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Monthly tour
Shalom Pollack

"Jerusalem - Inside Out"

Monday -August 8
Tuesday August 16

We shall visit:

Samuel's tomb and the best view of Jerusalem and surroundings from the roof of the Crusader castle above the tomb.

Mount Zion -  The refurbished tomb of King David.
Visit the "Chamber of the Holocaust" which pre dates Yad Vashem. Unforgettable.
Zion Gate and the 1948 and 1967 war stories.

Mount of Olives - From atop the world's oldest Jewish cemetery, the best view of the Temple Mount; site of the first, second and third holy temples.
Visit with Jewish pioneers proudly and bravely  living on the isolated  mount.

Shimon Hatzadik's tomb and the renewed Jewish neighborhood there. Enter the ancient catacombs of the Sanhedrin.
Meet with Jewish residents who are bringing Jewish life back to the places that Jews  were expelled from in 1948

Departure and return  for both dates, from the Inbal hotel at 9:30
Return 5:00
Bring  lunch
Cost: 150 Shekels

Walking tour of Mount Zion
August 15
Meet at Zion Gate  at 11:00. No bus
We will visit sites on Mt Zion and part of the Jewish Quarter
app. 3 hours
Cost 50 shekels

Please reserve places early for all tours.

What a country!
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