Monday, July 04, 2016

Nullify Oslo accords, Arrest Abbas for War Crimes, Annex Judea and Samaria NOW! Preempt PA Bid for Statehood before it's too late. By Linda Cohn Activist for Israel - AFSI Member


Linda Cohn, a strong Israel Activist and long time AFSI Member from Portland Oregon, has this to say:

My concern now is that after the election in November or December when Obama will still be president, [no matter which side wins],  he will let Abbas know that he has Obama's support to petition the UN for statehood, and that for the first time, America will not veto the PA's petition.
Between now and the election, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats are at their absolute weakest in terms of harming Israel.  [because they are afraid it might turn off the voters RT]
As the current round of horrific murders has shown, the PA has completely failed to live up to the commitments it made at Oslo:
  • To end all terrorist activities.
  • To accept Israel's right to exist / amend PLO charter which calls for the destruction of all Israel through violence.
  • To destroy all terror groups and confiscate illegal weapons.
  • To preserve and protect all Jewish holy sites that fall under their jurisdiction.
  • To educate their people for peace including an end to public incitement.

[Some articles to back up Linda's points 

Linda continues...

After the recent horrendous slaughters of the innocents [murder of Hallel Yaffa Ariel from Kiryat Arba and Rabbi Michoel Mark father of 10 from Otniel, near Hebron], and in view of Obama/Hillary's weakness to oppose Israel between now and November, there may never be a better time to nullify the Oslo accords, arrest Abbas for war crimes, and annex Judea and Samaria. 
If there were ever a time to preempt a PA bid for statehood at the UN, this is it. 

Linda Cohn


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