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Erev Pesach Letter to Rabbanim re Meir Ettinger and the latest string of arrests of a "cell of Jewish Terrorists" ...


First Chag Kasher Vesameach and may we all be zocheh to be free to serve Hashem as free men.

Not so Meir Ettinger nor the latest string of arrests of a "cell of Jewish Terrorist" who are supposedly from a fringe extremist ideology group which calls for the overthrow of the State of Israel and the imposition of a Jewish Kingdom. 

...again without any charges or evidence except that Shabak said so. The story is getting  monotonous. 

Time to do away with the Israel Police Nationalistic Crimes Division who apparently has lots of time, and funding to fabricate stories and harass Jewish Hilltop Youth in order to portray them in the news as a Violent Jewish Terror Group.   This is for public consumption and in order to get it blown out of proportion eventually by International Media, so that those who promote a Palestinian State can show Ethical and Moral equivalence between Young Palestinian Terrorists who are responsible for many terror attacks, murdering many innocent Israeli's and their counterpart, Jewish Hilltop "Terrorists". The only difference is that the former actually exists, a product of their hate filled education and culture and the latter does not and must be fabricated. 

Shin Bet busts 'Jewish terror cell', Israel Security Agency says it broke up a cell of Jewish extremists who carried out attacks against Palestinians in 2015. A joint operation was launched between the Shin Bet and Israel Police Nationalistic Crimes Division, which resulted in the arrest of six suspects, who admitted under interrogation to a string of attacks, including attempted attacks against Palestinian homes, assaulting individual Arabs, arson and vandalism against Palestinian-owned cars

Of course I don't want to slander Shabak but if they have real evidence against these guys why don't they bring charges and hold a fair and just trial. How come the only evidence they have comes from forced self incriminating confessions under immoral Administrative Incarceration Orders. 

It's shocking that even after it was proven that the Jewish Duma Suspects were forced into confession, the Shabak and the Police Nationalistic Crimes Division formed under Tzipi HaLivni come up with the same unoriginal story that we now know was full of holes and is suspicioust.  How unfortunate for another 6 young boys some of whom are minor to be framed and libeled. The idea as I see it, is to eventually portray these kids in a negative light,  and then disparage their communities as blood thirsty society,  who would love nothing better than to kill some Arabs.  The kids are initially condemned by politicians, Rabbis and the media without charges being brought or a trial held. Once they have been framed and condemned in the media,, the next step is to delegitimize their communities. Finally demolishing homes of settlers become less problematic and helps in the diplomatic arena showing how Israel Is cracking down on the only obstacle to peace, the Settlers. . It is psychological warfare process of delegitimization that was conducted prior to the expulsion of Gush Katif and is extremely worrisome given recent demolitions of Jewish homes and shuls in Judea and Samaria.   

This time however, I still haven't heard a rash of condemnation by right wing leaders on these 6 "Jewish Terrorists" as we usually do probably because we have smartened up, not really trusting these accusations  based on Shabak's previous unchecked modus operandi.

Lichvod HaRav and fellow activist:  Please write a personal letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu asking for Meir Ettinger's release or that he be brought to a fair and just trial. Protest the immoral Administrative Detention Orders as well as the Police Nationalistic Crimes Division.  It is a waste of precious funding and serves to empower our enemies..   Please publicize your letter to raise awareness. It is our hope that it will be effective so that the Shabak and the Police Nationalistic Crimes Division do not go unchallenged.  Getting away with false accusations has given them a false sense of security and have continued to libel,  frame and bring false accusations against innocent youth!  

Believe that our voice  carries clout and in this zchus may we merit our own personal  salvation from being enslaved.  May we only be servants to the Ribbono Shel Olam who is All Powerful who is Mashpil Geim uMagbiah Shefalim, who lowers the proud and raises the downtrodden. 

May we merit a Geula VeYeShua be Karov! Amein ken Yehi Ratzon!


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