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There are those of us who recall the brutal attack and terrible suffering in Amona in 2006 upon defenseless Jewish youth and even against sympathetic Knesset members.

Three Knesset Members Hurt in Amona Evacuation 

It was authorized by the Israeli Gov't  under Olmert, with riot police and  trained riot horses used against their own people.  Many of them minors.  This brutal attack in Amona followed the heart wrenching expulsion from Gush Katif in Summer 2005.  Very raw emotional pain etched forever in the hearts and minds of those affected a large majority of the kids protesting another "evacuation".  

Judy Freedman Kadish co-Director AFSI
 (American's for a Safe Israel) 
Via this link you can click on a picture of each Minister on this legal committee and comment on their Facebook page. We hope it will also be effective to send them a private message via messenger to approve the law that will save Amona from destruction!
You may get some parliamentary advisors to answer you directly via messenger to let you know that the MKs support the law that will keep Amona from destruction.
PLEASE let them know that you are watching to make sure they succeed in holding up to pressures from the Prime Minister at the last moment to vote against this law!
Wish them strength to stick to what is right and moral!

Minister Ariel: PM Netanyahu Is Nearing The 'Red Line' Regarding Amona 

VIDEO: MK Shuli Muallem Continues Efforts To Save Amona (Wednesday, July 27th, 2016)
She admits that her bill to save Amona does not enjoy the support of the Attorney General, with the latter insisting the bill would not stand the test of another appeal to the High Court.  In all due respect why waste good money to demolish a community and then rebuild it?? Where is a common sense approach? Why for heavens sake won"t this bill stand the test of an appeal to the High Court? Time to investigate the High Court for their anti Settlement bias. 

Amona Revisited, Is Lieberman doing enough by merely actively looking for a solution to prevent the evacuation of Amona?


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