Friday, July 29, 2016

DUMA-one year (and three arson attacks) later by Martin Sherman and AMONA stop the slated destruction!


IT seems like the Judiciary in Israel is biased against hilltop youth. Kids who have been raised in families dedicated to the building and settling the Land of Israel. Kids who have grown up with a Religious Zionist education imbued with Love of the Land of Israel and Love of the people of Israel and Love of the Torah. 

They have been charged, tried, and convicted in the media, without a fair transparent trial, incarcerated and even tortured, and banished from their home and/or from their family or close friends without due process. These kids have been defamed and slandered by the media depicting them as "Jewish Terrorists" equating them with real radical Islamic terrorists. They have been condemned, prior to an investigation, by high ranking Israeli officials and Rabbi's who are respected and credible, which compounds the damage. This is done without solid evidence based on the say so of the Shabak who claim that these individuals, these Jewish kids, represent a danger to Israel Society.   Administrative detention denies the individual basic human rights of habeas corpus which would review the legality of their arrest, imprisonment or detention.  Following incarceration, torture and detention of those place under administrative detention, the Shabak, time and time again, has yet to find real evidence that will hold up in a court of law...but rather merely forced confessions based on questionable Shabak interrogations that are not consistent with conflicting testimony or common sense. 

INTO THE FRAY: Duma-one year (and three arson attacks) later

These kids have been persecuted.  They can't lead normal lives. Their sin is their love of the Land and their desire to bring back a judicial system based on the Torah.  This is their "crime" because it threatens the existing Israeli judicial system.  A system that appears to be corrupt compromised by kickbacks, personal enrichment etc?

Is it no wonder that an entire community like Amona is slated for destruction because of an expected Supreme Court ruling?


It is not these hilltop youth nor the community of Amona that should be under investigation. 

Perhaps it is the Supreme Court itself, the Attorney General, the Shabak, the Judicial process in Israel that should be under investigation!

Israeli Justice Ministry drafting law on criminalizing torture of suspects

my comments: 


Will this law criminalize torture of Palestinian terrorists in prison alone?

Will israeli Justice Ministry differentiate between prisoners who have clear evidence against them proving that they are clearly terrorists with those prisoners who do not have any such evidence and tortured to force a confession. Those who engage in such torture or who authorize such torture are indeed criminal and should be prosecuted.  Probably Yaalon and Golan and Eisenkott fall under this category and should be prosecuted with criminal charges brought against them and Meir Ettinger and fellow incarcerated hilltop youth under administrative detention etc released beshaa Tovah UmutzLachat!


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