Friday, July 29, 2016

Long Live Intifada, Israeli Flag burned at DNC (Democratic National Convention)


Too Sick for Words (AFSI)

It is my observation that the Democratic Party has ceased to be a Party worthy of engaging in the electoral process. Of course they will try their hardest to prove that Trump is a demagogue, who makes decisions unilaterally and guilty of Treason.  Clearly they are projecting their modus operandi.  

There needs to be a coup within the Democratic Party and supported by the Republicans.  Because leaders who violate basic Universal Morality are criminal and such leadership has no place in our country. Such individuals should be be vetted by an independent committee as per whether they are worthy of running for office.  This is hard to do when the Highest Court is not completely impartial but biased.....

They are impersonators of democracy and human rights.  They empower Radical Islamic Terror and it is therefore no surprise that the Palestinian Flag was present in greater number than the American Flag. It is no surprise that they  burned the Israeli flag. 

I nominate Ted Cruz to lead this effort.  This way it is clear to all that the Republican Platform is a united one against the current DNC leadership. Ted, there is absolutely no vote of conscience here.  Hillary should be disqualified.  Obama should be impeached for  Treason.  Empowering Iran with 150 billion dollars is treasonous.  Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is treasonous.  Lying and Deceit to the American people and endangering our embassy in Benghazi - treacherous. 


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