Friday, July 15, 2016

Shalom Pollack on Terror Attack in Nice, France. Shocked?


From: "Shalom Pollack" <>
Date: Jul 15, 2016 5:58 AM
Subject: shocked!

A truck plows into a large crowd in France.

The world is shocked.

It would have been an even bigger surprise if the driver was not Muslim. At least some things don't change.

In the  last few years Muslims have begun driving their vehicles into Jews on the streets of Israel. Cars, trucks, the list of victims pile up.

Was there shock in France when this new form of mass murder was introduced to the war between good and evil?
Wait  a minute. What good and evil? Israelis were killed. Can we be sure who is good and who is evil here?
It is the price of  the "occupation" and frustration on the part of "apartheid"....

It began with air high jackings.  As long as Israeli planes were targeted, it was not a shock that concerned the enlightened world. In fact that same world chose to bribe the terror groups and take up their"just" cause in the hope of turning their terror elsewhere, preferably against the uppity Jews who  thought they finally  had security in their own state.

When Israeli coffee shops and schools and synagogues were targeted
 by the same terrorists cuddled by Europe, led by France, it was not a shock that caused  much concern.
Our European "friends" shook their heads and offered us advice."give in". While they paid the terrorists black mailers off, we were advised to give in.

Israel would not take their advice and thus when Israel defends herself against the murderers, the Europeans  draw a moral equivalency  - at best.
It's the "settlements" VS terror. Which is worse? Mmmm...tough question. What a sad situsation . Tsk, tsk. So when "settlers are murdered in their beds, the enlightened ones explain that it is  a tragic situation brought on by the Israelis themselves.
We will not ask the silly question,"What about the unceasing terror attacks  before the "occupation" of 1967?
Why bring up old history? (As Shimon Peres says, "history is not important").

Question: Which occupation is the French guilty of, or the Belgians, British, Spanish etc..?

Well , well ,well, now it is  beginning to be shocking. Indeed.

You would think that something would be learned here by the intelligent folks of Europe. But no. They have not slowed down any of their monumental efforts to weaken Israel in it's conflict with Arab terror.
The EU proudly displays their emblem on thousands of Illegally built Arab homes in Israeli controlled territory, creating facts on the ground that impede Jewish control. This is totally illegal but Israel does not dare stand up to  our European friends.

The EU facilitates the day when Mr. Abbas, a holocaust denier and  who names streets after mass killers, will have his own state.
Never in the history has so much money and political capital been spent on the creation of a country.  (that has no historic claim or basis).
Ishmael is being joined  by Essau to put it to Jacob.

Isn't it  actually rather poetic how Europe, that has done so much to hurt Jews and it's only tiny, embattled country, is reeling from the same terror that they abetted.
Isn't it a wonder of Biblical proportions that against all logic, these traditional Jew haters flung their door wide open to the worst  barbarians. Now third generation Muslim immigrants  are unleashing death upon their kind and knave hosts. Perhaps the guests are not being treated with enough sensitivity. Stop the apartheid!

When things just do make sense, look for  a higher cause.

 Did not God state it clearly to Abraham a long time ago?,"Those who bless you I will bless. Those who curse you, I will curse."

In this week's Torah reading, God made it clear that even the great sorcerer Bilam could not curse the Jews if God wished other wise. The Bilams of Europe need to meet and reassess  - fast. It may be too late.

America, learn a lesson.
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