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Ted Cruz. Is there a Chance to Reconcile following Cruz's failure to endorse Donald Trump???


The platform of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are remarkably similar and true to Judeo Christian values. So this email will focus on what each of these candidates have in common, values that we as Republicans hold dear in our hearts. 

If we can overcome all the personal drama and trauma, hurt feelings, hurtful words in this Republican Convention and throughout the campaign we will all gain!

The ego must be taken down just a notch by each and every one of us.  

I believe we are so close... to unify....

Think positive and it will be positive.

G-d has been acknowledged in this Convention by almost every speaker.  The theme "We are One Nation Under G-d" is not mere rhetoric. Each speaker who said it,  meant it!  It is the foundation pillar upon which America has been built!

Cruz is human as we all are and in all likelihood Donald Trump would have acted in a similar fashion had the roles been reversed.   Now each must find it in their hearts to rise above their personal ego for the common good and move forward.  

There was tremendous admiration and mutual respect between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz before they were in competition.  

Donald Trump does need Cruz's endorsement though it is not that apparent. Ted Cruz has much to offer the Republican party right now, not the least of which is a spirit of unification.  Perhaps Trump can get by without Ted's endorsement but divisiveness and energies will be drained from his campaign and diverting the necessary resources to fight evil, to fight Isis, to fight Iran, to fight Hillary, to nullify ObamaCare, to appeal Common Core, to ensure the Supreme Court Justices are G-d fearing individuals etc.  Basically, the fight for all of our common principles will be lacking in ammunition. Our enemies would love nothing better than to encourage disunity and discord so that we expend our resources with in fighting rather than on winning the election. 

So let us then now focus on the Republican Platform!

Watch Sen. Ted Cruz's full speech at Republican National Convention

Here are my notes of this speech:

  • Congratulates Donald Trump for winning
  • Wants Principles of Party to prevail
  • Talks about Dallas police officers killed recently. Lives destroyed by evil in Dallas, Nice, Baton Rouge etc. 
  • Did we do all that we could? Speaks of a 9 year old daughter Caroline who hugged her father, Michael Smith for the last time.   Is this our last time?  We are fighting to tell our kids and grand kids that we did our best for our future, our country. America is an ideal. Freedom matters. Government power has been the constant that Government decrees. But not here. .. we have no dictator, we have no king or queen. We the people constrain gov't.  Our Nation is exceptional since it was built on 5 powerful words. " I Want to be Free:" 
  • People are angry at political establishment that breaks it's promises and refuses to do the will of the people. We owe our heroes better. Obama and Hillary also want to help our children... profound difference. They think ISIS is a JVTeam. Benghazi Why does it make a difference? Iran, chants of Death to America, Death to Israel. Obama does everything backwards. Closes Guantanamo and open borders. Export jobs, while opening doors to migrants who might be terrorists. 
  • Return to Freedom.... 
  • For the right to  choose our children's education. 
  • Healthcare, choose your own doctor w/o Obamacare. 
  • Taxes:  Provide for family w/o IRS beating down your door. 
  • Internet keep it free from taxes and regulation and don't give it away to Russia and CHina.  Freedom means free speech not PC safe spaces.  
  • Freedom means religious freedom whether you a Christian, Jewish or Muslim. . Bill of Rights protect you. 
  • Freedom means you have rights to protect your family. 
  • Every human life is precious and must be protected. 
  • Freedom means Supreme Court Justices that don't dictate policy but follow the constitution. 
  • Freedom means recognizing that our Constitution allows State and Local gov't to choose policy. That's the way it's supposed to be. Diversity.  If not, what's the point of having States to begin with. 
  • Hillary Clinton believes gov't should make every choice in your life, Healthcare, Education, marriage.  We have seen Brexit vote to leave EU. Voters are overwhelming rejecting political establishment and overly rejecting Big Gov't.  
  • Immigration that protects it's citizens and yes builds a wall. 
  • A gov't that stops admitting Isis terrorists as refugees. 
  • We deserve trade policies that favor the business over the lobbyist and self interest groups.
  • Freedom will  bring back jobs and bring back dignity.
  • 47 years ago America put the first man on the moon.  
  • The Republican Party was founded to defeat slavery
  • Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Together we passed civil rights act to end Jim Crow laws.  That's our collective legacy.  Those were fights for freedom. 
  • Sgt Michael Smith stood up to protect our rights and so do all the police officers that fight Islamic terrorism.  
  • Don't stay home in November.  STand and vote your conscience... (Here they boo'd him and shouted endorse Trump). 
  • John Smith stood up to protect our freedoms and so does all the Police officers and Marines that protect our freedoms.  And so did the family of Tom Sterling who called to end the violence etc. and so can we. We deserve leaders who stand for principle and unite behind shared values.  
  • Don't stay home in November...If you love our country, stand and speak your conscious up and down your ticket that will be faithful to the Constitution.    Here boo"d and crowd shouts Endorse Trump... 

Ted Cruz booed off stage at RNC for not endorsing Donald Trump

Watch Ted Cruz at  Texas GOP Convention as well. Again he speaks of the principles of the Republican Party and they are consistent with the principles of the Trump-Pence ticket of Today (see below some fabulous speakers at the convention).

At the Texas GOP Convention, Ted Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump He did congratulate him. . It was painful to watch his emotional pain especially in the beginning  when he talked about his campaign. He visibly shared his disappointment that he and his family were not the candidate of choice.  However, he then proceeded to talk about the principles of the Republican party which are clearly consistent of the Trump-Pence ticket of today.  Perhaps Trump and his team have incorporated Cruz's platform into their own. . Here is Ted Cruz's full speech. 

Initially there was good chemistry between Trump and Cruz. They are both good guys. But Ego seemed to have taken over.

 Principles of Conservative Party and the Foundation of the Party. 
  • Our rights come from G-d above.  They are endowed by their Creator....
  • Gov't isn't the solution Gov't is the problem
  • Economic growth is foundation to everything. Growth doesn't come from small gov't, growth comes from small business.
  • Appeal Obamacare
  • Establish a flat tax and abolish IRS
  • We have to protect and follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
    • President Obama ignores the Bill of Rights and Constitution (last time he checked it was a "Bill of Suggestions")
    • Defend Religious Liberty
    • Protect 2nd Amendment Rights
    • 10th Amendment. Protection power is reserved to the States and to the People. Federal gov't needs to leave States alone.
      • secure the borders, deliver the mail and that's it
      • Obama delivered a decree (unconstitutional) that every public school must change bathroom policies, Grown men must be allowed to enter little girl bathrooms. PC lunacy. Obama has no power to be the bathroom police of the country.  (I Barak Obama in charge of School bathroom)
      • Appeal common core and abolish Dept of Education
  • Peace through strength especially the Nation of Israel. Utterly destroy Radical Islamic Terrorism.  Can not send men and women from engaging in a battle that ties their hands. We need and deserve a President that has your back ( Law enforcement such as fire fighters, police officers etc.)
Jobs, Freedom and Security. Ted Cruz will continue to fight for these principles. Don't bankrupt our kids and grand kids. Follow the Constitution.  Truth will prevail. G-d's Blessings has been on America and G-d is not done with America. Pulling America back to the Hill, Texans will lead the way... .  

Check out for Other Fabulous Speeches at Republican Convention!  


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