Friday, July 22, 2016

I'm a Women and I Support Trump by Linda Cohen

I'm a Woman and I support Trump.  Here's why:

Yes, he's sexist, but that's not important to me.  I don't care if I'm not enough of an alpha female to attract an alpha male, whether Trump or someone else.  What does matter to me is that I be kept safe from criminal illegal aliens like the rapist, oh did I say rapist, I meant gang rapist Muslims of Cologne, Germany, or the illegal alien murderers (that's plural, folks) that have crossed our border illegally.  We may not be able to stop native rapists or murderers, but we sure can do a lot more to stop illegals from coming here to commit crimes, and I want them stopped at the border.

To me, there are three prototypes of men:  1) the abuser/ rapist/ murderer, 2) the cowardly collaborator, and 3) the hero who actually steps in to protect those more vulnerable than himself.  To me, Trump is the hero prototype who will keep me a whole lot safer from criminal illegal aliens than the open-border Democrats.  That protection is much more important to me than whether or not Trump has insulted this woman or that woman.  

It's also way more important to me than whether we have a woman for president.  The battle for women's equality was largely won more than a generation ago – not entirely, but in large part.  When I grew up, the only role models for women were teachers, nurses, secretaries, and mothers.  Yes, I'm glad that women can now be doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, and bus drivers, but we're living in a different era.  In today's era, I'd much rather have a man who takes his role as protector seriously, than a woman for president just because she's a woman, let alone an open borders woman.   

I'm a woman; I like hero men; and I'm voting for Trump.

[And, by the way, to those who say I or Trump is a racist, neither Trump nor I condemn all Muslims or all Mexicans.  We just want a legal, lawful process to keep criminals out, and keep Americans safe from those who would harm us.]  

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