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Fyi: Trump makes a statement against terror 2x. Whitehouse is silent

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Rob, amv"sh

Rob, Are you still in Manhigut?  

To the others, Please forgive the harsh nature of this email.  I probably am affected by the current events but many of these points have been on my mind for a while. 

Manhigut has a great base.  The most passionate, sincere, idealistic crew and I am sure all of you fall into this mold.  Yet often and Feiglin has pointed out, power and success leads us down the wrong path. 

I thought the webinar was an infomercial lacking substance.  It seemed to me as an observer that  Zehut doesn't hold their supporters with much esteem with thinking minds.

I think Zehut should have paid attention to my comments prior to the webinar...Arieh, unfortunately, the little of the Webinar that I heard didn't impress me.  I missed the beginning and only heard about it from a friend.  

IMHO Feiglin is going off the Derech. For Starters and Nobody is asking my opinion... but I am wary of the Name Zehut.  I would suggest the name Zehut Yehudit rather than just Zehut. Zehut alone opens itself to misinterpretation to alternative interpretations of Zehut.  Maybe this is intentional to be all encompassing to broaden Zehut's base.  It comes with a watering down price....the goal of our enemies...For now Feiglin is emphasizing Zehut Yehudit... who knows what he will be saying down the line and a distorted Zehut will be his platform Chas VeShalom!

I imagine the webinar is getting much negative feedback from his long standing hard core supporters and much support from those who see an opportunity to neutralize him and his positions. Of course I could be paranoid unjustifiably. 

Zehut is asking supporters to follow Feiglin's leadership blindly and contribute to his campaign, Their emphasis is on fundraising no different than most politicians. 

 Feiglin promises to be strong when he is elected 

 Many of his die hard supporters have ideals and expect him to prove himself strong before.he earns their support and trust.  

We are fighting an existential battle. The comparison of the cost of a banana to cost of membership to Zehut in a light hearted fundraising attempt rubs me the wrong way... 

It's trivializes what we are facing.  In normal times it's cute. I am in no mood to be amused right now.
I am writing this email following the murder of Hallel Yaffa Ariel hy"d and the terror attack against the Mark Family of Otniel hy"d 

Al Eila Ani Bochiya....

Regarding choosing between Trump and Hillary, the way you pulled in all the subscribers to the webinar....

Not being able to discern the good of Trump and the evil of Hillary is very troublesome. 

Sure both have good and evil but there is a very obvious divide between good and evil and not being able to discern it is poor judgement and reeks of being overly PC.  Maybe the new emphasis of PR  of ZEHUT is blinding judgement....  

There are times when one has to take a stand and Feiglin has on more than one occasion. That is why people admire him..  

Feiglin has shown leadership with Har HaBayit.

 One of the Ariel family members made it a point to connect this terror attack with strengthening our connection to Har HaBayit.

On the other hand, Feiglin has failed to acknowledge and recognize strong leadership of others when it's deserved. This seems to indicate  being self centered and unable to share the limelight for the better good. IT may be a flaw in Feiglin which is understandable since we are all human but must be tempered to succeed.

Trump came out saying he would support Settlement growth in Judea and Samaria and that he would protect the infiltration of unvetted migrants.  In an interview Feiglin agreed with him but doesn't seem to publicly acknowledge and give Trump credit.  The webinar was an opportunity to have brought this up. Hillary is enmeshed with scandal after scandal with Huma Abedein her close advisors, money coming through her ears from evil sources and Feiglin can't seem to address it in this webinar either. The webinar was basically an infomercial with some good points regarding Am Levadod Yishkon, Israel at times must dwell alone only depending on G-d.

 This flaw, an unwillingness to give credit where credit is due and bring out the best of others, will then make it difficult down the road to get others to acknowledge and give credit to Feiglin.   It will prevent him from forming alliances when he needs it and when it is absolutely necessary to succeeed.. 

Feiglin made a big mistake when he denounced Trump in the primaries.  I also believe his policy to denounce Evangelical Christians and missionaries in the past, making it a point to refuse their contributions is another example.  IT is a very hurtful position as they often contribute lishma, without an agenda of miss-ionizing. 

He tends to put down his competition who are closest to him in ideology without giving them proper recognition when due, and instead gives the impression that he will align himself with those who are way out left field.  Without proper discernment, he can alienate some of Israel's greatest supporters in the Jewish and non Jewish world.  While I admire and agree with his rejection of J as the Messiah I still acknowledge that there is a love among them,  many very Righteous Gentiles, for Israel.  

Let him distinguish between Noahides, those who accept the 7 Noahide Laws, Universal Morality and those who clearly do not who seem to be empowered by the likes of Obama and Hillary)

Hillary together with the Obama Administration is bedded with Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood who are clear examples of those who do not accept the 7 Noahide Laws..  

Not sure who is advising Feiglin or whether he is leading the team or whether his advisers have been encouraging him to lead in a direction Feiglin has chosen that ultimately will be Zehut's downfall..

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Enjoy the newsletter.

Shabbat Shalom!

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