really a stacked case.
The court predictably, announces its decision which is not a quick one, allowing the media to absorb any bad feelings of discontent or unfairness.

And there one sees that the PM changes roles. 
He goes from pretending to be for the righteousness of the act that this heroic Jew did to the cold bureaucrat who pontificates the victory of bureaucratic and political need. 
Nay! The victory of Democracy no-less...

After such a long waiting period nobody cares anymore. The decision comes out against the Jew and in favor of the poor Arab terrorist.
Nobody remembers what happened, nor what the soldiers name is. 
For in the interim, so many other of the same cases happen and other acts of terror which up-stage the issue. People are overwhelmed.
And so boys and girls, the matter is forgotten. Mr. Soldier gets jail and Israel gets another humiliation, while the Arabs gloat in glee, waiting for the next opportunity to help the Jews destroy themselves.

The problem of course here, is unique in that Israel itself has bought into the other sides idea that these are not acts of terror against Jews, but instead acts of legitimate resistance.  
As a  study by Penn State University  suggests that is unique about Middle East Terror:  "there are highly subjective views about what constitutes terrorism as opposed to ''legitimate resistance.''

Since Israel itself is highly sympathetic towards the theme of the terrorists, its made it doubly hard to counter terror.
For how does one counter terror if you yourself believe they are not terror but legitimate acts to gain statehood?

The problem is that terror in Israel against Jews is not like terror in other countries. 
In those countries, the two populations are basically similar and its a question of a balance of political power being sought.

Here, the terror goals are genocidal.
The Arab terrorists don't seek a balance of political power, but rather a total eradication of Jews from Israel (and Jews in other parts of the world too).
This crucial point seems to be lost on Israeli leaders who are so headily steeped in the death cult of peace.

So giving Arab terrorists a political bone doesn't solve the problem as it does in Ireland or South Africa.
Plus, since the issue has been turned from an illegitimate one of stealing Jewish land into a religious one, a political bone won't satisfy to end terror.
As well, as another study pointed out, the Arab terrorists are well funded and because of the above two points continue their war with outside help and have the capability to continue like this without stopping.

But Israel doesn't seem to recognize these points acting as if terror in Israel against Jews is the same as political terror in Ireland, Sri Lanka or South Africa where solutions for stopping terror have been to give the other side political power. As you can see, Israel awards terrorists Geneva convention rights, although they are out of uniform, not representing a recognized country and attacking civilians.
This sends a strong message about Israel's wishy washy position and sets the stage for more acts of terror.

We see that the US State Dept considers these very Palestinian organizations to be terrorists although Israel does not, and is trying to make peace with them!
  • Palestine Islamic Jihad – Shaqaqi Faction (PIJ)
  • Palestine Liberation Front – Abu Abbas Faction (PLF)
  • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
  • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC)

Also thanks to Israel's confused position, Kahane Chai is also on that list- Israel shooting itself in the foot again.
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