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Questioning The Leadership of the PM and the IDF. Being critical of IDF Moral and Ethics. Standing Up for Those Who Protect Us. Comments by Dovid Wilder, Israel Hayom, Im Tirzu, Robin


" Standing up for those who Protect us"... the IDF.

Dovid Wilder writes in the Jerusalem Post:

Bushy beards and Bleeding Hearts by David Wilder Hebron  דוד וילדר
I'd like to enumerate some of what bothers me. I hope I'll remember everything, or at least the most significant points.
Yesterday, Netanyahu spoke with the soldier's father, telling him that he 'understands' the parents' feelings, and urging them to 'trust' the IDF examination and conclusions about the incident.
This is the same Netanyahu who condemned the soldier's actions almost before he was arrested. And the same Netanyahu, who a few days later, stated that conclusions shouldn't be reached before the IDF examination is finished.
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon began, and continues to walk in the shadow of evil, declaring time and time again that the soldier is not a 'hero,'  rather  'he stinks.'  Yaalon has nothing but criticism for anyone and everyone, private citizen, MK or Minister, who shows any support for the soldier.
Israeli C-I-C  Eizenkott  from the outset, exclaimed that the soldier's act was immoral, contradicting the ethics of the IDF.

He then wrote and distributed a letter to all soldiers, expressing support for 'any combatant who errs in the heat of battle' but will prosecute to the full extent of the law 'any combatant who disregards and acts in contradiction to IDF morals and ethics.'

Dr. Haim Shine of Israel Hayom and Eitan Meir of Im Tirzu in their posts emphasize that it was wrong to judge the soldier prematurely.  

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yaalon and IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen Gadi Eizenkot who are not lay people did condemn the IDF soldier prematurely! How can the IDF be objective against their superiors bias? 

From Imra March 25, 2016
Note the following quotes:
The soldier:  "I did the right thing at the right time in order to prevent anything else bad from happening, [the terrorist] wore a thick coat and therefore I feared that he would stand and detonate an explosive belt. After I saw the terrorist moved I shot him. I just feared that the terrorist would blow himself up."
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: [this incident does not] “represent the values of the IDF.”
Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon:  “We must not allow, even at a time that our blood boils, this loss of control. This incident will be dealt with with the utmost severity.”
IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot: "This is not not the IDF. These are not the values of the IDF or the IDF culture."
  • Courts, not the street, will decide the fate of the Hebron soldier Anyone who wants the best for the soldier involved in the Hebron shooting should wait patiently for the court to rule based on the evidence. Thank the Lord we live in a country where the fate of a person on trial is decided by the courts.  by Dr. Haim Shine  (My comments:  Unfortunately PM Netanyahu, DM Yaalon and COS LT. Gen Eizendot did not wait patiently and their comments were not comments from the street.  They now tainted any court investigation and decision)
  •  Im Tirzu: Standing up for Those Who Protect Us 
  • Following the video that emerged of an IDF soldier killing a terrorist in Hebron, we have witnessed a wave of condemnations and criticisms from those who have taken it upon themselves to act as judge, jury, and executioner in place of the military investigation. 
  • IDF soldiers put their lives on the line in order to protect us and they deserve our support before we start jumping to conclusions based on "evidence" provided by an organization that regularly defames the IDF.  
  • Im Tirtzu supports and stands behind our soldiers! (My comments: It seems clear from this statement that Im Tirzu is not happy with premature condemnation from PM Netanyahu, DM Yaalon and COS LT. Gen Eizenkot)
We love Israel and love the IDF. We are indebted and have much gratitude for the IDF!  Our kids are wearing IDF T shirts,  sweatshirts. They are lifting weights and working out so that they will be the ultimate soldier...  We obviously want to strengthen the IDF!   We are proud of the IDF and its very many accomplishments. We want our children to fight in the IDF.  We are proud of their desire to do so.  We pray daily as only a mother can, for those who serve in the IDF and for those iyh who will serve in the IDF.  We ardently pray for their well-being and for each soldier to come back safely, unhurt in body nor spirit!   We believe they are fighting a Milchemet Mitzva, a Holy War.  We want to be part of this Holy effort. 

So, the question remains? Does being openly critical of the morality and ethics standards of the IDF serve to weaken the IDF?  

Our goal is to strengthen the IDF and not chas vesholom to weaken it.  . 

We see being critical as preventive medicine. 

In contrast, the goal of our enemies is to create a psychological mindset that does not allow the IDF or Israel to defend itself.  Any action Israel takes in self defense is reason to condemn Israel.

It is difficult to shed this Galut mentality of over 2000 years. 

 The Arabs and the EU and the Obama Administration and the UN rush to condemn Israel in the International arena as soon as Israel attempts to defend itself.  They would love Israel to impose a "higher standard" of moral ethics that would serve to hurt the IDF rather than help it to do its job. 

They wish upon us a psychological mindset that is deadly and serves to weaken the IDF and the entire Military Defense Operation of Israel . 

By openly questioning and being critical of current Moral and Ethics Standards of the IDF we build antibodies to fight this deadly disease whose aim is to neutralize the IDF.! 

Insisting on adhering to the current moral standard demoralizes the IDF. It  introduces hesitation and self introspection and doubt as per the justification of eliminating an enemy of Israel and questions Israel's right to defend itself.  

It is therefore incumbent upon all of us, especially the high ranking officers of the IDF to try to justify and defend actions by soldiers that may appear on the surface or even on film as cruel, and wait before passing judgement!. Knowing our kids, in all probability  it was not committed by blood thirsty impulsive IDF Soldiers (who want nothing better than to murder as many defenseless Arabs as possible as our enemies wish us to believe), but rather in order to protect Jewish Lives.

We all pray to G-d, soldiers as well,  that no Chayal hurts or kills any innocent person, foe or friend unnecessarily.  G-d knows what is in each persons heart.  However, a Chayal must do his job which is to defend Israel to the best of his/her ability. 

By coming to the Soldier's defense from Hebron at this point in time, we are applying counter pressure to the political pressures at large on the Defense Ministry which come to prosecute the IDF Soldier and by extension make the entire IDF look bad and immoral.  

Our condemnation of the current ethical and moral standard of the IDF advocated by DM Yaalon and COS Eisenkot  under the current Prime Minister Netanyahu,  questions their leadership.  This probably is what is most upsetting to the powers at large.

Weak leadership weakens the IDF.

We do not question the tremendous importance and need for the IDF 

Hashem Oz LeAmo Yiten Hashem Yevarech et Amo Bashalom!

More on this topic:

Prime Minister BENYAMIN Netanyahu. You and the IDF under your leadership have betrayed the trust of the people of Israel. Time for DAVIDIC Like Leadership in Israel.

The question that needs to be asked is whether the Chayal,  MDA or ZAKA rescue worker at the scene felt safe that the terrorist was adequately "neutralized".  If there was any shadow of a doubt, that is reason enough to defend the actions of the soldier that fully neutralized the terrorist choosing to be safe over erring on an ethics call.  

When there is a reason to suspect that the situation is not safe, the soldiers have to make a split second and instant decision. After the fact, a lengthy military investigation condemning the soldier for murder or even manslaughter  makes absolutely no sense and in fact does great damage to the IDF by helping the enemy de-legitimize the IDF.

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 11:48 AM, Im Tirtzu <> wrote:

The anti-Israel hate fest known as Israeli Apartheid Week is being led by none other than Israeli academics, artists, and organizations
אם אינכם מצליחים לצפות במסר לחצו כאן
The Israelis of "Israeli Apartheid Week"
A recent report released by Im Tirtzu revealed the extensive involvement of Israelis in "Israeli Apartheid Week," an annual series of virulently anti-Israel events that recently took place in over 150 campuses and cities worldwide.
The report detailed the unholy connection of Israeli academics, artists, and organizations to the BDS movement and its call to eliminate the State of Israel.
You can read more about it here: Jewish Press, Israel National News, Israel Hayom.
Standing up for Those Who Protect Us
Following the video that emerged of an IDF soldier killing a terrorist in Hebron, we have witnessed a wave of condemnations and criticisms from those who have taken it upon themselves to act as judge, jury, and executioner in place of the military investigation.
IDF soldiers put their lives on the line in order to protect us and they deserve our support before we start jumping to conclusions based on "evidence" provided by an organization that regularly defames the IDF.
Im Tirtzu supports and stands behind our soldiers!
Article in Haaretz
Come follow us
IMTI student activists continued to organize activities and lectures on campuses throughout the country. Last week Hebrew U, Bar-Ilan, and Haifa U/Technion each hosted their first lecture of the Program for Zionist Thought, followed this week by Tel-Aviv U with a special lecture from Caroline Glick!
Award for Human Rights
This past week we presented Sarah Zoabi, an Israeli Muslim Zionist, with an award in recognition of her work to integrate minorities into the IDF and Israeli society and for her advocacy on behalf of Israel.
She was invited to give the first lecture of Im Tirtzu's Program for Zionist Thought at Hebrew University, where she spoke about the integration of minorities within Israeli society and Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
At the conclusion of the lecture, she was presented with an award by Im Tirtzu's Hebrew University branch coordinator.
You can read more about it here: Jewish Press, Israel National News, Virtual Jerusalem.
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