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Fwd: Bo Polny Predicts Historic Crash by Jubilee End-Day, October 2

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I recently interviewed Bo Polny of Gold2020 Forecast. Polny is famous for his numerical dissection of investments and markets  and we discussed Shemitah market cycles, the timing of Brexit, 9/11 and the Jubilee end-date in early October among other issues.

Polny is blunt about what is about to take place: A tremendous market crash of historical proportions that will leave most investors stunned and broke. He believes the time to get out of the stock market is growing short and that one ought to take profits and place them in gold and silver while it is still possible. Here at TDV, Senior Analyst Ed Bugos, like myself, has long anticipated such  moves and as a result, the TDV portfolio is up 200% in the last year.

Polny has predicted that the Dow will eventually move down to the 5,000 level and not recover - and he makes similar points in this interview. Silver, he has predicted, is going over $50 per ounce while gold is going over $2,000 per ounce in the near term. In fact, if gold doubles in price, then silver could quadruple.

This Jubilee Year of 2016 is what Polny calls the "year of judgement." He's in agreement with us on this, of course. And in past interviews, he has pointed out conditions begin to mimic the chaos of 1764, especially in the US where 250 years ago, society suffered from poverty, hunger, social chaos and finally war.

To find out more about Polny's predictions watch the video below:

TDV's Senior Analyst Ed Bugos is just about to release an update on his mining stock pick of the year and it is looking very, very good and still early enough to get in.  To get access to all of Ed's analysis, subscribe to TDV Premium here.

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